Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 181

“You can imagine what a little girl who has no self-protection ability and a pretty little girl outside the savage Great Wall, respected by fist, will meet. “

Hu Ji’s words seemed a bit thrilling at the moment, Li really couldn’t imagine how Hu Ji survived that time.

“At this time, I was a little grateful to father in childhood for beating and scolding me, because he made my skills much faster than the cumbersome Huren. Therefore, during a period of time, I did not eat. Unfortunately, a person, after all, is difficult to support. Once, I was stopped by several big guys, and during that time I was hiding in Tibet, let me understand that sometimes, beauty can also be used as a weapon. “

A cold smile crossed the corner of Hu Ji’s mouth.

“Fortunately, I found that as long as I smile at someone, that person will listen to me obediently. However, this does not seem to be effective for women. I rely on my smile, rely on At that time, the leader of the tribe was eating and drinking. But his wife was upset. Although I didn’t at all with him, his wife still found her trusted aide to deal with me.”

Hu Ji’s voice was tinged with a little tremor, and it seemed that the original scene appeared before her eyes.

And the shock in my heart from this moment is not less than hers. It seems that Hu Ji has been using her inherent Innate Charming Bone since she was a child, but she did not know the strangeness of her. Scent, I don’t know my Innate Charming Bone.

As for why she feels that her charm is ineffective to women, it is not the case. Just seeing Shi Lan and Duan Mulong have a good impression on her so quickly, we know that this charm is effective for both men and women.

It’s just that she might have been young, this kind of ability has not been better developed, and the woman was dazzled by jealousy, which made her misunderstand that her ability is invalid for women.

I really don’t know, whether this is fortunate or unfortunate.

Hu Ji naturally didn’t know what she was thinking from this moment, each minding their own business continued.

“At that time, I thought that when my life was about to end, the black wolf appeared.”

Orchid’s tone was stained with a touch of complexity, as if she recalled the split second at the crucial moment. ..

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