Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 177


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Even though everyone had some opinions on her move, but on the other side, a female stream was still locked up in the valley. Even more how, they didn’t even say anything. No matter how dissatisfied they were, they didn’t say anything.

Leaving Hu Ji to look at the array on the sand table, her eyes are faint, making people unclear about the deep meaning.

Time passed by minute by minute, and after a while, this strange silence was finally broken by Orchid.

“Could this be Formation? It is because of this that I won today?” Orchid’s facial expression was extremely weak, and Serene looked like she was talking about the weather today.

Li’s eyes stared at her tightly. “Yes, what do you think?”

Hu Ji smiled charmingly, leaning on the sand table diagonally, and said enchantingly to Li: “Is this what I think, but I don’t dare to take it. However, we underestimate you after all. In fact, even if you don’t Close me. Facing your array, I am afraid I am helpless.”

Li smiled as she curled her lips, but she didn’t even smile.

“Yes, even if you are there, you can’t break through my array. But—” Li Huafeng turned. “But if you were there, the Huren would not be defeated so badly, and even more than half of our number would be lost.”

Hu Ji stunned slightly, then the corners of her mouth widened and she smiled happily.

“You are right.”

“Looking at your appearance, you don’t seem to care about the black wolf’s retreat?” From the start to talk of to probe, everyone noticed the turbulent undercurrent between the two people, and they were silent and watched the situation. development of.

For Li, they still have enough trust.

“hehe ——.” Hu Ji covered her mouth and smiled, and in a blink of an eye, she seemed to have become the mysterious woman who was smoky and charming in Hu Di. “What do you think?”

For Hu Ji’s answer like Tai Chi, he was unconsciously frowned. Of course, he didn’t plan to struggle with this issue for too long, so he was ready to straight to the point.

“Let’s go, you should come here not just to take a look at our combat sand table.” Li raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows, dark light flickering in the narrow black eyes.

Hu Ji’s eyes also flashed, almost impossible to catch.

“What if I just want to take a look at the battle sandbox? After all, know yourself and know your enemy can fight every battle without defeat, right?”

The smile at the corner of Hu Ji’s mouth became a little cold. The phrase know yourself and know your enemy instantly made the originally dull atmosphere become offensive.

What is meant by know yourself and know your enemy, is Hu Ji’s intention to find out his details? is it possible that she still wants to go back to the black wolf again?

Leaving thoughts revolve, but instinct told him that Hu Ji is not such a person.

The rest of everyone heard Hu Ji’s words, suddenly looked her eyes up.

Only Bai Qi, with a slightly confused look looked at Hu Ji, scratched her hair, looked at Hu Ji, and said: “Why do you say that? I am training soldiers these days. You often run by to see it, obviously I admire the strength of our army. With your cleverness, the impossible will be the one who will throw away the light and cast the dark.”

Li was almost about to give Bai Qi a compliment to Bai Qi. Hu Ji’s face turned cold because of Bai Qi’s direct words. Somehow she wanted to laugh because of her distraction.

Hu Ji twisted occasionally, but she was really stubborn. Obviously, I have very much agreed with Daqin’s elite soldiers, but I still don’t want to say it. If it weren’t for this, I don’t know how long she will hide it.

However, at this time, I was pierced by Baiqi, and I still hope that she will not be allowed to fly into a rage out of humiliation.

Li Qing coughed, glanced at the white without a trace, and after successfully shutting up the latter, he started to talk slowly: “Since Orchid Lord has agreed to observe whether we have the ability to let Hu When a person gains peace, she will naturally do well. As for the final judgment in her heart, she naturally has to say it by herself to be effective. From now on, don’t talk nonsense.”

Bai Qi slumped, but he was as clever as he, knowing that he should cooperate at this moment, so he could only apologize to Hu Ji depressed.

Hu Ji didn’t look at her white eyes, but turned her eyes to look at Li quietly. If it weren’t for her trembling hands to point out the embarrassment of selling her heart pierced by others, Li would really think she Don’t mind at all.

While facing those blue and purple eyes, they looked at them indifferently, and they met with them, rubbing the invisible sparks, without the faintly discernable medicinal smell, and replaced it with a subtle emotion.

“hehe ——.” Hu Ji suddenly smiled inexplicably, very cheerful, even the corners of her eyes and eyebrows were dyed with a smile, and she looked even more beautiful.

At this moment, even Li can’t figure out her thoughts.

“Seeing how you each and everyone as if facing a great enemy, should I feel honored?” Hu Ji’s right hand pinched the waist, I have to say, if it is only on imposing-manner, Hu Ji will see him Among the women who have ever been, they are among the best.

The looking everyone with purple eyes in a pair of warehouses looked very confident. After looking around, they left an inexplicable smile, and then came over with a little flattering voice.

“The reason why the Black Wolf allowed me to choose his loyalty is not just a military force. If you believe me, you might as well leave a mobile team of 10,000 people in ambush in battlefield all around tomorrow.”

At the end of Hu Ji’s speech, her eyes looked straight away. For a while, she couldn’t understand the feelings contained in the purple eyes.

It’s just that, without giving him time to react, Hu Ji turned around and left after leaving this sentence, only the charming fragrance still faintly remained in the air.

“Young Master, what do you think?” Zhong Limei frowned slightly, who would not at this time ignore Hu Ji’s seemingly nonsense words. “These ten thousand people say not too much, but not too much. If she wants to disperse our forces–.”

For the rest, Zhong Limei said not at all, but everyone tacitly said.

A lieutenant stood up and bowed his head to the cup one fist in the other hand and said: “Young Master, I know you believe in this woman. But at this moment, we still can’t help but, in case it really looks like General Zhong As I said, our already tight troops are even more unsustainable.” ..

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