Out of the martial arts hall, Garen stood at the door of the street waiting for the carriage.

    "Sir, do you want a newspaper?"A little boy in a gray hat came over, holding a large newspaper and taking out a hand.

    NewspaperGaren thought about it, took it one by one, and found the change of a piece of money from his pocket.

    "Thanks."The boy left to continue to sell to the next guest.

    Garen shook the gray-white newspaper and slammed it out. A huge black subtitle was printed into his field of vision.

    'The contradiction between the Weisman Empire and the Tulip Republic is outstanding! ! The federal position will be an important weight. '

    He frowned and continued to scan other titles down.

    'The Federal Parliament will hold a military ordnance review at the Capital Ocean Current at 9 am. '

    The West Asian Union country was murdered by the murder of the evil surname. All 43 people in the manor were killed. '

    'Shiyanzhou historical archaeological discovery of the ruins of the ruins of the sky'

    Shaking the newspaper, Garen was about to turn over and continue to look at it. Suddenly a passerby passed his shoulder and the newspaper suddenly slammed down to reveal a clear black and white photo.

    It was a dark gray wheat field with a skewed scarecrow standing in the middle, solitary, surrounded by black wheat.

    There is a black title below the photo.

    'Southwestern provinces are surprised to see purple wheat fields'

    Garen looked at the photo carefully, faintly, and he actually felt that his abilities were a little beating.

    Sweeping down the contents, a place name was immediately printed.

    'Mason Farm'

    A short carriage of horses came from far and near, and a few newspapers were rolled up. Garen reached out and recruited.

    The gray-black carriage slowly stopped in front of him.

    "Go to Bluetree Street."

    "Good sir."


    "Since the boundary war of 15 years ago, the world pattern has returned to calm. As one of the well-deserved hegemons of the three continents, we also have the historical responsibility of maintaining peace in the world…"

    The geography teacher spoke on the podium with a history course that added his own point of view. This cute bald old man waved his arms vigorously, holding chalk and turning around on the blackboard from time to time to draw some key slogans.

    In the white classroom, Garen sat in the last row of windows, holding his chin in his hand, and boringly flipping the geography textbook on the table in front of him.

    The textbook is white in color, only the front cover of the center, printed with a black bird pattern, which is the flag of the Asian Federation. The four black letters above the pattern are geographical.

    Garen flipped through the front picture page of the book and finally stopped at the world map page.

    The white rectangular paper surface represents the ocean, and three distorted irregular gray land floats in the middle of the ocean.

    The three land forms a ring, but there is a slight gap in the upper left corner.

    On the top of the long strip, the land is marked with Shiyanzhou, the lower two, the left one is Lanzhou, and the right one is Wuxingzhou. The three continents are surrounded by countless islands of all sizes.

    Garen's fingers slid over the Shiyanzhou on the upper side, slow and stable, and finally stopped in the middle left part of the long strip of stone rock, where an irregular type of area marked the words of the Asian Federation.

    This area is full of one-third of the entire Shiyanzhou.

    "This world is really weird….The planes are all there, but they have not yet been able to explore the whole world. The sea around the land is completely oceanous and cannot be found. The whole mankind lives around three continents, and the area of ​​three continents is equivalent to the sum of all the land of the previous earth, and even more. ”

    Garen turned to the next page, boring and swept his eyes, then looked out the left window. Some people on the far lawn are inserting a pole buntstick, which seems to be preparing for activities.

    In the afternoon, the reddish sunlight sprinkled on the lawn, and a layer of golden red was immersed in the dark green surface.

    After returning from the martial arts hall, the weekend has passed three days, and today is Tuesday. He has already participated in the audit registration at the martial arts hall, and now just wait for the results to come out.

    If passed, he will be able to become a formal disciple of the Baiyunwu Pavilion, learn the secret law, and get a monthly income.


    The pleasant class bell rang.

    The geography teacher clapped his hands loudly.

    "Well, today's class is here. I hope everyone will do more preparations after going down. I will check the next class." Lan Ruo, I have worked hard. ”

    "it's nothing."

    A black double ponytail girl stood up and nodded. Then leave the table and wait until the teacher leaves the classroom before going up and picking up the blackboard to quickly erase the handwriting on the blackboard.

    The girl's temperament is cold and pure, the forehead bangs slanting down, the skin color is white and delicate, and the two eyes are big and dark, which is completely the appearance of the oriental.

    Garen knew him. There were a total of twenty-five people in the class. No one didn't know.

    Lan Ruo, the top three in the class, the top five in the grade. The person is beautiful, the temperament is pure, the whole person is like a white porcelain doll, and the skin is tender as milk jelly.

    It’s just that her surname is very cold, and she doesn’t talk much with the classmate. Besides the guest, it’s a quiet look at the people who are talking. The bright, watery eyes and the face without a trace of expression are enough for anyone. I can't continue to talk about it, I can only walk away by myself.

    "Did you see Fain?"Caledon came over from the front. This guy dyed Huang Mao. The white shirt was covered with a yellow leather vest and a sapphire necklace was worn on the chest. The body was so thin that it looked like a normal one. package.

    "Fern? I just disappeared after class. What are you looking for? The guy didn't know which girl to play hot with. ”Garen wondered.

    "His cousin came over and went out for dinner together in the afternoon. I have your cousin and his companion. They are all a young student. I heard that her cousin is a female school teacher. ~~" Caledon's eyebrows picked and picked.

    "What about the girls' school? I have to go to the martial arts hall in the afternoon, no time. ”

    "Don't you go so good?"

    "Next time, really."Garen shrugged. "This is really something."

    "You kid….Such a good opportunity! ”Kaledo shredded and turned to the door of the classroom.

    Garen shook his head silently. Finished the books on the table, and then got up and walked outside the classroom with a black cloth bag.


    After more than twenty minutes…

    Baiyunwuguan General Hall

    A spacious dark dark red wooden hall.

    A bald head sits on the floor with his knees on the floor, behind a burning fireplace, and the red flame slams out and makes a crackling sound.

    There was no light in the room, only the red fire that was released from the fireplace.

    More than a dozen white-skinned teenagers sat on the floor in front of the old man, and everyone looked solemnly, looking at the old man in front.

    "Congratulations."Bald head The old man slowly opens. "You are a new round of students who became official disciples this year. ”

    No one spoke, but the breath of the boys and girls was slightly heavier. Among them, the biggest one was 18 years old, and the youngest was only fifteen years old, but the faceless excitement was excited.

    The old man looked in his eyes and nodded slightly.

    "Becoming a formal disciple, in addition to not paying tuition fees, the biggest advantage is that you can get the Martial Dao secret method."

    "And the Martial Dao secret law is also the secret of the major martial arts schools, as well as the martial arts. So before I pass it on to you, I hope that you will be able to keep the oath that you have signed. ”

    The old man took an old yellow roll of paper from the black robes, gently spread it and laid it on the ground.

    "Start with the first person on the left, look up and then step back."

    On the far left side of the knee-shoulder, a wavy curly-haired girl stood up, went up to pick up the roll paper and glanced at it, then immediately returned to her position. Then the second one, the third one…..

    Each time you read is no more than ten seconds, and the speed is very fast.

    A purple-haired red-eyed boy sitting in the middle of the back came directly from the school to receive the secret method of Garen. He was dressed in a white GI, with his hands on his knees, and his eyes fixed on the students who had seen the paper rolls.

    It was his turn soon. Garen got up and walked up, sitting in front of the old man, picking up the paper and flattening it, then looking at it carefully.

    Only a human figure was drawn on the pale yellow roll paper, and a strange posture was posing, which seemed to be standing. And it also reveals a thick special charm.

    It was easy to remember Garen after reading it, and he also smelled a faint scent that was scattered from the paper. Very light, like the aroma of honey.

    Back to the position, just sitting down, he suddenly felt a burst of sleep.

    "Now, start with the pose on the map. Pay attention to that charm. ”Bald head The voice of the old man came clearly.

    Everyone stood up and let go a certain distance and began to pose on the drawing.

    Garen is also the same, with his hands pressed forward, his feet raised and his feet pressed with his heels.

    As soon as I put this position, the skill items under his vision suddenly jumped, and actually one more slowly: the basic principle of Baiyun: primary.

    Garen only felt that a blood in the chest and abdomen slowly gathered, then spread to the limbs, and the whole body quickly fell into a warm feeling.

    In the Attribute column of the field of view, the Strength Attribute also began to jump slowly. Jump from 0.44 啪 to 0.45.

    The voice of the old man sounded again.

    "Do you feel the whole body warm? This means that you have successfully mastered the Baiyun Secret Technique of the Baiyunwu Pavilion. In the future, as long as you often use this position to exercise static work, the secret law will gradually enhance your strength according to different physical conditions and different talents. This secret method will naturally produce three stages in total: the entry hot environment, the cold environment, the hot and cold intersection, each level of promotion will have a certain degree of power improvement to the body. An ordinary person, if he can ascend to the highest level, can also become twice as powerful as he used to be. Of course, this time will be quite long. ”

    "In addition, the growth of the secret law is gradual. During the exercise, some taboos must be paid attention to. You can't exercise your secrets when you are too tired. You can't exercise your secrets when you are too hungry and too full. You can't interfere with a lot…"

    Garen sat behind and listened to the old man's key to explaining the secrets. At the same time, he was constantly feeling the acceleration of blood flow and the warmth of the whole body.

    While listening to taboos, watch the Attribute and Skills items below the field of view.

    With a little thought about it, his focus was finally on the newly acquired secret law of white clouds.

    A few seconds after the line of sight stayed, a stream of air rushed into the skill item.

    The display state of the white cloud secret law slowly changed from the primary level to the intermediate level.


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