Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 988


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Ying Chong came out of the apse, and still returned to the front hall of the Rainbow Palace, where I thought about the strategy to deal with Celestial Xia.

Although Gu Yang and the others allowed him to call Shangchen Heaven magical item, the help here is very limited. It can only be said that it is better than nothing, but it can move those subordinate sects to other heavens at will, which makes him The layout can be slightly more flexible, which is exactly what he wants.

He ordered the white clothed boy to come over and said: “You were the necessary thing before, I can give it to you, but you must obstruct those Celestial Xia cultivators as before, but you don’t need to kill anyone. Just keep harassing and report the whereabouts of every Celestial Xia cultivator to me.”

The white clothed boy was dumbfounded for a moment, and said: “Yes.” Both of his hands stretched out and spread his hands to him, “Give something first.”

Ying Chong has taken a three chi long Jin Ruyi from the case, but between the swings, a cloud of auspicious clouds flew up, and there was a crane-necked bottle in the middle, but the mouth of the bottle was white clothed. The boy was much taller, and he said: “Just take it.”

The white clothed boy stepped forward and hugged it. The crane-necked bottle seemed to be rubbed into his body. After another moment, he said: “I’m doing it.”

Win rush nodded.

With the evil god’s harassment, the Celestial Xia cultivator can temporarily delay, and he can use these evil gods to know exactly where those Celestial Xia Profound Venerables are located, so as to make arrangements in advance.

With these conditions, the plan in his heart can also be carried out.

He took out a long green spirit branch from his sleeve, held it high in front of him, raised his hand and stroked it, and then waved it down. As the branches fell, an empty space was created in the void.

After a few glances, he used a letter from magical power condense to call a friend, a discipline, and said, “Give this letter to Hunkong Fellow Daoist and let him arrange it accordingly.”

The discipline bowed to take it, and stepped back.

Ying Chong focused on the void and thought: “This one will fall, let’s see how Celestial Xia responds.”

The first daoist and the Court Manager incarnation above the Cloud Sea Conference Hall in the clear sky are also discussing Shangchen Heaven.

Court Manager Lin said: “A few days ago, the hanging needle on the heavenly station suddenly stopped, but only half a day later, it turned again. Since then, there have been no other changes.”

Court Manager Zhong thought for a while, and said: “Chief, court managers, Zhong thought that Shangchen Heaven should have found the place where Huanyang Sect was exiled, but I have never seen Huanyang Sect appear before. , It’s very likely that the Huanyang Sect is no longer where it is, and Shangchen Heaven has to look for it again, so the hanging needle is spinning again.”

Many of the Court Managers present were so thoughtful, and they all recognized his judgment.

Yu Su daoist said: “This is a good thing. Shangchen Heaven needs a longer time to find the Huanyang Sect. We also have more time to prepare, but it’s better to find Shangchen Heaven in this time. Where the main heaven is, try to block what this generation does.”

In fact, as long as Shangchen Heaven is not destroyed, this matter cannot be prevented, but if it can be done, it will not be difficult to delay this matter. And Celestial Xia will be more powerful than the previous one for dozens of hundreds of years Even if the Huanyang Sect was really called back, Celestial Xia was more certain to suppress the two together.

Zhong Court Manager shook his head and said: “Just after catching Gu Shangpai, Righteous Purity and Wei Wei two fellow daoists searched many airspaces, but they were all empty. Now with Qingling Tianzhi The more the branches spread out, the more difficult it is to find the location of the Shangchen Heaven main heaven. I still can’t expect too much of it.”

Yu Su daoist coldly said: “Difficult to find does not mean that you can’t find it. The number of branches and branches is increasing. We can also add more staff and refining more magical items.”

Feng Court Manager said: “Yusu Court Manager makes sense, even if it just can attack more subordinate heaven, it is good.”

Many people Court Manager followed nodded. Now it is the weakest time of Shangchen Heaven. If you don’t take advantage of this time to step up and look for the weak spot, it won’t be so easy to deal with.

The first daoist saw that most Court Managers agreed with this proposal and said: “Then you will discuss the manpower arrangement.”

In a blink of an eye, it was August.

Zhang Yu spread out an edict in front of him. This is a pre-prepared carrying magical item that can carry a certain amount of Speech Seal power after Heart Light refining.

Refining this item is not less expensive than refining a magical item. He can feel that this item can only be used once, and it will be destroyed once, but if it can help him win the battle , But that is an extremely cost-effective thing.

And it’s only now. When his cultivation progresses a little bit, there is no need for this thing, just use Heart Light to condense it, which is more pure.

So this thing is just in case, he feels that he needs to seize the opportunity to cultivation, and strive to avoid the need for such things when he is fully confronted with Shangchen Heaven.

It’s just that I have been in retreat frequently recently, and I went to that high-miao place to inquire. I have been asking about external affairs for many days. He also needs to understand the changes in the current situation. The duty division submits the report, but the above is relatively brief and does not involve detailed content.

He thought for a while, and said: “Will the Fellow Daoist be here tomorrow?”

As his call fell, the Ming Zhou daoist appeared on the court, and the chief inspector said: “What care is there for keeping the righteous?” Zhang Yu said: “Ming Zhou fellow daoist, how is the situation of the outer layer in detail lately?”

Ming Zhou daoist said: “Reporting back to Shouzheng. In May, in view of the decline of Shangchen Heaven’s resistance, the court arranged more Profound Venerable to search for Shangchen Heaven. In the past few days, you Profound Venerable have frequently encountered evil gods, and you have seen gains so far.”

Zhang Yu asked in detail, only to realize that evil god this time was not aimed at killing anyone, but merely hindering action. On the surface, this also shows that Shangchen Heaven’s available power has become very limited, and now it can only rely on evil god to fight.

However, he feels that Shangchen Heaven is not so embarrassed at the moment, and there should be no other means.

At this time, the daoist suddenly expression changed in the next week, and the inspector gave a salute and said: “Shouzheng, Court Manager Chen, please.”


Zhang Yu felt slightly unexpected and nodded and said: “Please also fellow daoist tomorrow for guidance.”

Half a moment later, Zhang Yu, under the guidance of the next week, drove to a cloud platform in a flying car, where Court Manager Chen was waiting for him.

Zhang Yu drove down from the car, cups the hands politely and said: “Court Manager Chen is polite.”

Court Manager Chen gave a gift and said: “Zhang Shouzheng is polite.” He came over to a seat and asked, “Zhang Shouzheng, please take a seat.”

Zhang Yu gave another salute and sat down.

Chen Court Manager was also sitting down, and he said: “I noticed that Zhang Shou has recently borrowed and recorded jade slips many times, and most of these jade books are related to the cultivator that extracts the natural and virtual attraction.”


Zhang Yu said: “Exactly. Defense is to maintain integrity, and you need to resist against foreign enemies. In the current situation, you may encounter such a person at any time, so you need to try to understand a little first.”

Chen Court Manager nodded and said: “Be prepared for a rainy day, not bad.”

Slowly paused, he said again: “Shangchen Heaven now presides over the overall situation. It should be a win. I know this person well. He is good at planning, and he has been doing bad things several times. He must have countermeasures. As for those who can control a fellow daoist, now it seems that there are only those who can only pick higher attainment.”

Zhang Yu said at this time: “I observe the written record, the people in Shangchen Heaven who have this attraction are the three of Guyang, Tianhong, and Lingdu. Besides, there are people who don’t know?”

Chen Court Manager said solemnly: “Shangchen Heaven was separated from Celestial Xia at the beginning, and it is true that some deep cultivation cultivators have been taken away, and some people are extremely talented. Over the past few hundred years, if they can make progress, take attainment is not surprising.

Only this and the others exist. Based on my understanding of the win rush, he will not be easily exposed now, but will let others appear at a more critical moment.

He is more likely to look for people who used to pick up this kind of attraction. I don’t know who it will be, but it must be good to take precautions in advance. “

Zhang Yu raised his sleeve and arched his hand, saying: “Yu has always had a question. Today I saw Court Manager Chen and talked about it, but I want to ask.”

Court Manager Chen said: “Do you have any doubts about Shouzheng?”

Zhang Yu said: “I read the booklet. When I saw Ancient Xia, there were actually quite a few cultivators that cultivated into reality and fiction. But now, it seems that there are only a few of them. I don’t know where those Seniors are now?”

When the cultivator reaches the Profound Venerable realm, as long as it can withstand the wear and tear of heaven and earth, it can prolong its life infinitely. Unless it is killed in fighting, it can survive.

Like the cultivator of ancient Xia, even if it is an ordinary Profound Venerable, as long as they have lived together in this world and have not been killed in battle, most of them can be found now.

But when he read those short books, there were many cultivators that grew out of reality and fiction. They also came here, but nowadays, except for those with long-standing reputations, the rest of them seem to have no news, and there is no mention of them in the jade album. How’s it going?

But such a character is actually very difficult to kill, which makes people feel very puzzled.

Chen Court Manager said solemnly: “It’s too early to ask the truth. This is what I told you, but it will mess up your cultivation. When you pick up this and other attributes, then you will understand by then.”

Zhang Yu slightly nodded, although Chen Court Manager does not answer directly to him, but it is not difficult to hear from the words that it should be related to cultivation cultivation.

Chen Court Manager took out a jade slip from his sleeve and put it on the case, “This is some of Chen’s insights over the years. Although I cultivation Chaotic Chapter, it is also a profound technique, which may give Zhang Shouzheng some Refer to.”

Zhang Yu took a look, reached out and took it, put it away, cups the hands and bows, seriously said: “many thanks Chen Court Manager.”

Chen Court Manager said: “Zhang Shouzheng, you create Dao Chapter for Xuntian, and you have done a lot. As long as you keep your whole body, you can go further the next day. You don’t have to fight for a moment.”

He stood up and said, “The words have been said, so I have to say goodbye to Zhang Shouzheng.” He nodded to Zhang Yu and walked out. The silhouette gradually faded, and he slowly blended in with his steps. In the sea of ​​clouds.