8 attribute special point

    The old man disturbs the sparse white hair. "Then look at it yourself. The things on the left side of my store are all collected from the countryside. On the right are some good objects that have been around for a long time. ”He said that he continued to look down on the little thing in his hand.

    Garen glanced at the old man's hand with white gloves and a pale gold pocket watch. The back cover of the pocket watch was opened. He seemed to be looking at the structure inside.

    Taking back the line of sight, Garen glanced through the store and slowly began to look from left to right.

    On the far left wall, there is a rectangular oil painting, which is a siege war under a white castle. A large number of silver armor soldiers are carrying red flags to the castle. The trebuchet constantly throws huge stones and the walls are covered with fire. Blood and water residual limbs and bodies are everywhere.

    A dark gold round metal piece hangs under the oil painting. With a diameter of more than half a meter, the center highlights a smiling face.

    "What is this?"Garen reached out and touched the material of the metal sheet, which was very hard and had a rough surface similar to a rough printed paper.

    The old man under the bookshelf looked up and swept his eyes. "The sun god totem of the Red Tribes three hundred years ago, that is a good thing. Every time the tribal Wizard melts with the newly obtained gold ornaments and mixes them with brass, except for the face of the center, the other places are constantly accumulating gold and brass. If you are interested, 35,000 can be sold to you cheaply. ”The old man took off his glasses and wiped it with a soft cloth. "After all, there are not many people who know the goods now. If it is the hottest antiques decades ago, this thing should sell hundreds of thousands at least."

    "Sun God Totem…."Garen's mouth twitched, and you don't have to look at it to know that this is definitely a fake. It's not just that your own power hasn't moved. It's mainly because this totem can really sell so much price, or gold, it won't be sold here. Big one, free to lose jewelry stores can exchange more than 100,000, and 30,000 sold to him…He now has no more than twenty dollars in total.

    He turned to look at another tall red table with a purple-red medal, a bottle of transparent wine, and a silver-white cup.

    Reaching out and touching each of the three things fools, and finally touching the purple medal, the percentage of potential below Garen's field of vision suddenly jumped.

    “hmm… This is moving! ”He leaned sideways, his back to the old man, his face faintly nervous.

    Pick up this purple medal and check it out.

    This is a medal in the shape of a cross, the cross is purple, and the edge is wrapped with a dark golden wheat ear. Garen noticed that the center of the medal has a small black circular area, only the size of the fingernail, which is engraved with a white letter: p.

    He can feel that this medal has a strong and intense cold atmosphere, which is a lot stronger than the black pearl and the crystal of the fat ring of the Finister. I don't know how, I can't take this breath out of the medals. There is only a very small passage, and the little bit of toothpaste out of the potential.

    "Before I was directly exposed, I could fully absorb my potential. This time I can only absorb a little breath in my hand….According to this speed, if you want to absorb all of it, at least you should count the time in days. ”There was a hint of surprise and doubt in Garen's eyes.

    "This thing costs six thousand."The old man of glasses didn't know when to stand on the right side of Garen, talking in a cold voice.

    "Six thousand…."Garen frowned slightly.

    The old man was dressed in black and looked at the medal whispered: "This copper cross was purchased from the home of a retired military officer. Your eyes are not bad. In this batch of purchases, this medal is a rare boutique. From the Republic of Monti, which was once powerful 150 years ago, at the time, Monti was a powerful country where the whole world was shaking. There were hundreds of colonies in the world. At that time, we were the Federation of Asia. Nearly half were colonized by Monti. This medal was the product of that time, and it is said to be issued to the commander of the second-class war. ”

    "I will see it again…Don't worry. ”Garen pressed down the ** he wanted to buy. He knew that if he could quickly absorb the airflow in the medal, it is estimated that this time he can add more than two Attributes at a time. Unfortunately, he has no money now…

    There is only a twenty-day pocket money and a distance of six thousand. There is still a long distance between them.

    The old man noticed Garen's reluctant movements, and his eyes flashed a glimmer of light. "Moreover, this medal last time there was an officer who wanted to collect, but he did not bring enough money at the time, maybe he would come over and buy it soon. Little friend, if you want, you should never miss this opportunity…."

    Garen's skin was twitched. "Let me take a look at the other ones. ”

    "Okay, look at it casually."There was a chrysanthemum smile on the old man's face.

    Garen glanced at the old man. "The devil….Obviously it is obvious that I want to buy, deliberately make a reason to urge me, but I am not afraid of 10,000. Maybe someone really likes this thing. But don't worry, maybe you can find something that can absorb your potential elsewhere. ”

    He set his mind a little and began to walk in front of the other desk walls in the store, very quickly, but in ten minutes, he touched everything.

    What makes him regret is that only the medal has the potential to absorb, and the others are just ordinary objects.

    After a while, he returned to the table where the medal was placed and picked up the fuchsia copper cross. Over and over for more than half an hour.

    "I don't have enough money on my body now. Can you leave me behind me to buy it?"Garen looked up at the old man.

    The old man returned to the bookshelf and sat down. He was carefully wiping the dust on the antique objects with a white soft cloth. He heard this and he smiled back. "Of course, I can't just stay for a long time. Don't think that what I said just now is to remind you that someone really wants to buy this. It is three weeks from the time of booking. ”

    "three weeks…"Garen frowned. "Well, I can try to get the money." What price can you give at least? ”

    "Look at you as a student, give you five thousand dollars, no more."The old man helped the glasses.

    "Now I don't want to pay you a price, then I will say it later."Garen didn't say much, and finally looked at the copper cross medal and put it back on the table. Then go to the old man's desk. "My name is Garen. Can I ask my boss's name? ”

    "You call me the old man, you want to ask?" If it is a more sensitive issue, I will not be free~~"

    "I want to ask you, where did you buy the medal?"Garen frowned.

    The old man recalled, "This can tell you, but…"He smiled and reached out and spread out.

    Garen silently watched as he spread his skinny paws and took a ten-dollar bill out of his trouser pocket.

    "stingy…"The old man sighed and took the money. "The place is a run-down castle in the countryside more than sixty miles from Huaishan City. The owner of the castle was originally a viscount. Later generations were not as good as one generation. Now there is only one jazz title. There is no way to maintain the maintenance of the castle many years ago. After many years of selling, the things have been almost cleaned up. If it is too ruined and the location is too bad, it is estimated that the castle itself has long been sold. The name of the specific castle….It seems to be a silver yarn castle. ”

    "Silver yarn castle. Can you draw me a specific road map? ”

    The old man smiled and spread his hand again.

    "rub!"Garen couldn't help but swear, and took out the ten-dollar bill from his trouser pocket and put it on. "Hurry up! ”

    No problemThe old man collected the banknotes and quickly pulled out a light yellow paper from under the table. He picked up the white feather pen and dipped the ink. After a few clicks on the top, he made a simple map and handed it over directly.

    After taking the map, Garen swept his eyes. "So trouble you. Wait for my news. ”

    Waiting for the old man to answer, he rolled up the map and turned around and walked out of the antique shop.

    After walking a short distance along the street, he reached out and touched the empty trouser pocket, and there was a feeling of crying in his heart. "Don't say to buy a medal, just want to go to this silver yarn castle to see, the light road fee must be fifty or sixty…And now all the pocket money for the next week has all been put in. ”

    As he walked, Garen kept thinking about it in his mind. Is there any way to get five thousand pieces? He has a feeling of faintness. The copper cross seems to be covered up by something. It can't be completely touched, and it can't fully absorb its potential. To completely absorb it, you must wear off a layer of cover up on the surface to see what the real hidden potential is. Just don't buy it and polish it yourself. It's totally useless to look at the light.

    Looked at the reddish data below the field of view. In the previous period, the potential has exceeded 101%, and a cool airflow lingers in my mind, which can be added to any Attribute at any time.

    "First, don't worry, I have been there for so long to absorb some potential. If I want to absorb a little Attribute from the Copper Cross, I have to stand at least for a long time. The old man of Geguo will certainly not allow this. ”Garen re-estimated the total potential of the Lower Copper Cross, which was at least five points, which made his heart hotter.

    "When you pool the money, you can come here to get in touch with your potential every day. If I accumulate more, I won't believe it!"He secretly made a decision in his heart.

    Once again, at the entrance to Pennington Street, Garen just looked up and looked at his home.

    It was just that the arched windows were open, and a fat middle-aged man was standing at the window and looking down. "Is Garen? ”The man's face is very ordinary, but the eyebrows are very thick and black, giving a strong and tenacious feeling. "I haven't seen you for a long time, come up! ”

    Garen didn't expect to read the person directly. He just nodded and walked through the stone pillar from below and walked into the half-opened wooden door.

    Entering from the entrance of the corridor is a spacious hall with a black carpet on the floor and a white stone angel statue in the middle.

    Garen walked in from the left stairway and ran across several front-facing people, and soon came to the red metal door on the left side of the fifth floor.


    He reached for the door.

    Immediately clicked, the door opened, and Tyrell stood in the white shirt and black trousers standing in the doorway. "Hurry in and the fireplace is still burning. ”

    "Oh."Garen entered the door, put on slippers, and walked into the room inside.

    The room is covered with pale yellow wallpaper, and the wall is covered with a variety of oil paintings. Most of them are not his own, but his wife Windsor.

    A few minutes later, Garen stood by the window and listened to a local Sao and a Lao Saihu guest chatting about the recent major events in the city.

    While chatting and urging, Quintil suddenly turned his eyes and fell on him.

    "Garen, you have to remember something if you want to make a difference in the future. Listening more, seeing more, thinking more, saying less is more fundamental. ”Pick up the cigar and gently bounce it in the ashtray. "You are a high school now, you have to go to college in the future, and then come out to work. Whether you are studying or working, it is good for you to remember this. ”

    "Also, I usually play with Rybas and Felicia. You are all brothers and sisters of a generation. They are all older people of the same age. They are playing chess games recently, and they are not doing business all day long. You should persuade them. ”

    舅舅 I have been in business for a long time. The relationship between black and white is extremely complicated. On the surface, it is just an ordinary businessman. In fact, the potential is very strong, and even has his own gun license.

    Garen bowed his head and nodded. He knew that the surface of the skull looked mild. In fact, there was a stubborn and paranoid person in the bones. Others could not be allowed to violate his meaning, and the self-will was strong.

    Lao Saihu man also smiled. "This is your nephew? The conditions of the young people are really good now. I want to have such a good living condition when we were young. ”

    "Really, I just don't know how to cherish if the conditions are too good."He shook his head and smiled helplessly, and once again talked to Lao Saihu about some business matters.

    Garen stood on one side and listened to two adults chatting and discussing, but in the heart, he figured out how to get the five thousand dollars. Every time I see him, I will give him more or less pocket money, from a few hundred to a few, but only a distance of five thousand.

    He also does not intend to start from here. After all, this is only the first time. There may be a second time in the future. There may be a second time. Once it may be possible, even if you like him again, you will not be accommodated. .

    "So I still have to find my own way…"Garen thought of the martial arts hall. If the Baiyun martial arts hall is successfully selected, it will give a bonus every month as a reward. It is usually two thousand pieces. This is a sum of money. Moreover, ……There are a lot of scholarships in the school, there are a total of 100,000, but my current level is impossible to get, and there are two months at the end of the period. Unless there is an Attribute point bonus. Except for the opening of Chinese studies and history, the minimum required intelligence in other subjects has not been reached. Only when you have reached it, can you remember all of it and understand it. If you don't have the intelligence, you can only learn slowly according to the department. ”

    Suddenly Garen flashed a message in his mind. "There are also archery games and swords games! These two Ying Ers are going to participate in one. If they win, the third place has a bonus of 10,000. Garen's archery and swordsmanship don't know how? ”

    I just flashed this doubt in my heart. He immediately saw the view below, showing that the symbols of the subject items changed slowly, and changed into three Attributes: swordsmanship, archery, and basic combat.

    Swordplay: Elementary. Archery: Primary. Basic Fighting: Beginner.

    "I don't know if I can add Attribute to these skills…"Garen suddenly came up with an idea.

    He tried to focus on the first swordsmanship, and the airflow in his mind leaped wildly, directly wanting to spew out.

    "It can be!!"He quickly stopped the airflow, removed his attention, and suppressed the ecstasy in his heart.


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