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    Convergence under the mind. Standing on one side listening to the two talking, the sky is gradually brightening, near noon.

    It was not too late, and the guests and the guests finally got up and walked to the door to send the guests out.

    "Oh, then I should go back."Garen removes his scarf from the hanger.

    "So early, go back after lunch."Tyre turned and said, "I haven’t played here for so long. I’m going to be back here, and your brothers are not going to talk about it?”

    "Next time, Ying Er is still waiting for me at home."Garen smiled. "I promised her to go back to lunch."

    "You kid..Well, okay then. be careful on the road. ”Tyre smiled and licked Garen's hair.


    Garen just got out of the shoes and went out. Suddenly, the right hand palm was stuffed into a roll of warm paper. Looking down, it was a roll of 100 yuan denominations. Looking back, I just saw a smile on my face.

    "Hold it, I haven't seen you for a long time. A little pocket money. Just study at school. ”

    "Understood, thank you."Garen smiled and nodded quickly. "I should be going first

    "Well, let's go. I have time to play with me. ”


    From the stairwell, Garen returned to the first floor lobby. In the middle of the hall, between the sparsely in and out of the crowd, a blond teenager in a white tights is standing beside the white angel statue. When I saw Garen down, the teenager browed.

    "Garen, come over."He rushed to Garen and took a white ball in the other hand. He patted it from time to time and was talking to a black-haired girl around him.

    Garen also saw the boy, he knew this person, his son, his cousin Lombard. A guy with a bad surname and a arrogant arrogance, the former Garen didn't like to have more contact with this guy.

    Frowning and approaching, it stopped when it was two meters from Lombard.

    "What did my dad say to you?"Lombarz whispered aside his face.

    "I didn't say anything, just just asked about the situation." Nothing, I will leave first. ”Garen replied faintly.

    Longbas’s eyebrows were picked, and the girl around her eyes looked like she felt that her image was being challenged. "What are you panic? I am your brother, are you so impatient with a few words? ”

    Garen is speechless. "If there is nothing wrong, I will leave first, and I will go home and eat lunch with Ying Er. ”He was too lazy to talk nonsense with this guy and turned to flash directly.

    Hey, you floating shred! I am your brother! You stand still! ”Longba’s eyes flashed in his eyes, raising his voice.

    "Lungbas, you really have a hard time!" Don't worry about finding something! ”Garen turned and his brows were close, which also improved the sound. The previous Garen might be Noo, but now he is not the waste of the past.

    "hēi hēi …."Why not?" Actually dare to marry me? I call you yo! ! ”Longbas slammed his hand to Garen's face, and he sneaked a slap in the face. The strength has increased by half.

    The slap brought a whirring and slammed the fan to Garen's left face.


    A crisp sound.

    Garen and Lombard slammed together.

    The strength of the two is actually half a catty, almost the same. It’s just awkward.

    Garen was a little surprised, he didn't think that this playful and erotic cousin would still have a little fighting skill. It’s just that your basic fighting skills are just beginning to get into the middle. He exerted a slight force on his hand and slammed it.

    Awkwardly, Lombard’s cockroaches fell sharply to the side and almost hit a middle-aged man on the other side. The face of this next Longbas was instantly reddened into pig liver, and only a burst of burning pain was felt. A closer look, the right hand has actually swollen. "Good.Garen …You are very good! ! ”He finally looked at the girl on the side, "You give me a wait!"

    Garen was a little lazy to look at him. This cousin just practiced a little fighting technique with his hobby. It was impossible to compare the degree of his special combat training. If you come back to find something, it is also a part of him. And if you change to find someone, there is no courage to hold on to Lombard.

    "Don't be looking for something. If you see that you are not a device, you don't know how disappointed you will be."After he finished, he turned and left the hall and walked out from the small wooden door. Behind him, I heard the screams of Longbas’s impatience.

    Returning along the same route, it took more than half an hour for the traffic to get bigger, and Garen returned to his home on Bluetree Street.

    Entering from the entrance of the community, the fourth red-roofed building on the right hand side is where he lives now.

    At the stairway, a trembling white-haired old gentleman walked down the stairwell step by step with a cane.

    Garen stood by and waited slowly until the old gentleman got out of the stairwell and was ready to go upstairs.

    The old gentleman smiled friendlyly at him, did not speak, and went straight to the parking lot on the right hand side. Step by step, although it is not very warm, but it is very serious and meticulous. With a neat and clean black suit, it gives a faint sense of solemnity.

    Garen regained his gaze and walked into some of the dark stairwells, connecting up two layers, just to hear the footsteps of the upstairs. He looked up from the gap in the stairs. Just to see that Ying Er's figure is slowly moving up, it seems to be moving something very heavy.

    “Ying Er !”He screamed.

    "Garen?"Ying Er is still wearing a black tunic dress, and the short skirt just covers the thigh. Hearing the shouts, she bent down and put down the things, and walked down and looked down the stairs. "Are you back? Come help, I bought some white pears and piled them up for food. ”

    Garen was about to answer, and suddenly his cheeks were red. From his point of view, you can see the scenery underneath the Ying Er skirt, and between the slender legs wrapped in black cotton tights, there is a hint of white. "Under understanding, come soon. ”

    Ying Er also seemed to be alert to what unconsciously closed his legs, and immediately turned red on his face and backed away. "You sucker!… Don't learn with Longbas! ”

    "You are not paying attention!"Garen rushed to clarify. A few steps to run up a few steps, bending over and picking up the yellow wooden frame on the stairs. There was a pile of twenty-five-sized white pears.

    "What makes me not pay attention?"Ying Er with both hands on his hips, it seems that he also noticed that his voice was too loud. She swept around and swept. "Go back and talk!"

    Garen shrugged and walked up the wooden frame.

    The two men speeded up and climbed to their door, and Ying Er took the key and opened the door. Just entering the door to change the shoes, Garen put down the pear and ran.


    The door was closed by Ying Er, and her red-faced activities started her hands.

    "You are dead Garen!"She screamed and rushed, and the movement was quick and fast, and it was a lot faster than Garen, who was a junior fighter.

    The two chased in the living room, only a dozen seconds, only heard a Pēng.

    Garen was tripped by Ying Er, who was not wearing shoes, lying on the floor.

    "At least it is intermediate combat…And it should be exercised by the exercise secrets. ”He silently looked at Ying Er standing on his side. Although he didn't use the skill of fighting, he didn't take it seriously, but the minimum Physique and action instinct can also be felt. My sister's fighting technique seems to be a speed-oriented skill, not the power of the Baiyun Martial Hall, and it may be the level of intermediate fighting.

    Different martial arts halls, the basic combat fighting techniques have different effects, some are biased, some are outbreaks, others are speed, and there are physique, dodge, endurance, etc., all kinds of. And some names are different. And these basic fighting techniques are just temporary techniques used during the fight, not the exercise of Secret Technique.

    Exercise Technique refers to the unique method of secretly exercising. The truly unique Martial Dao Secret Technique for the martial arts.

    Just like the basic fighting technique of the Baiyun Martial Hall, although it is only an explosive skill, this is not the secret Technique of the Baiyunwu Pavilion. Any martial arts hall has a unique exercise technique, which is different from the temporary technique of fighting and fighting. Only the real disciple can be taught by Secret Technique. Exercise for a long time, Secret Technique, can effectively improve the basic qualities of the human body, such as strength, explosiveness, speed, endurance, flexibility and so on.

    Garen has heard of the true disciples of the Baiyun Mart, and is known for his power in the competition. Obviously, the Secret Technique of the Martial Arts is used to enhance strength. Now, the speed of Ying Er is obviously too fast, and it is obviously also exercised with Secret Technique.

    Attention came back from the gods. Garen suddenly had some unnatural faces. From his point of view, he could see the situation under the sister's skirt. The slender legs were wrapped in black cotton socks and extended to The bottom of the skirt is in the black shadow.

    "Why not?" Who is not good at learning, you must learn the idiot of Longbas! ”Ying Er Some panting on the chest of Garen, thick clothes, not afraid of bruises.

    Garen squinted his eyes and jerked his hand and grabbed her foot.


    It was a muffled sound. Ying Er followed him and he both screamed at the same time.

    A faint girl body suddenly plunged into Garen's nose, and her sister's soft chest slammed into her chest, letting Garen sway. "Ok, don't make trouble! ”He hugged his stomach and climbed up. "What should I eat for lunch?"

    Ying Er slammed into Garen's chest and didn't pay attention to being pulled down. She was still ready to get angry. Suddenly her cheeks were red. She noticed that she was completely thrown into Garen's arms, compared to Garen's chest when she was in trouble. It feels a lot thicker. Moreover, this downturn is not as angry as it used to be, but it is a kind of inappropriate thing. When she heard the inquiry lunch, she blinked and squinted before she reacted. Climb up from the ground and comb the skirt on the body. "I made a honey bean cake, and an onion pie, and the leaf melon soup should also be stewed. ”


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