Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 148


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If you use wind, it is easy to be used by the other side, but he did not expect that there is such a magic expert in the other side.

The Nether Ghost yelled up in an instant, “They passed through! Chase!”

But at this time Fengya had already moved. He quickly followed one of them and rushed directly to the west gate. At this time, the red warning order had just been delivered, and the door had not been closed yet.

Fengya had directly chased the other side and rushed into the city. At this time, it was Alphons that Fengya followed.

On the other side, Nether Ghost and Mary also chased the other people and rushed over, but when they soon chased down to the city, they discovered that there were only horses here, and people might have escaped.

“How did they do it?” Mary looked speechlessly at everything in front of her, she couldn’t think of how the other side disappeared. .

Nether Ghost twitched his nose, “Magic aura, they use flying skills. There must be a strong wizard on the other side. They used flying skills to enter the city.”

At the same time, in front of the man, a large number of people rushed towards the Rhine City. The garrison immediately became nervous, and the emergency bell rang, “Now the war begins!”

“Kill.” The mercenaries in the distance rushed over frantically. Although they were wearing uniform uniforms, Abaddon couldn’t help being frowned. The pace of these guys was too messy, although there were a few teams. There is a unified pace, but most people are uniform, and there is no sense of cooperation between the teams.

And what makes Abaddon even more depressed is that there are cavalry troops in it, they are attacking the city, why are there cavalry troops? Do you use your head to hit the wall?

This is simply a death-death troop…

But instead of Abaddon, he fought a cold war. That’s right. At this time, he shouted frantically, “I remember, Phantom! It’s Phantom! Go! Check the city gate!”

But at this time a messenger rushed up, “Abaddon Lord! It’s not good, the guard of the city gate was killed, and the winch was destroyed! The city gate can’t be closed at all!”

“Hateful!” At this time Abaddon’s eyes were red, “Preparing for street fighting, the roads in the city are complicated, and the other side is definitely not suitable for cavalry combat!”

“It’s almost there. If you get here, there should be no problem.” Alphons jumped directly off the horse, turned his head and looked towards Fengya. This guy actually chased all the way to here from the position just now, it’s amazing. Ah’s strength.

Fengya saw Alphons stop, and stopped his pace, took off the famous knife on his back, it was useless, “It seems that you also understand that you can’t avoid me, so let us do it. It’s over!”

Alphonse dismounted and pulled out the magic sword Apophis: “Yes, it seems that you and I are the only ones who use swords among us. Let us both break it!”

“Found it! In front.” Nether Ghost and Mary both pursued Li and the others. Mary’s magical ability is indeed very strong, and she soon caught up with Wen Li and the others.

The two people who were chasing away glanced at, facing Wen Li nodded.

Wen Li understood what Li meant and immediately let go and put Roy on the ground. Li also threw Edward directly, “You two, let me and Wen Li here.” [19459002 ]

“Hey, Li, you won’t keep up, will you?” Edward looked from the back of Li asked.

Li laughed, “Of course, if the boss wants me to do it in the end, wouldn’t it be too meaningless.”

“I’ll leave it to you here!” Roy pulled Edward and rushed towards the center of the city.

“Che, are there not enough people? There are still two people who have successfully left.” Nether Ghost looked the two people who stood in front of them, with extremely dissatisfied expressions on their faces.

“Nether Ghost, leave this wizard to me, and you will solve the black-haired guy.” Mary coldly said, although Mary didn’t know who was the one who just released her magic, but this wizard is the most likely of them One of them, after all, the strength control of magic by the elves far exceeds that of humans, and she is not surprised that she can release her own magic.

Nether Ghost is nodded at this time. Among them, he actually has a good impression of Mary. After all, this girl is too simple, she is so simple that she is a little idiot.

Mary got the affirmation from the Nether Ghost and immediately launched an attack. The fifty-sixty said the wind blade swept away directly towards Wenli. This guy seemed to be really angry. He wanted to kill him directly. Wen Li’s posture.

Li He Wen Li was nodded, so she directly dodged the attack on the other side and ran in different directions.

“Drink.” The huge famous knife was useless and ruthless slashed down. Alphons tried his best to stop it, and then rolled away. This avoided the offensive on the other side. The weapons on the other side are very large and heavy. Generally, such swordsman moves are a bit cumbersome, but Fengfang is completely different. He turns his disadvantage into an advantage. Although the style is open and close, but this kind of inexplicable coercion, Alphons was unable to start at all. He also understood the feelings of Fengya’s opponents at this time. It was as if you were facing this tsunami, and you wanted to fight against it but were swept into scum by the other side.

“Drink…” Fengya’s face also showed an expression of appreciation, “Very good, you can actually block so many attacks from me, you are the first one I have ever seen to be able to take me like this Swordsman of the tricks of the tactics, but you are also very smart. If you blindly dodge, then you have already completely entered my rhythm and died… But even so, how long can you last? Come on, let me see See how much your physical strength still has!”

It is true that every time you resist the attack of the Windfang, Alphons will consume a lot of physical strength. If it is only one or two times, Alphons can still accept it, but now as the number of times increases, Alphons His breathing began to become hurried, and his sword-holding hand began to tremble non-stop.

This is the characteristic that physical strength has reached a critical point. It would be okay if it could counterattack while dodging, but now Alphons does not see the probability of counterattack at all.

But at this moment Alphons had a smile on his face. Although his body was almost reaching its limit, Alphons was not prepared to admit-defeat like this!