1294 survival 2

    Dreamland can reflect all the stimuli of the organism. Whether it is spiritual or physical. This is a special state in which the bio-inductive force is amplified many times.

    So Dreamland has many times to reflect reality, such as the stomach is uncomfortable, and will dream of someone licking their belly. If you want to pee, you will dream of finding a toilet everywhere. This is the body's stimulation will be reflected in Dreamland.

    There is a big Dreamland stimulation, and there is naturally a small amount.

    Garen quickly found the fault of this layer of Dreamland.

    He put his fingers in the air and gently.

    "How can there be paper scraps flying at such a high altitude?"A little white confetti fell gently from above on his finger.

    He smiled softly, and suddenly the confetti magnified infinitely, instantly turning into endless white, wrapping his whole person.

    Directly around the infinite white, this is a white space. Right across from Garen, stood a white swan wearing a gentleman's costume. It stands upright like a human, wearing a black high-top hat, motionless, like a sculpture, not knowing where the wind is blowing. Its white feathers.

    Garen frowned slightly.

    He has been here on this level, he has been here at Mecha World.

    "This should be right on the second floor."He muttered.

    Mr. White Swan did not move, and he did not seem to see him at all.

    Garen walked toward him. The white swan, which usually moves around the sculpture, turns around.

    The purpose of his entry into Dreamland is to try to use the nature of the imprisonment. The second is to see how the world of Dreamland is different from the past.

    But now it seems that the world of Dreamland seems to be similar to other worlds.


    Suddenly the sound of a wheel rolling came from a distance.

    Garen looked back. I saw a brown snail shell that was more than a meter high and slowly rolled towards myself.

    The snail shell rolled to his front and slowly stopped, and the mouth of the man slowly explored a sad face of a human man.

    "I haven't seen my new companion for a long time."

    The man actually said that he was a vague language.

    Garen has a look.

    "you are?"

    "I am Demon King, and the thirteenth magic will be Kunto."The man whispered. "It seems that you have also discovered the world here. ”

    What do you mean?Garen sagged slightly and his brows were close.

    "This is the second floor. There will be a lot of gaps between time and space and dimension. It will not be very quiet. We need a safer place."The snail male whispered.

    @Follow MeGaren turned to look at the swan gentleman behind him, reaching out to reveal his hat, and the whole person suddenly narrowed. Drilled in from under the hat.

    The snail male also followed suit to zoom out and quickly drilled in. The hat was again caught by the swan gentleman, put back on his head, and then resumed his original posture.

    The third floor of Dreamland.

    There are a lot of viscous liquid-like light flowing around.

    Garen and the snail male floated in the middle.

    "Well, there will be no interference here. This is a gap that I made temporarily. Let me talk about it. Since I accidentally entered here. Presumably, other existences have also found this place? ”

    He did not expect that he first encountered the existence of the mother river system when he first entered Dreamland, and it was still a General Class.

    Hidden, he felt a strong conspiracy.

    The snail male squirmed and stood face to face Garen.

    "Dear Demon King, you guessed it, we have indeed found this world for a long time."

    “Is it here for a long time?”Garen frowned.

    YesThe sorrowful expression of the snail male is getting heavier. "Because the mother river is exhausted, we are also looking for reasons everywhere, in an accidental situation. A Demon King adult came to the world and survived unexpectedly. It was found that the time here was actually chaotic. ”

    "What does it mean to be confused?"Garen felt that something was wrong, and he clearly received the news that the mother river was exhausted.

    "It means that the two devils that we have successively come down are safely coming down, but we find that the two magicians have a difference of seven hundred years!"

    "Seven hundred years? You mean, the two come together, the time of coming is completely different? ”Garen understood this time.

    "This is the case, the time we enter this world is not fixed. I don't know if it is our problem, or the problem of the world itself. We have no way of knowing. Can you tell me when you came in? ”The snail man looked at Garen eagerly.

    "I …He himself is not sure. If time is uncertain, then God knows when he came here.

    "You first talk about the situation when you came."He does not trust this snail male.

    OKThe snail male began to slowly talk about a series of situations before he shuttled in.

    Garen is more and more stunned. He has already predicted that the time flow rate changes that he encountered when entering the black hole may be abnormal. I did not expect that it was abnormal to this extent! !

    The mother river is about to dry up completely, and all the diversion branches have shrunk rapidly. A large number of Void Creature and Warlock strong people have nowhere to rely on and can't see the way forward. The True Spirits finally came forward and joined forces with the Void Lords to lift the mother's vows, eliminate the hostile camp, and work together to find out the roots of the mother river's exhaustion.

    Garen asked carefully about the situation he knew and the status quo of his existence. After the correspondence, he suddenly discovered that it had been more than two hundred years since he left.

    In other words, he spent more than two hundred years in the process of shuttle into the world!

“……The mother river has become more and more withered, and a large number of tyrannical existence is ready to enter the world. But so far, there are only a dozen or so who can stand firm here. ”The snail male said lowly, "The gods of this world are also found to be wrong, and they are beginning to take out restraint screening."

    "What for? Why do you want to enter the world in a big way? ”Garen wondered, "Don't you find out?"

    “The source of the mother river is connected directly to the world.”The snail male smiled. "All True Spirit and the Void Lords carefully observed that if our world is positive, then the world is negative. If we are negative, then they are positive. Our two endless big dimensions, like the ends of the hourglass, are more sand, and the other side will be less. ”

    "That is, the root cause of our mother river is exhausted is the absorption of the world here?"Garen was surprised.

    "The specific time was more than 90,000 years ago. I didn't know what happened in that era, causing the mother river to slowly dry up. Until we found out, most of the hourglass has leaked to this side…..We guess, perhaps because of the absorption of this different world. ”

    Garen suddenly remembered that he had mentioned the point he had mentioned in history. More than 90,000 years ago, the world suddenly rose to three supreme gods. It was the three strongest people who suddenly appeared without warning.

    If so, …..

    "The Supreme Lord has said that this is a battle of survival. Without any compromise, we have no choice."The snail male shows the color of sadness.

    "The battle of survival….."Garen's heart is a little heavy. This is not like the battle that he was able to die immediately after he died. This is the real battle of life and death.

    "Only they have enough powerful people to die here, and they will be plundered and absorbed by us, and turned into nourishment, so that the hourglass can be reversed. In order to rejuvenate the mother river…."

    "No wonder…It’s no wonder that those gods are hesitant at all and they don’t directly shoot or die. All the alien souls can’t be spared….”Garen recalls the situation when he was almost killed.

    Void Creature and Warlock are actually united…This is what he did not expect at all. But it also really proves that the entire mother river is now facing the moment of life and death.

    "So what are you looking for in the end?!"Garen looked at the snail male's eyes at this moment. In the third layer of Dreamland, you can only rely on the soul to communicate, there is no concealment, there is no lies and deception, because Demon King Class does not exist below all, can only rely on the core subconscious communication. The subconscious mind will not deceive.

    "It seems that you have already established a foothold here. I hope that you can make killings as much as possible. The more people who die in our hands, the more likely we are to save the mother river."

    The snail male is low.

    “In addition, is your location convenient for me to disclose?”

    “Can you still be in contact with other people?”Garen brows a pick.

    YesI gave up all the abilities and strengths and only survived in Dreamland. The only thing that worked as a ditch communication was to convey the message. ”The snail male explained.

    "How many are there in the last time, what constitutes?"Garen groaned and whispered.

    "Mid Rank Demon King fifteen, Lower Rank Demon King twenty-one, the devil will be more than seven thousand, a large number of unconscious Void Creature synergy, the minimum level is also in the Squadron Level. There are at least tens of millions of quantities. ”The snail male whispered, "But the dispersion has come to different planes in this world, and there are not many. The unconscious Void Creature is powerful, but no wisdom is only put in as a cover, and only two of the main material planes I know survive. Down, you are the third. The rest are in different planes. ”

    "What is blocking us?"Garen heard such a huge amount, but only this point of survival, my heart jumped. This is fifteen Mid Rank Demon King, which means that there are fifteen and his peers.

    "is God…..All gods! ”

    Garen was silent, and he remembered the few that he had seen at the ceremony. Perhaps they are also so forced to come down.

    Demon Kings have regretted a period of growth, although it is very short, but this is the best period of weakness. Once discovered by the gods, there is only one dead end.

    So what? Garen suddenly thought of Ann, she knew that she was a strange soul, why should she save herself? .(To be continued~^~)