Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 179


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After hesitating for a long time, Shi Lan finally did not start to talk.

Between Hu Ji and Li, no matter what she and Rongrong think, they should not interfere too much. These two smart people can’t solve the problem, why should she and Rongrong worry about it?

even more how ——, Shi Lan lowered her eyes, concealing crafty under her eyes.

If Hu Ji really can’t be with Young Master, it won’t prevent them from being friends. By the way, one less person can share Young Master.

Although if it is Hu Ji, she and Rongrong will not have too much opinion, but there is naturally one less person to share.

It’s just that she naturally wouldn’t tell Li these words.

She didn’t want her feelings with Rongrong to influence Li’s judgment.

After all, what they care about most is the man in front of them.

“Okay, you go to bed earlier. I’ll go back first.” Shi Lan picked up the empty medicine bowl on the table, got up to help cover it with the quilt, and turned to leave.

When the an instant opened the curtain of the big tent, Shi Lan stopped abruptly, did not look back, just left a faint sentence.

“When I came just now, I saw Hu Ji go to the mountainside alone.”

The eyes that I just closed trembled because of this sentence. When I opened it, there was no Shilan’s silhouette in the big tent, and the long and narrow eyes gradually became dark. color.

Of course he knows that even if he rewards the three armies tonight, under his order not to relax the guard, even the mountainside is impossible to relax his vigilance. Orchid impossible does not know, so the probability of escape is almost zero, then In the middle of the night, why did she come to the mountainside?

The drunkenness keeps coming, and I feel that my eyelids are extremely heavy.

However, every time he was about to fall asleep, Orchid’s shadow appeared in his mind, and turned it over several times, but it made him completely drowsy.

that’s all ——, got up, put on clothes, opened the curtain of the big tent, and walked out in large strides.

The sound of drinking and fisting of the soldiers gathered not far from my ear kept coming. I looked at all around and deliberately chose a place with fewer guards moved towards mountainside.

Though the guards were slightly puzzled, they didn’t say anything. They still stood by their posts, paying attention to all around.

And the more you go to the mountainside, the noise becomes less and less audible.

On the mountainside, the shadows of the trees are heavy, among the shadows of the trees, each and everyone guards are hidden among them, and they are dedicated to their duties. Although expressionless, they appreciate this in my heart.

However, after walking so far, I haven’t seen the person I met, which made Li a little confused. Just when he was about to let the imagination run wild, he vaguely smelled it A faint fragrance, the fragrance of Orchid!

I brightened my eyes, followed the fragrance and finally found the purple silhouette at the top of the mountainside.

This location is a wonderful choice for Orchid. Although it is the highest point, no matter whether he goes up or down, he must pass through a heavily guarded place halfway up the mountain. Therefore, there is no soldier defending the top of the mountain. Not only that, but the place where Hu Ji sits is just covered by a huge leafy tree completely covering her silhouette.

Unless you are climbing up a mountain, you can’t see her from below.

Li didn’t mean to conceal her whereabouts at all, approached Hu Ji step by step, and finally stopped at a place about three meters away from her.

Until the top of the mountain, Li realized that tonight is another starry night. It seems that the moonlight outside the wall is always bright and clear, and the woman in front of her always likes to admire the night sky.

Li walked to Hu Ji’s side silently, sat down beside her lightly, glanced at her delicate and perfect profile, and suddenly a strange feeling came into her heart.

It feels like when they first met at that time, in that valley, two people abandon their positions and get along as two good friends who have met each other late.

The mood was relaxed as never before, and I was shocked. It seemed that it was the first time for two people to get along with each other in peace of mind since they knew the identity of the other side.

Just for this feeling, this decision tonight is worth it.

Thinking about this, Li is somewhat clear. In fact, in his heart he still hopes that he can get along with this charming and intelligent woman in front of him.

“From what I know about the black wolf, the final battle should be three days later.”

Under the faint moonlight, a soft and inaudible sound came. If it weren’t for the extreme hearing distance, Hu Ji would not be able to hear it at all.

The problem is, even if I hear it, Li doesn’t know how to pick it up.

To be honest, Hu Ji’s attitude, even he is a little bit confused now.

But before he finished tangling, Hu Ji continued on.

“Your array is indeed exquisite, and if a soldier of the black wolf meets you, there will be no return. However, the black wolf has a trump card, you don’t know.” Orchid’s tone was still Faintly, as if he didn’t feel that he had said any amazing information at all.

The pupils who were separated suddenly shrank upon hearing the words, the trump card of the black wolf!

Since it is worth talking about by Hu Ji, then this trump card is definitely not ordinary, even, in her opinion, if the black wolf uses this trump card, even if he uses such an array, it may not be worth it. Get the trump card.

And the surprise in his heart at this moment is far more than that, and more importantly, he doesn’t understand why Hu Ji didn’t say these words in the big account just now. If he said these words just now, then there is no doubt, the soldiers. The hostility towards her will be greatly reduced.

“Do you know the longevity sky?”

Hu Ji didn’t move, and looked Moon asked. It looked like she was asking a question to Moon.

Frozen, gently nodded.

“We are outside the Great Wall, where we believe in the eternal life. The eternal life has given us cattle, amniotic fluid, and strong bodies, apart from this. The reason why I chose the black wolf at the beginning is also because the black wolf is the eternal life Choose.”

Longevity? select?

The more Hu Ji explained Li, the more confused he became. Changshengtian knew that this was the god of faith for the Hu people outside the Great Wall, but what did the choice mean? ..

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