Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 985


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Zhang Yu returned to the upper layer by flying boat and quickly returned to the Shouzheng Palace. He flicked his sleeves, and flew away several spiritual lights, but he returned the magical items such as Xingzhou and Jade Crane.

He stepped into the hall and sat down on the jade platform. He adjusted his breath for a while, and when he got out of his seat, he began to think about the battle.

He felt that to deal with the divine general like Chengchao, it was the most convenient way to grasp the trend of heaven and earth and then kill them.

In this way, you can not only borrow more power, and you don’t have to use the jade to peck the crane. When Cheng Chaoju appears, you can immediately suppress and kill. No matter how hard you try, you can’t turn it over. Once finished, even if there are more divine generals, they can be packed together.

And he also thought that if it is to fight against the cultivator where the cultivation reaches the boundary of reality and reality, then grasping the general trend of heaven and earth seems to be the only fighting method that can fight against it and may have a little chance of winning.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable that many senior cultivators are accustomed to using these methods of fighting.

Unfortunately, his cultivation time is short, and the divine ability has not changed to this level, so he can only fight in the way he is good at.

He looked towards the sea of ​​clouds outside the temple, and he is about to face a full confrontation between the two forces when he comes down. Moreover, as a defender, he thinks that he will come down with an opponent of reality and illusion.

This kind of cultivator is extinguished soul, as long as there is a body in the world, it can instantly stun it. As long as this generation is still alive, even if the living body is destroyed, it can reincarnate in an instant, it is useless to block, at worst self-abandon. As far as he knows, there seems to be no cultivator possessing this kind of attraction in the prison.

So if the divine ability magical power is not enough, it is almost impossible to kill such a cultivator in a real battle.

However, the living body can be killed, and the spirit can be exhausted. As long as the person’s cultivation cultivation base has not been completely cultivated to the level of “birth and decline”, then it can be dealt with.

After all, whether it’s a cultivator or a cultivator of virtual reality, it’s still within the Profound Venerable this stage. The essential difference is not at all, that’s all.

However, this can be viewed roughly, but the details need to be carefully considered.

When it comes to himself, he is not without advantages. It is important to know that taking high rank attainment does not mean that the Heart Light magical power has been upgraded at the same time, but it has a greater upper limit and potential, with more divine ability changes, and its magical power still needs to be cultivated a little bit, at most. Generation cultivation is faster and more stable.

With the continuous refining of Xuan Liang, his six seals and heart force have been steadily improving, so as long as his heart force can reach the point where it can compete with this generation or even counter pressure, then he will occupy this On the one hand, the advantage is no longer the power to fight back.

Secondly, it lies in the divine ability. The ordinary divine ability changes really cannot deal with such an opponent, and he is far from that level. But he also holds the Speech Seal and eye seal of the Grand Dao Seal respectively, which is also his biggest reliance at present. The former can kill everything with words, and the latter can help him see the land of the void. If he wants to deal with such an opponent, he can only think of a solution on this.

At this moment, he couldn’t help but remember that when he was waiting for the five people with “Six Uprights Heavenly Words” suppress and kill Chengchao, after chanting the words at that time, he seemed to have discovered something that touched, and vaguely felt a sense of height and emptiness. Where.

This situation was not recorded in the dao writing he had read before.

Now that I think about it carefully, this is what Dao Seal itself showed him. After all, he is a profound cultivator, which is different from true cultivator. More than that, he is still the foundation of the Grand Dao Seal as enter the dao. Walking on a road that no one has ever walked before, you will definitely encounter something that cannot be found in the record.

He pondered for a moment, “Relying on Grand Dao, using Grand Dao’s tools, if so, maybe it can be used to create a divine ability. If this divine ability is as I think, then…”

After he changed his mind, he decided to try if he could touch the place again, so he closed his mind, re-enters meditation, and chanted Taoism silently in his heart.

In the depths of the void, within the main city of Gloom City.

Xianding Daoist is listening to the reports from the people below. This is the result of the battle between Shangchen Heaven and Celestial Xia.

Of course, Shangchen Heaven would not tell them the specific news, but through sporadic clues and some news from Xuntian Dao Chapter, it is not difficult for him to judge that Shangchen Heaven suffered a big loss in this game.

Especially that many people from the Gushang faction were captured and returned, and even the Faction Lord seemed to have been captured. Celestial Xia not at all deliberately concealed this matter and it was easy for him to detect it.

After he listened, he waved his sleeves and told the disciple to withdraw, looked towards the Avatar of the next daoist, and said: “What do fellow daoist Wang think?”

Daoist Wang bowed his head and said: “Reporting back to High Venerable, this Wang listened to it, only one thought, Shangchen Heaven seems to have more than enough energy.”

Xianding Daoist said: “That’s right. If Shangchen Heaven can fight Celestial Xia back and forth, then that’s a strange thing. Except for the rest, the Yuandu Xuantu exists. Great help, where people go, you can always have a helping hand, you can see disadvantages, and you can retreat early.”

Daoist Wang said: “Shangchen Heaven’s Qingling Tianzhi needs to be used to attract Huanyang, but Celestial Xia can call Yuandu Xuantu without any scruples. It’s no wonder that the two sides are lighter and the other heavy. Up to now, Shangchen Heaven has suffered many losses.”

Xianding Daoist said: “But this is just the beginning of that’s all. Shangchen Heaven will suffer a loss right now, and it will not be destroyed. As long as the Huanyang faction is called back, Qingling Tianzhi can be reproduced. , And the Huanyang School is also a treasure of the town, and it’s still hard to say what will happen in the future.”

“Yes, the future situation is unpredictable.” Daoist Wang sighed with emotion and tried to ask again, “I heard that I was also in the refining town?”

Xianding Daoist doesn’t mind revealing something. He is very clear that Shangchen Heaven is also in contact with the people under Gloom City, trying to draw people over. There are really one or two shots in the past. It is also possible. Now we need to be firm in the people. Confidence.

So he said: “Yes, now the teacher is refining this device. After achieving success, my Gloom City will have its own dependence. I don’t need to look at the faces of the two families anymore.”

Daoist Wang nodded Endlessly, Gloom City gathers people because there are no rules and restrictions, but also, Gloom City does not give people a sense of stability, but with the dao technique, it is different. This is for stability Human heart is very useful.

But he is also worried about whether Gloom City has a dao technique, will it further tighten its constraints? That is not a good thing for the Profound Venerable below.

Xianding daoist saw his concern and said: “Fellow daoist Wang, you have a stable cultivation. No matter whether Gloom City has a dao technique or not, it will not change from the past. Also, Shangchen Heaven and Celestial Xia I don’t want to get involved in the dispute.”

Daoist Wang understands his heart, and today he will be asked to speak, which seems to be to convey the news to him and to the rest of Gloom City.

He thought for a while, and also asked something that he and others want to know: “It is clear that High Venerable, this Wang dare to ask, if one party falls after this war, where will my Gloom City go?” /p>

Xin Dingdaoist knew what he was worried about. Gloom City can only exist if two families exist together. If one family is destroyed, then Gloom City is also impossible to exist alone. He indifferently said: “Fellow daoist doesn’t need to ask too much, but there is a way to deal with it.”

Daoist Wang is dubious, but at this time it is too far to talk about it, so I just listened to it tentatively.

Chenghe Tianyuan, this is Shangchen Heaven’s remote subordinate heaven. There is no land here, only a lake and sea, the water surface is blue, and it is covered by fog all the year round.

A Dao Void gap is opened in the sky, win walks from inside, stop on top, he said: “Can the Jiao Fellow Daoist be there?”

The voice fell, and after a while, I saw a huge dragon shadow appearing under the steaming sea water, and then the water surged, and a blue clothed daoist of black hair long beard stepped out of the waves. He said casually: “Why, Shangchen Heaven finally thought of looking for a coke?”

He stood with his sleeves down and said: “Let’s talk about what I need to do, and pay you and the others love, and I will be free.”

Win rush: “What if I need a fellow daoist to come forward to deal with Righteous Purity?”

“Righteous Purity?”

Jiao Daoist’s expression condensed, “Can you not deal with it yourself?”

Win the rush: “Three High Venerables are recruiting the Huanyang faction, and only the fellow daoist can handle Righteous Purity.”

Jiao daoist frowns saying: “Righteous Purity is not easy to deal with.”

Win rushed: “If it’s easy to deal with him, then don’t come to find a fellow daoist.”

Jiao Daoist pondered for a moment, and said, “So how much do I need to do? If I just hold him for a while, it’s fine.”

Win rushed: “Can the fellow daoist get rid of this person?”

Jiao Daoist shook his head and said: “If I fight Righteous Purity life and death, I may win or lose, but I know that righteous Purity is a divine ability. If I am not careful, I will die. The result of defeat is too risky for me. Fellow daoist should change it.”

I didn’t insist on winning, but said: “If the fellow daoist is unwilling, then Ying would like to ask Jiao Fellow daoist to deal with another cultivator that sends false attraction.”

“Oh? Are you sure?”

Jiao Daoist was a little surprised. Although he couldn’t deal with Righteous Purity, it was overkill to deal with the cultivator of Jixu. If so, he would be very willing to pay him back.

Win rushed: “I’m sure, this person is worth doing this. If I hold the Qingling Tianzhi, then I will kill this person without the slightest hesitation.”

Jiao Daoist looked a little more solemn. Hearing what Yingchong said, this is by no means a simple character. He stroked the long beard, pondered, and said: “I’ve been here for a long time without asking foreign affairs, and I have to trouble fellow. Daoist told me the details of this person and what happened outside now.”

Ying Chongdian first said: “These wins will be sent by someone later.” As he spoke, his silhouette slowly became faint, but his voice was still spreading, “Although I need to deal with this person, But not now, when the time comes, I will come and inform the fellow daoist.”