Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 989


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In Miao Hao Dao Palace, Zhong Weiwu, Chong Zhao, and Chang Sun Qian are refining Magic Talisman together. This is in preparation for fighting against Shangchen Heaven and Huanyang School.

There is a star in the sky, and Heavenly Secrets on both sides are difficult to calculate, but they can become Profound Venerable and even Profound Court Court Manager. Their methods are not only in calculation, but also far better than ordinary peers in terms of divine ability changes. .

At this moment, a flying bird flew in from outside, stood on the golden-copper suspension in the hall, and made a few brightly-paced calls.

Zhong Weiwu moved slightly, showing attention.

Chongzhao said: “What’s the matter with Court Manager Zhong?”

Zhong Weiwu said: “It’s not a major event, just now Zhang Shouzheng was invited by Court Manager Chen.”

Chong Zhao was somewhat surprised, and said: “I was invited by Court Manager Chen, this time…” He said solemnly: “Court Manager Chen is a very young Master who will meet with colleagues. Court Manager Zhong thought, would this For the position of Court Manager? There is still a Court Manager position vacant.”

Zhong Weiwu thought for a while and said: “With the achievements Zhang Shouzheng has made, if he can survive the war, then it is possible for him to become a Court Manager. Is it too early to talk about this now?” /p>

Chongzhao said: “It’s okay to bet in advance.”

Zhong Weiwu thought for a while, shook his head and said: “Otherwise, you need to know Court Manager Chen to avoid suspicion, but even Xuntian Dao Chapter will not enter. If you really want to connect privately for the position of Court Manager, the chief executive knows and will What do you think? Zhong thinks that it is possible for the Court Manager Chen to show favor to Zhang Shouzheng, but at most it is limited to Senior’s concern for his younger generation.

Long Sun Qian, who has never spoken, suddenly said: “It is reasonable.”

Zhong Weiwu looked towards him and said: “What’s the opinion of the court manager, the grandson?”

Chang Sun Qian indifferently said: “Court Manager Chen found Zhang Shouzheng, maybe not for other too complicated things, but simply to discuss the dao.”

“discuss the dao?”

Zhong and Chong looked at each other.

Chong Zhao said: “Court Manager Chen is a cultivator who has taken the attraction of the virtual and the real. How can Zhang Shouzheng discuss the dao with him?”

Zhong Weiwu showed the color of thinking.

Zhang Sunqian said: “Now Zhang Shouzheng can’t. It can be seen from the talents that Zhang Shouzheng has shown now. He is also very likely to pick up these attributes. If you are a little bit of support now, it will be in line with Chen Court Manager. In other words, in the future, we can discuss the dao’s comrades.”

Chongzhao questioned: “It is surprising that Zhang Shouzheng can take the fictitious attribute. How can the fictitious and true attribute be obtained so quickly?”

Changsun Qian indifferently said: “He is a profound cultivator, he has Xuan Liang.”

Chong Zhao was speechless.

These two reasons are really sufficient, and he can’t refute them.

Zhong Weiwu said: “Cen Chuan and Yuhang also intended to be the Court Manager before, but as long as Zhang Shouzheng has done the merits now, as long as he does not lose, then he is the vacancy.”

Chongzhao said solemnly: “If this is the case, then profound techniques can really stand firm in Celestial Xia.”

Zhong Weiwu said: “Let’s think about these later, the enemy is in front, don’t put the cart before the horse.”

Chongzhao and Changsun Qian did not say much. They can become Court Managers, and they know what is light and what is important. Some things are not only untimely, but also against the general trend, which is really undesirable.

After Zhang Yu left the Yunhai platform, he returned to the Shouzheng Palace. After sitting down, he took the jade slip gifted by Court Manager Chen, transferred his consciousness into it, and read the contents word by word.

Chen Court Manager was a true cultivator in the past, but later transferred to Chaotic Chapter, but just looking at the discussion, it can be seen that this man has a very high knowledge of Chaotic Chapter and even Profound Chapter cultivation, what he said All fell on the joints.

The most important part of this is the record of the acquisition of virtual and real.

For these, Profound Court dao writing also has a more detailed explanation, but it is rare that the Court Manager Chen is a chaotic cultivator to write these.

Court Manager Chen had already picked up the natural and fictitious attraction before he transferred to Chaotic Chapter, but after he transferred to Chaotic Chapter, he wrote a special discussion on how to use the profound techniques to find this method. It also quoted many similar theories that have not been recorded.

Zhang Yu has read all of this, which is quite rewarding.

To take away the attraction of the coexistence of the virtual and the reality, it is not only a matter of sustenance and fullness, but also the need to break through one’s own attachments.

This obsession is a very sad level. Everyone has their own obsession, and the cultivator is no exception. It can be said that the cultivator that climbs to the upper layer has a heart to the way, achieving immortality and immortality. The attainment of eternal transcendence is what they expect, but there is no With this attachment, there is no sense of upward mobility.

Those dao writing didn’t say how to kill but clingy, there is no written record, but there are many cultivator guesses before trying to make progress. There are theories of forgetfulness, benevolence, and concealment, all of them And foot.

But killing attachments is a kind of attachment. You have to kill them forcefully. The original attachments are killed, but a new obsession is born.

But if you don’t do anything, and you really have no attachments at all, then you won’t be able to pick up higher attainment. Therefore, there are many cultivators who propose to do nothing. They think that they only need to cultivate for a long time. Then when the cultivation arrives, where water flows, a canal is formed, anyway, cultivator has a long life, and some have time to understand hard work.

The Court Manager Chen put forward another argument here, also from the perspective of a profound cultivator. He thinks that there is no need to worry about things such as stubbornness and delinquency. Grand Chaos can help to overcome this level.

Of course, he didn’t just say such a sentence, but he also gave a set of methods of discussion and participation that seemed feasible. It is also mentioned here that if the foundation of a cultivator is insufficient, then the infection of Grand Chaos can make up the foundation, but the cultivator needs to bear this burden.

But if the cultivator has a solid foundation and can guard its heart, then it can not only borrow the power of Grand Chaos, but it can even be immune to it.

It’s just that Court Manager Chen clearly stated here. This is a deduction from his personal perception. He himself passed this level before changing to Chaotic Chapter, so not at all tried this step, and also Advise younger generations not to overestimate yourself. Often you think your foundation is solid, but in fact there are still flaws that you are hard to find.

Zhang Yu pondered, now in Celestial Xia, Chaotic Chapter Profound Venerable is not a small number, but it seems that apart from Chen Court Manager, there is no other Chaotic Chapter Profound Venerable to extract these attributes.

Is it simply not enough to accumulate, or do you not know these methods? Or they knew this method but did not do so out of caution.

He reasoned that it might be the last reason.

Nowadays, most Chaotic Chapter cultivators are converted from true cultivator. Although Grand Chaos is borrowed from the path repair, it can be enough to temper the temperament, and we are also wary of Grand Chaos. Let’s be honest, in the upper layer, they have endless lifespans to comprehend slowly, so there is no need to rush to this step.

Just, how should he go?

Because he is a profound cultivator and a pioneer, if he takes Chaotic Chapter to take the attraction, then all future generations will choose Chaotic Chapter as the way to advance, so the simple Profound Chapter cultivator will be here. It doesn’t exist anymore. He doesn’t have an obsession with Profound Chapter, but believes that profound techniques should not be the only way to Chaotic Chapter.

He thought about it for a while, and now his spirit is not full, he can only cultivate, comprehend, and find a way.

As he finished reading all the essays and was about to put away the jade slip, he found that there was another sentence at the end. He went up and found that it was not a sentence involving cultivation technique cultivation, but just a sentence. After reading it, I couldn’t help but move, and at this time, the sentence slowly disappeared.

His pupil light flashed slightly, and after thinking for a while, he put away the jade slip, put his mind away, and went into cultivation.

Outer layer In the void, Shi Cheng and Long Huai are taking a flying boat to search for Shangchen Heaven to be attached to the universe.

Long Huai can be regarded as guilty and meritorious this time, and Shi Chengyin is a profound cultivator who can use Xuntian Dao Chapter to deliver news at any time. So the two were arranged in one place this time.

However, Long Huai disliked Shi Cheng’s cultivation and low-level cultivation. He might drag him back when fighting. What does Shi Cheng think of Long Huai as a sinner? So the two often satirize each other.

While on the way, the rays of light suddenly dimmed in the flying boat. The two looked up and saw that the bulkheads were replaced by cold and slippery limbs and small eyes. All kinds of filthy air were also in the flying boat. Diffuse within.

Long Huai sneered and said: “Here again.”

Since entering the void, evil gods have come to harass them, but once they counterattack, they will immediately avoid it, and they are not easy to pursue.

boundless void For these evil gods, if the ocean is overwhelming, if this generation hides in the depths, they can hide without a trace, and they came out to search for Shangchen Heaven. If they chase after it, it will be done. Shangchen Heaven meant it, but it was useless to kill a few more evil gods.

At this moment, he let out a dragon cry from his mouth, and the scene in front of him was broken layer by layer, and the cabin returned to its original appearance.

Shi Cheng suddenly said at this moment: “Long Fellow Daoist, look there.”

Long Huai turned his head and took a look, but saw that an airspace appeared in the distance. He was mind rouses, and said with a slight teasing: “I don’t want to use a fellow daoist as a profound cultivator, but I feel sharp.”

Shi Cheng is replied: “I might have a deep understanding of the profound techniques. I want to come to the dragon fellow daoist.”

Longhuai snorted.

As in the past, the two ridiculed each other, but once they talked about the profound cultivator, Long Huai would take the initiative to shut down.

There is no other reason, just because he was controlled by Zhang Yu and then taken by Dai Gonghan, but both of them are profound techniques cultivator.

Actually, this is okay. Not counting the Avatar of the empty and the others that appeared that day, he can push the matter to Zhang Yu and Dai Gonghan to deceive him. He was too careless.

But then he was almost killed by Zhang Yu in the jail, and he was able to get out only with the protection of the jail, so he didn’t have the face to say it.

He turned the subject off and said: “Let’s go into this airspace and check it out.”

He urged the flying boat, turning the rainbow light, and rushed into this heaven. But the moment he rushed in, Long Huai’s expression changed and said, “No!”