Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 180


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Hu Ji seems to understand that Li must not understand, so each minding their own business explained: “The person who chooses Changshengtian will have a special ability that Changshengtian bestows on him. Such a person has extremely high Status. The reason why you people in the Central Plains don’t know is because Changshengtian is very sacred in our hearts. Unless it is a husky, we decide not to tell the second outsider to know.”

The second outsider?

Li Wenyan’s heart moved slightly. According to Hu Ji’s meaning, he is not an outsider?

This thought suddenly improved his mood a lot.

However, Li Dao is not prepared to delve into this issue carefully. After all, it is Hu Ji’s habit to speak not showing the mountains and not revealing the water.

The long and narrow black eyes blinked and turned their head slightly. The looked woman exquisitely said with a side face: “Listening to you, this longevity choice is extraordinary.”

“hehe ——” Hu Ji laughed suddenly, accompanied by the night wind and the rustling of leaves, it sounded strange. “Is it extraordinary? Maybe it is.”

The tighter the centrifugation, the more Hu Ji is so, the more it shows that the choice of longevity in her mouth is very special existence.

Otherwise, with her personality, it should have been said in one breath. It is clear that she is also a little uncertain about where it will be delayed for so long.

In a twinkling of an eye, it was already at the top of the moon, and one hour had passed since he came up, and there was still no gain. When Hu Ji talked about this, Li knew that he must figure out what this so-called choice was.

So, Li is not ready to consume it anymore at this moment.

Rather, she turned her body completely, looked at Hu Ji’s profile, and asked seriously. “Hu Ji, what is the choice of this longevity day!”

Hu Ji suddenly took a deep breath and turned around to face him. The eyes of the two pairs of eyes met in the sky, exchanging deep meanings that others could not understand.

“Are you sure, you really want to know? I can tell you, even if you are understood, you may not change much, and if you don’t know, there will be no more worries.”

The coldly curled lips, although they are smiling, there is no half of a smile.

“Hu Ji, what you said is interesting. Since you can’t change too much, then why do you have to worry about it? Since you have already started this, let’s talk about it now, isn’t it?”

This is the most serious tone that I have ever said to Hu Ji, but there is no anger on her face, but lightly said with a smile: “worthy-of is Daqin’s Young Master-Fusu , Even if I say more, you can see the key at a glance.”

“That’s all, why not tell you. Just, I hope you don’t regret it.” Hu Ji’s tone became inexplicable and she strayed, but she did not change her meaning, but was firm. Looked at her.

Hu Ji understood his choice as soon as he met Li’s sight.

“Since you want to know, I will tell you.”

Hu Ji sighed and looked up again, looking at the bright moonlight, lightly saying: “The choice of Changshengtian is a kind of ability that Changshengtian gives to the Hu people beyond natural power, and Changshengtian bestows the power of black wolf It’s the wind.”

“Wind?” Li said in surprise.

“Yes, it’s the wind.” Hu Ji didn’t look away again, but still maintained the motionless motion of the looked Moon, just opening and closing her mouth to answer the question about Li.

“The black wolf can command the wind, although it is only once a month, but even once is enough to give him absolute victory in many battles. Although your array is subtle, but under the strong wind, you can play What is the strength of the power? Although the black wolf’s gale does not distinguish between the enemy and me, as long as you destroy your array, meet force with force, even if you can succeed, the cost is, I don’t say, you also know. ”

Hu Ji’s tone was extremely cold, and she didn’t seem to feel that her words were mixed with the lives and deaths of tens of thousands of people.

Li Ji felt heart alarmed, body leaping for this. He is a thousand-for-all, and he can’t be regarded as such a heaven defying trick of the black wolf.

The power to control the wind, is this a myth?

Even after the rebirth, the hundreds of schools of people I saw, such as Yin-Yang Clan’s magical Yin-Yang spells, but none of them was beyond his incomprehensible power.

The ability of the wind, just think about the battlefield and just set up the formation, the result is a tenth-level wind blowing, not to mention whether the formation can be maintained, it is a matter of whether the soldiers will be blown away problem.

When the time comes, it is them who surrendered without a single soldier.

The more I think about it, the more I am frightened. Suddenly thinks this news from Hu Ji is simply too important.

It’s just, what’s the use of importance? If the black wolf really has this ability, the Formation approach is completely abolished, and the most important thing is that he really can’t think of anything that can be used to fight the wind for the time being. .

It’s really damned, why did you know that the black wolf has this ability at this time?

The hands hanging away from the sides of the body suddenly clenched.

No, it’s not right.

My eyes flashed, long eyebrows raised, and he suddenly turned to Hu Ji and asked: “If the black wolf really has this ability, why didn’t it use it in the last battle? Also, I don’t believe the previous one. The black wolf has never been used in the fight between the Huren. Since it has been used, why is there no wind?”

Hu Ji was taken aback when he heard the words, and then helplessly shake one’s head, and lost said with a smile: “It seems you were really taken aback, otherwise, how could you ask such a question.”

Looked at her indifferently, Hu Jicang’s purple eyes flashed a dark color, her dark hair was raised slightly in the night, her thin lips opened and closed and said, “This is not simple, I didn’t say before Is it? This way, the ability of heaven defying can only be used once a month, and after using it, the whole person will collapse a period of time. The last battle knew that it was not the last battle, and you only sent 10,000 soldiers. If the black wolf is It’s not cost-effective to use it early, isn’t it?”

Hu Ji’s remarks woke up, and she stunned for a while, helplessly nodded..

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