Mysterious Chaos Dao Seal Chapter 990


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When Longhuai entered here, he felt that the internal qi around him was not right.

They hadn’t found the airspace of Shangchen Heaven before, but it was mostly empty, with only an uninhabited area left. Not to mention the aura of lifelessness, it was also empty.

But as soon as I came in here, I felt a stagnant and depressed atmosphere around me.

He was also a vigilant person. When he felt something was wrong, he immediately turned the head of the boat and tried to exit from here first, but he obviously fled out, only to find that he couldn’t find the door to come in.

His frowns saying: “array?”

He looked around and said cautiously: “Shi Fellow Daoist, it seems we have fallen into a trap.”

Shi Cheng tried to communicate with Yuandu Xuantu silently, but his expression was slightly condensed, said solemnly: “Dragon Fellow Daoist, Yuandu Xuantu cannot answer me.”

Long Huai’s expression changed slightly, he was very affirmed: “This should be disturbed by the Qingling Tianzhi.”

He raised his head and looked around, and then sneeered, saying: “The great array battle in Shangchen, it seems that they want to deal with more than us.”

Shi Chengdao: “Dragon Fellow daoist, when Shi just came in, he had already reported to the Profound Court about his discovery of this airspace, but at this moment he couldn’t get a response, and he was concealed by the treasure of Zhendao. Up.”

Long Huai said, “Since you can’t get out, then just take a look forward and see what weird Shangchen Heaven has made.”

As soon as he urged the flying boat, he continued to move forward, only to travel for a long time, except for the floating clouds, there was nothing in front of him, and after walking for a long time, it felt like even those clouds were not there The repeated appearance of stop gives people a sense of disgust.

Both of them are cultivators, and they are usually not disturbed by foreign objects, but at this time, this kind of feeling is born, how can they be affected by the gas?

The two immediately used methods to calm their minds.

But it seems that they are not allowed to settle down. At this moment, I suddenly saw a piece of azure qi light and shadow spreading above it, spreading everywhere, far away, slowly sinking, like the sky is coming. .

Underneath, there is a red air emerging, looking scarlet and dazzling, if the sea is like ocean, at this moment, it is rising slowly like a high tide, the flying boat is located in it, and it looks like tiny insects will be merged by the mighty sea and sky. Pressure.

Long Daoist snorted, he took a magic mantra, and then waved his sleeves, and a golden rainbow flew out and turned into one after another rainbow circle, covering the entire flying boat.

At this time, he didn’t forget to say something by the way, “Last time I played against Zhang Shouzheng and Court Manager Dai, and I didn’t carry half of the magical item on my body, it was captured by the mountain and river circle.”


At first glance, it seems that he was besieged by two people, and they cheated him not to carry the magical item, and they used the high rank magical item to suppress him, so he failed.

Shi Cheng understands the cause and effect of this passage. While holding the magic mantra, he ferryed the ark into the Heart Light, aroused the defend talisman above, and said: “Yes, at that time, wearing the Court Manager was an old ancestor. The spell was restrained, and Zhang Shouzheng had just achieved Profound Venerable. When he said it, the dragon fellow daoist was taken and sent to prison. The dragon fellow daoist was not too modest to the younger generation.”

Long Huai’s eyelids twitched slightly, these words were a little bit harsher, and his heart was gloomy, secretly thought: “This speech is sharp, and it can almost catch up with Gambak, but Gambak runs fast. I don’t know where I am now, but I was imprisoned, and now I am trapped here again.”

Although the two are satirizing each other, they don’t at all delay what is in front of them. The magical power Heart Light cooperates with each other, but it can be maintained.

But the two also knew that this array was urged by the power of heaven and earth, and it wouldn’t last long if it went on like this. Most of them couldn’t get out by their own ability, so they could only count on Profound Court to help.

Shangchen Heaven, Qingkong Tianyuan. Yingchong was sitting in the palace guarding the temple. At this moment, he suddenly felt something. He stretched out his hand and took a section of the sky branch into his hand, but the other end extended indefinitely into the depths of the cloud. This end was originally light and agile, but now it is The weight is so heavy that there is an airspace hidden there.

Thanks to Tianzhi, he glanced at the flying boat trapped in it, and slowly said: “After waiting for a long time, someone finally entered the boat.”

At the moment, if he urges the array and dispatches competent personnel, he may not be able to take the two people down. However, these two people are just ordinary Profound Venerable, and they are not meaningful. For Celestial Xia, they are basically Not a big loss.

The bigger purpose of setting up this airspace is to attract the Celestial Xia cultivator who has a more profound cultivation, or someone who currently poses a greater threat to Shangchen Heaven.

His reliance is that this heaven can be moved, in other words, who can find and who can not find the existence here is all up to him.

If you think the person is right, then he can put it in. If it is Righteous Purity those characters, then close the door so that it is not found.

Moreover, if Righteous Purity is transferred to view this heaven, then the person will interrupt the original search for the Lord heaven, which is also beneficial to Shangchen Heaven.

In anticipation, he thinks Profound Court can also judge his purpose, so it is very likely that he will not send Righteous Purity, but will send someone else.

The person here is most likely Zhang Yu!

Because Zhang Yu’s strength is tyrannical and he is still upright, it is most suitable to do this and other things, and as long as his person arrives, he will make Jiao daoist come forward and kill him in the closed space of that side!

In fact, even if the place is not Zhang Yu, it must be Celestial Xia’s expert who came here. If it can be siege to kill, it will not be a waste. By the way, it can also be used to deter Profound Court and deter the recent Profound Court. Unscrupulous search behavior.

At the same time when Shi Cheng and Long Huai fell, the Court Managers of Profound Court sent incarnation to the conference hall to discuss the matter.

The Court Managers quickly judged that this is most likely Shangchen Heaven’s intention to set up a game.

So I immediately passed the Xuntian Dao Chapter and passed the Profound Venerable outside of the place, and asked them to be more cautious before entering the airspace, because they were not sure if only this airspace had a problem.

Wei Court Manager said: “These two are trapped in that heaven. We have to pay attention to them and send people to help each other.”

Lin Court Manager said: “Zhankong Guanzhi and the Yuandu Xuantu can’t transfer these two people out. That place should be protected by the Qingling Tianzhi, so it is prudent to send the candidate. , Lin thought, Righteous Purity fellow daoist should go.”

Zhong Court Manager said: “The Righteous Purity fellow daoist is searching for the main heaven of Shangchen Heaven. With his ability, he is most likely to find this place. If he turns to help halfway, it is in the middle of Shangchen Heaven.

Furthermore, Zhong thought that from the perspective of the current reports, this heaven wanders indefinitely, that is a poisonous bait, if the Righteous Purity fellow daoist goes, Shangchen Heaven may not really let him in. “

Court Manager Lin said: “Then the Court Manager thought, who should get here?”

Zhong Court Manager glanced at Chao Huan who was sitting there, but did not speak.

Dai Gonghan suggested: “What do you Court Managers think of Long Yi? This old dragon has long since been cultivated into a vain attainment. Long Huai is still his junior, so you might as well send his people to make atonement.” /p>

Feng Daoist objected: “No, the mistakes Long Yi committed in the past have been reduced by hundreds of years, and he would not take seriously.

And these old dragons and seniors don’t have much friendship between them. I’m afraid he won’t really work hard, and we are trying to save the two fellow daoists. Everything needs the lives of the two fellow daoists. “

He paused and said: “This Feng thought that Zhu Shouzheng could be allowed to go, and her cultivation was also in the realm of extinction. After coming back some time ago, she was resting, and now the magical power has been restored.”

Chongzhao said: “Zhu Profound Venerable cultivation is enough, but she has more than enough self-preservation, and she is not capable of fighting skills. She may not be able to rescue people. In the middle of keeping the integrity, only Zhang Shouzheng has this ability. In Chong’s opinion, it is better to send Zhang Shouzheng to here.”

Lin Court Manager agreed: “If Zhang Shouzheng is a suitable candidate, so be it,” he turned and looked towards the top, and said to the first daoist: “The chief executive, if not, let Zhu Shouzheng and Zhang Shouzheng be together Go here and see if you can rescue people.”

Court Manager Chen said at this time: “This trip is to rescue the same people, not to let the rescuers fall together. Chen thought that the last time I borrowed Zhang Shouzheng’s daoist clothes, I can borrow it again. To be safe.”

The court managers discussed it for a while, and they all agreed. The first daoist saw that everyone agreed without delay, and immediately ordered the daoist to pass on the command next week.

After the daoist was ordered in the next week, he appeared in the Shouzheng Palace after a breath. He said what he wanted to the Deity Chief, but the Deity Chief did not dare to delay and went in immediately to report.

After a while, Zhang Yu walked out of the inner hall. The daoist met him tomorrow, and he bowed his head and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry for the cultivation. I will come by the order of the Profound Court next week.” , Present the edict in your hand to the previous one.

Zhang Yu’s gaze fell, and Profound Court issued an order, which means that it represents the meaning of the entire Profound Court, indicating that a lot of things have happened.

Following his thoughts, the edict flew in front of him. He took it and opened it for a glance. Then he understood the general situation. He thought for a moment and raised his head and said: “I know about this. There is Lao Mingzhou Fellow Daoist. Return to life, saying that I will start after a little preparation.”

Tomorrow’s daoist bowed, a burst of rays of light flashed by, and the silhouette disappeared.

After he left, Zhang Yu sent his own Heart Light into the bag at one end of the edict. In a moment, he saw a spiritual light flying out, turning into a piece in the sky. There are golden dao talisman’s daoist clothes, which are exactly the clothes he wore when he went to Yuandu Mountain Gate last time.

As soon as he changed his mind, the daoist clothes melted away and fell on him.

He can feel that there are still several divine abilities that have not been displayed, but even without these divine abilities, it is just the daoist clothes themselves that are quite a protection magical item.

This time, he is also inclined to the Profound Court’s judgment. This is a trap of Shangchen Heaven. You need to be more careful. With this thing as a defense, you will be more sure about this trip.