Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 987


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On the case, the jade slip gradually stacks up, one roll is turned over, and another roll is unfolded. Zhang Yu looks at, and what he is looking at right now is the fighting record of the cultivator who has acquired the attraction of the virtual and the real.

And all the well-documented jade slips are from the time of ancient Xia. After this life, there are almost no descriptions of such cultivator.

There is also a reason here, because this cultivator has a limited number of shots, and it is not a confrontation between cultivators of the same level. Almost magical power can suppress the opponent, so there is no need to record the dao book. A brief description of the event itself, and it’s all over.

But no matter what, I finally gave him a reference, but there is no such record in the palace.

This is actually quite normal. Who is able to cultivate such an attainment, who will stay in the Shouzheng Palace? Especially the former Shouzheng, the name is still taken away at any time. But once you get to the realm of coexistence of reality and reality, even if you don’t have enough merit, as long as Dao Nian and Profound Court are compatible, you will definitely be given a certain courtesy and a name that matches the cultivation.

It’s just that when he looked through it, he found a strange phenomenon. The descriptions of such cultivator are all referred to by false or aliases instead of dao name or real name, which is not like It’s for the sake of the Venerable, and it seems to avoid his real name deliberately. There may be some reasons why it is not clear.

But fortunately, the description of fighting is not too vague, and he can see something from his speculation, and it is finally not without gain.

While flipping through the jade book, he constantly refining the profound food every day, incorporating that piece of Gaomiao’s place, and gradually gaining some new ideas and insights about Speech Seal.

According to his previous thinking, if you want to fight against the cultivator of the virtual and the real, you can use Speech Seal suppress and kill to see the place of the virtual with the speech seal suppress and kill, and to see the place of the virtual with the eye seal, and its aura.

If the two can be completed at the same time, then these opponents can be killed.

But this is the ideal situation.

Actually, if such an opponent is impossible to stand there and let you do whatever you want, you can do it. This so-called meanwhile is not easy to handle.

But now he believes that these conditions can actually be created through Speech Seal.

Furthermore, these things do not need to be played during the war, they can be prepared in advance.

After a long time of thinking, he looked towards where his palm was, where a dao heart light gathered on his body, and soon there was a golden light flashing edict in his hand.

At the same time, he kept reciting silently with Speech Seal in his heart. He didn’t say anything, but there was a loud and mysterious sound in the temple, and lines of handwriting appeared on the edict, but this was just After holding on for a few breaths, they dispersed again.

His pupil light flashed slightly. Although this attempt failed, he was not disappointed, because it proved that his idea was actually feasible.

In fact, he does not need to use his own heart force to perform this decree, he can refining the magical item to carry it, and then put it on the Speech Seal.

Thinking of this, he thought to himself: “It looks like it will take some time to work hard.”

In the pavilion of Qingqi Land, Liang Yi looks at a spherical jade fetus in his hand. This is a knowledge true spirit created by him.

He has always felt that such a profound cultivator should also master the method of creation, so there is no need to rely on the creation observer or rely on the true cultivator to refine it.

At his level, these kinds of things can be created easily, but they cannot be used in the underlying cultivator, so he has been making improvements these days.

The final result he needs to achieve is that when a profound cultivator needs such things, he can create refining and other magical items by himself as long as he refers to the methods provided in Dao Chapter, so that he can get rid of the wrong Dependency of true cultivator or creation master craftsman.

It’s just that the object in his hand still seems to be wrong in his opinion, so as soon as he puts pressure on his five fingers, he squeezed it apart, and then made a new attempt.

He is a Profound Venerable after all. After trying for more than a month, he finally created two knowledge true spirits that met his original wishes.

Although this thing is not very useful when it comes to Profound Venerable, but at the beginning, this thing can help the cultivator to understand themselves very well and master their own power, especially a lot of cultivate knowledge. When you get it from Xuntian Dao Chapter, the help will be even greater.

As for whether the profound cultivator is too dependent on this thing, in his opinion, this can be bound by certain means. Moreover, a cultivator who is willing to climb the higher boundary will never be hindered by the existence of this thing. If it is really hindered, it is either because of its lack of talent or its desire for Taoism is not firm enough.

He placed two jade fetuses on the table and called a Deity value division instructed: “Call my two master nephew.”

Deity Secretary bowed down, and after a while, two young cultivators came in, bowed to him, and said: “I have seen the uncle master.”

Liang Yi said: “This is the knowledge true spirit I created. You can take it and try it. If you don’t like it, you can remove it with just a thought later.”

The two young cultivators did not hesitate, and stepped forward, immersing themselves in the blood essence, and then the two jade fetuses were each shatter, which turned into a mist of mist into their hearts.

The two closed their eyes and experienced it for a long time. One of the young cultivator eyes opened, exhilarating: “Uncle master, this thing is very useful.”

The other young cultivator hesitated.

Liang Yi looked towards him and said: “If you have anything, just say it, I’m about to wait through you to find the omission.”

The young cultivator handed over and said: “Uncle master, then master nephew will speak bluntly. Master nephew tried it. This knowledge true spirit is indeed very useful, but master nephew is afraid that this thing is too useful. Later became my dependence.”

Liang Yi un’ed, he waved his sleeves, and after the Heart Light flashed, there were a dozen more jade fetuses on the case. He said: “You take these to the same sect, I want to know that after they used it What are your thoughts.”

He didn’t intend to let everyone accept this thing right away, but just prepared to try it among his own lineage fellow apprentices and junior disciplines to see how effective this thing is.

If something is wrong, he can directly destroy it without any impact, and if it brings more benefits, then he will consult with Zhang Yu and try to promote the thing.

The two young cultivators looked at each other and died. After he stepped forward and took away all the jade fetuses, he gave another gift and withdrew from the residence.

Shangchen Heaven, above the front hall of the Rainbow Hall, Ying Chong was looking through the reports of all parties, but a spiritual light flew in the back hall. After he took it, he stopped what he was doing and woke up in the inner hall.

And above the broad platform of the inner hall, there is a Heavenspan light curtain, three sky branches azure qi faintly, the light reflects the sky, the aerosol is soaring, like an overwhelming Tianhe, hanging down from above, lonely sun, Tianhong, The three of Lingdu each sat under a green branch.

He came to the stage, bowed, and said: “The three High Venerables are polite, I don’t know what photos are available?”

Guyangzi said: “A few days ago, the three of me found the airspace before Huanyang, but there is no one there. Huanyang faction should have left there.”

Yingchong’s expression remains unchanged. This is also being judged in advance, because the place where the Huanyang Sect is exiled is not a good place, and it is indeed unlikely that the Huanyang Sect will remain there.

Tianhong Daoist said: “We will continue to follow the traces left by the Huanyang Sect, but we don’t know when we can find it. We still need to win the fellow daoist and continue to work hard.”

It should be the first point to win.

Lingdu Daoist said: “Winning the Fellow Daoist, what happened to the outside world recently?”

Ying Chong said truthfully: “Profound Court has been searching for the whereabouts of our Lord Heaven and Subordinate Heaven with the help of Yuandu Xuantu. Now the Gushang faction is attacked by Righteous Purity, and fellow daoist Shen is also captured Captured back, and Tiangang divine general was also killed.”

When Tianhong daoist heard it, he was a little dissatisfied, saying: “It’s been so long, why is the situation like this?”

Lingdu Daoist thought a little, and said: “Win a fellow Daoist, what else do you lack?”

Win rushed: “If we can allocate a part of Qingling Tianzhi…”

Tianhong daoist categorically refused: “No, in order to attract Huanyang faction, we must use every bit of Tianzhi’s strength, which has been allocated to you before, which has dragged down the progress. Win the fellow daoist, I don’t care Whatever method you use, you must keep Celestial Xia out of the door and don’t disappoint our trust.”

Lingdu Daoist said: “Winning fellow Daoist has always been cautious in doing things. Now the situation is really difficult, and it is not his work. It is like this, although I can no longer use the Taoist weapon for you, but I will wait I can give you a dao technique. All the magical items up and down in my Shangchen Heaven can be instigated by you. If you want to go to Gloom City to borrow the magical items, I will allow you.”

Guyangzi said at this time: “Zongmen found several unfamiliar heavens in the search. If the other sects avoid, they can move into them. Celestial Xia can’t find them for a while.” /p>

Win the rush: “The meaning of winning something, you can use the power of evil god, but evil god needs to be raging sun pill at the cost.”

Lingdu Daoist said: “Those things left by the Huanyang School?”

Win the rush: “That’s right.”

Lingdu Daoist said: “Then I gave them all. These things are not related to the Taoist tools. Fellow Daoist doesn’t need to ask, but can dispose of them by themselves.”

Win rushed: “Win a certain know.”

Tianhong Daoist said: “If there is nothing else, you can withdraw from the Fellow Daoist.”

Winning bowed, then retreated.

Tianhong Daoist waited for him to leave, then said: “Gloom City Town Taoist tool is also unknown at this moment, refining has become unavailable.”

Although they have given Gloom City a lot of treasures before, they don’t want to borrow it for nothing. They have in their hearts that if something is wrong, they ask three Sect Founders to come forward and borrow the magical item after refining. Plan to use.

Guyangzi said: “The time is still short, when it hasn’t happened, and now is not the time. The Huanyang faction has not recruited it back, and Gloom City will not easily give in.”

Tianhong Daoist said: “The Huanyang faction has been expelled from the old place. Now it seems that there is a phenomenon of disturbing motives. Should the three Sect Founders come to investigate?”

Guyangzi thought for a while, and said: “You can follow this generation to leave traces to find.”

Since he said this, Tianhong and Lingdu had no objection, and each sat down, sinking their minds into the Qingling Tianzhi again.