Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 178


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After the lieutenant said, everyone’s eyes looked towards Li, after all, it was him who made the final decision.

Under everyone’s direct gaze, Li Wei raised his eyebrows, pondered for a moment, and then said how he felt.

“In my opinion, she doesn’t need to lie to us. If she really wants to disperse our forces, wouldn’t it be a little bit less than ten thousand. Besides, with her cleverness, she naturally knows that we are impossible and believe her. , Her identity is sensitive, but at this time she dared to say such a thing. I don’t believe it was just to disperse our forces for an enemy with an uncertain future.”

The tone was faint, but everyone heard the firmness hidden in it.

The reason why Li is so determined is completely because of the last look Hu Ji gave him when he left.

That kind of look made him instantly understand the meaning of know yourself and know your enemy.

He did misunderstand her before.

This know yourself and know your enemy, in fact, it’s not one’s own or the other.

Li felt some warmth in his chest, and everyone else heard that Li said, and after carefully recollecting what Orchid said, they gradually understood.

Bai Qi said straightforwardly: “It seems that she has admitted our ability and decided to help us! However, if she wants to help us, why not reveal more secrets of the shamans to us? What?”

Raised his eyebrows, squinted and glanced white. “She was born in Hudi, after all, if she really told us all the secrets, I would doubt whether it was right or wrong to let her submit to us.”

Bai Qi shut up in a serene manner, knowing that he had said something wrong.

And everyone also heard other meanings from this remark. Suddenly, Hu Ji has one more image in their eyes. It turns out that she is not as ruthless and ruthless as she imagined.

“Okay, let’s stop here, everyone has a carnival tonight, but the guards can’t relax. In addition, these few days have to bring their own soldiers, and practice these two Formations.”

“Here!” everyone simultaneously responded.

Listening to the noise coming from outside the big tent, Li Li leans on the collapse with a slight drunkenness. Because of today’s great victory, Li also went out and circled around in order to show that he is close to the people. We drank several bowls.

I didn’t find an excuse to return the big account until I felt a little drunk.

“Young Master.” Not long after she lay down, Shi Lan was holding a porcelain bowl in her hand, walked in, and saw him lying on the soft couch without taking off his clothes, angry and funny.

“Get up quickly.” Shi Lan put down the porcelain bowl in her hand and held it to the side. After the waiter finished washing, she sat in front of the soft collapse and passed the porcelain bowl over.

“What is this?” Because of the effect of alcohol, Li’s long, narrow, black eyes became foggy and less sharp.

“Hu Ji said to reward the three armies tonight, you will definitely go out and drink a lot for the upcoming battle, so let Rongrong get ready to learn about the wine soup early. This will be considered as the time is almost the same, I will send it I’ll give you a drink.” Shi Lan explained, then looked at Li for a moment, and smiled.

“Fortunately, Rong Rong is decocting the medicine. There is no time to come. Hu Ji refused, but it made me cheaper. I can see your slightly drunk look like you are rarely seen.”

Li Ban leaned against the soft collapse, hearing this stared at Shi Lan in an angry manner, but there was no destructive power that’s all.

It’s been a long time since I curled my brows. There are many light wines and fruit wines in the Qin Palace, and we have to maintain the original elegant image of Fusu, so this time After drinking so much alcohol, he was really uncomfortable.

Slow down and leave said solemnly: “She is smart.”

This sentence is faint, but I can’t hear the joy or anger. Shi Lan was holding the porcelain bowl and preparing to put it on the table. So Shi Lan paused, then lowered her head slightly, and whispered: “Young Master, are you unhappy? ?”

Li was silent for a while, reached out and rubbed the top of Shi Lan’s hair, and sighed slightly.

“It’s not unhappy, but, some helpless that’s all.”

Shi Lan hearing this, looked up at the facial expression, a pair of big almond eyes flashed in puzzlement.

“Helpless? Hu Ji is so smart, like being able to calculate the development of the situation. Rongrong and I have always been unable to predict your behavior, but she seems to know everything. With her by my side, we are all at ease .”

Among the words, there is no shortage of good feelings towards Orchid.

Li raised his eyebrows, lowered his eyes and looked at Shi Lan’s delicate eyebrows.

“The helplessness I said was because of her cleverness. It was because she was too clever, so she couldn’t do anything. Her real thoughts were hidden too deeply. If it were not at first, I would have caught a glimpse of Ice Mountain. I can’t talk to her at all. Just like now, she apparently agrees with our army’s ability, but she doesn’t say it thoroughly. I always feel that I don’t understand something, but I don’t know what it is.”

Yes, I just explained it to everyone just like that in the big tent, making everyone think that Hu Ji didn’t fully inform him just because he still had a certain feeling for the old master. It was his excuse that’s all.

According to Hu Ji’s personality, if she really stood on his side and decided to oppose the black wolf, it’s just that the relationship with the people who had been loyal to was still too weak.

This woman, sometimes even he definitely admires.

So, if she really decides to break with the black wolf, the confidentiality of the other side is not impossible.

However, it is at least certain at the moment that since she has already said that, it means that the balance in her heart has tilted toward him.

It’s just that, what is the reason why she didn’t make the final decision?

Shi Lan chuckled lightly. “Young Master, there are things you can’t handle.”

Scraped Shilan’s very upright nose, helplessly petting. “You little girl, you dare to make fun of Young Master.”

“However, I don’t think Hu Ji will harm Young Master.” Shi Lan was silent for a moment, then suddenly raised her head to look directly at Li, and said with great certainty. “Rongrong thinks so too.”

“Really.” Li said as if sighing, but did not comment on Shi Lan’s words.

Silence spread, Shi Lan opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something. ..

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