Garen faintly noticed the strangeness of his sister. The adult's surname made him feel that Ying Er had a different taste for himself. He had a feeling of paying attention to every sentence of his own. When I was chasing, my sister’s movements were very careful. I was afraid of hurting him. The force was very light, so he could only sneak up and knock her down.

    "First eat lunch, make breakfast lunch, go out and buy fruit, and work hard for You Er."He reached out and squeezed his sister's cheeks. The red pimple on the face and the freckles seemed to be a lot less recently, and it was soft and slippery.

    You sucker!…Ying Er slaps Garen's hand and slaps, "Is it wrong?" Will you know who cares? ”She looked at Garen with doubts. Although she usually tried to pretend that her relationship with her brother was very weak, she actually secretly paid attention to Garen's various things at any time.

    Garen had a heartfelt meal and knew that the change was too big, and he stopped talking. "Can't I become sensible? What the fuss do? Go and eat. ”

    After eating in a hurry, the two brothers and sisters collaborated to wash the plates and forks, and some of them quickly returned to their bedroom. After Ying Er was taken away, he always felt the cool under the skirt, and there was always a feeling of uncomfortable in front of Garen. After all, it is a half-brother and brother-in-law. The relationship between two single-parent families is not blood.

    Garen is rushing back to the bedroom to continue thinking about Attribute plus.

    Standing in front of the window, he quietly looked at the reddish Attribute data below the field of view.

    "If you can really add skills, then if I add to the archery or swordsmanship, I can participate in a short time to get a high bonus. It is just a sudden increase in the number of students who have been practicing very little and suddenly won the prize. Do not say anything else, that is, sister Ying Er knows my situation best. She knows that I usually have no practice of archery and swordsmanship. ”The hand is pressed on the glass window.

    "In this way, the path of swordsmanship is somewhat unworkable. But what about the Baiyunwu Pavilion? ….I have been paying attention to the exercise of the martial arts hall. It can be regarded as a thick and thin hair, but it is not eye-catching. Moreover, the martial arts hall is not a school after all, it is a part of reading power, even if it is a bit unusual, it will not attract attention. Just the bonus is a bit too little…Instead, you can go to the martial arts hall to ask if there is any martial arts exchange competition recently. That is much more than the bonus for the internal game! This is a road! ”

    He gently caressed his hands on the glass, and the cold and cool touch is very smooth. "In this way, I will go to the martial arts hall in the afternoon to find out the specific situation. ”

    After a little rest in the room, Garen sneaked out of the room. When passing the sister's room, I saw Ying Er lying on the bed from the crack, and the cheeks were red and sleepy. Did not bother her.

    Put on the scarf coat lightly and then change the shoes out of the door. From the home community, he took three hundred dollars in his pocket, and Garen directly hired a black carriage to sit up.

    "Go to the Baiyunwu Pavilion."

    "10 pieces?"The coachman turned back and asked.

    "Let's go."Garen nodded.

    Sitting in the carriage, looking out from the window on the right side, the side of the pale yellow building was connected one by one, and soon, after a few minutes of turning a corner, the street gradually became cold and replaced with a rectangular shape. Gray-white building, a shop with a round arch, one after the other, all selling watches and watches.

    Garen looked carefully at the skills project in the field of vision.

    Fighting: Primary. Archery: Primary. Swordplay: Elementary.

    "If you can pass the assessment, you can get the exercise technique of the Baiyunwu Pavilion and promote Physique. Then through the superposition of Attribute points, together with the increase of strength, my exercise effect is definitely far more than anyone else of the same age! ”His wine-red eyes twitched slightly, revealing a glimmer of hope.

    "If you always add an item with the Attribute point, you don't know how much the maximum can be increased. It is said that different people have different talents, and the effect of exercising Secret Technique is also very different, just to cover up my Attribute and increase the facts. In this way, even if the exercise method is worse, it can compare the top training methods. The only expectation now is that the Attribute point can be added to the training method as if it were an Attribute. ”

    Recalling the people who can be found in the martial arts, Garen can only ask three. Shamana, Roa, and his pair of silver short hair girls.

    Impressed is that the best first of their class, Elvin, is always ranked by the strength of overwhelming surnames. And the attitude has been very gentle, is a very humble and very tutor. If someone can be a true disciple of the Baiyunwu Pavilion, then this person must be him.

    "You can go to Ervin, this guy will definitely be exercising in the martial arts even on weekends, no exceptions. And he is sure to know about this situation. ”Garen is thoughtful. He has heard of the competition between the martial arts halls, screening the strongest outstanding seed students in the province of Grant, where Huaishan City is located, and awarding medals and medals from the official. "It can be said that this competition should be a good way to avoid the competition of evil surnames, display talent reserves and consolidate social status. Almost every year, the first prize is no less than 100,000. The winner can also qualify for the full federal competition. ”

    When Garen carefully sorted out the information he knew, he didn't realize it, and the carriage slowly slowed down and stopped.

    "Guest, the Baiyunwu Hall is here."The driver's voice interrupted Garen's thinking.

    Ah, a goodHe took the money out of his pocket and handed it over. After retreating the change, jump directly from the carriage.

    The neighborhood is very narrow, giving people a messy and complicated feeling.

    The ground is paved with gray-black cobblestones and it is a bit crappy. The buildings on both sides of the street are of varying heights, red, gray, and yellowish. There are also many patterns, squares, triangles, lattices, wavy arcs, etc. It looks very messy. Garen's location, in front of a dozen steps, there is a khaki clock tower across the road, there is a round arch hole under the clock tower for the street to pass.

    The sparse pedestrians keep coming in and out of the doorway.

    There was a white wooden sign on the left side of the door, and a white paper notice on the top. Two people stood there watching.

    Garen walked over and looked at the notice.

    'Baiyun Wuguan Holiday Admission Notice: Applicants with a student ID under the age of 18 can enjoy a halving of tuition fees. The specific fee schedule for adults is as follows…..'

    One person who was watching together was a teenage freckle boy who read the notice and grinned. "Going to Jim, it’s too tired to practice martial arts, and it’s useless to practice it. If you have any martial arts, the pistol will collapse. ”

    The other boy shook his head too, and the two walked through the wooden sign into the door. Leave Garen alone to stand there.

    To the right of the notice is the facade of a gray-white spire building with a lot of mahogany strips that look like spiders. The mahogany door of the facade was open, and the inside was cold and clear. Only one student wearing a khaki robes was cleaning with a broom.

    Garen swept through the notice and walked directly to the right door.

    The sweeping student looked up at him and did not speak.

    Garen walked through the front door, the middle hall, and then through the khaki-colored plaza, heading straight to the innermost row of low houses.

    A row of short houses at the end of the market is like a gray-black line. Garen walked left to the front of the house on the far left. There was a vaguely heard voice of someone hitting the sandbag.

    Gently push the door open, the room is a little dark, the inside is empty, only the innermost wall is hanging four black sandbags. Two men and one woman each found a sandbag and quickly hit it. There were three students standing on the side helping to get things like towels.

    The sound of the crash is endless.

    The sound of Garen's entrance was basically no eye-catching. Only a student with a white towel looked back at him and ignored him. Here is a gym where any student can exercise. The specifications are relatively high. The sandbags here are very heavy. They are only suitable for regular students to exercise. If the general students come over, it is likely that the exercise will actually hurt.

    Garen's eyes quickly fell on the leftmost boy.

    The boy was naked, the bronzed muscles were sharp, and the sweat ran down the back, which had completely wet the gray shorts. At this time, he was staring at the sandbags in his eyes, and the speed was not too fast. He just made the sandbags tremble slightly.

    Garen walked over and stood by and waited.

    After more than ten minutes, the boy finally stopped, wiped the sweat from his face, and combed the pale yellow hair that had been thoroughly wetted. Pull the sweat off the black towel on one side of the shelf.

    "Master Erwin, I am Garen, and you have a batch of students, can you ask me something?"Garen took the opportunity to say loudly, the boxing in the room was too noisy, and he couldn’t hear it clearly.

    "Garen? OHave an impression…"Ervin put down the towel and smiled softly. "What are you asking directly? Everyone is a classmate in a batch. There is nothing to be cautious."

    "I want to ask about the student competition."

    ten minutes later….

    Garen came out of the room. He has been generally clear about the game. First, you must participate in the internal competition of the martial arts hall. After obtaining a good ranking, you will participate in the competition held jointly by the two cities, and then select one, and finally the competition in the province, then the national competition. Step by step, and only the internal competition of the martial arts and the city's joint competition, it was completed from three weeks to the end. The rest of the competition is next year or after the year after.

    "But if the bonus can be reached, it is enough. This time, the city competition actually had 10,000 in the first place, 5,000 in the second place and 2,000 in the third place. As long as I get the second place, I can solve the problem of money. ”


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