Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 214


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Although the atmosphere in the big tent is a bit deserted, it is not serious.

Li cocked his legs, and said to Zhong Limei leisurely: “This time leaving your guards alone as the guards of the valley is a neglect of your guards, but you should also pay attention to them. Emotions, don’t let them have a misunderstanding.”

Zhong Limei’s expression was correct, and he stood up and said: “Don’t worry, Young Master, raise soldiers for a thousand days and use them for a while. Since they are my Zhong Limei’s soldiers, they will never be emotional because of this kind of thing. Naturally, it will be dealt with by military law.”

Li waved his hand and raised his eyebrows and said: “Don’t be so serious, they are also working hard. After returning, they will have their own rewards.

Zhong Limei’s expression was a joy, in the end it was his own soldier, he said that, but he believed them in his heart, so the words of Li just happened to be in his heart, pupil light facing Li cup one fist in heavy the other hand said: “Thank you Young Master.”

Li stood up, helped Zhong Limei up, then glanced between him and Bai Qi, and chuckled.

“Even if it is your guards, it is unreasonable to only work and not give rewards. After a long time, how can you still maintain your prestige? This time your guards are regarded as the first work. I will definitely return to the Imperial Father and praise you. Besides—.”

Li’s gaze swept to Bai Qi, who was standing aside.

“Do you want to go back to Daqin with me, or stay in Hudi, you can be regarded as revenge, if you want to leave, I will not stop you.”

As soon as this remark came out, Bai Qi didn’t say anything, Zhong Limei laughed first.

“What you said, Young Master, this kid is eager to join the army. Look at his uncomfortable appearance. If he stays in a moss, he will definitely fall into the grass. If he is let go, he will be baleful Aura, maybe next time I see him, he is fighting with someone. So, besides following Young Master you, who can hold his baleful aura!”

Bai Qi was so teased by Zhong Limei that he was not angry at all. Instead, following his words, looked Liji and roared: “General Zhong said, Young Master, it’s been so long, my mind Can’t you see it? Originally I wanted to join the army, but now following you with Young Master, I feel that I have something to use. Naturally I don’t want to go anywhere.”

“Good!” He was waiting for these words. Patted Bai Qi had a somewhat solid shoulder, and his black eyes stared at the other side, slowly saying: “Bai Qi, you have to know, go back After arriving in Daqin, there may be a lot of dangers waiting for us. It is a battlefield without gunsmoke, which is thousands of times more dangerous than such a battlefield. You do not have the mind of General Zhong, but you are not stupid. So, I need you to be right I have absolute trust. Also, absolutely can’t be arrogant. Can you do it?”

White eyes trembled, and finally slowly returned to firmness, and then nodded hard.

“Young Master, rest assured, Bai Qi will trust Young Master with all his heart.”

Li knows, although Bai Qi said so, but the somewhat reckless temper in the bones can’t be changed for a while, but it’s not in a hurry. Therefore, from nodded, this topic will not be mentioned.

“Young Master ——.” Just then, a low male voice came from outside the big tent.

Li and Zhong Limei looked at each other, nodded, Zhong Limei strode to the door, stretched out his head, and then quickly retracted.

“How is it?”

“Black Wolf and Mu Duo have been walking aimlessly, and there is no communication between the two. Young Master, what should I do next? Do you still follow?”

Yes, when the black wolf and Mu Duo left the valley, the look that Li gave Zhong Limei was to let him send someone to follow them, let the tiger returns to the mountains. Happened to Li.

Moving away from muttered, his hands are wrapped around his chest, one hand touches the other arm.

“Follow them, they won’t keep communicating.”

“But, just follow along like this? It’s not a long-term plan.” Zhong Limei thought of Mu Duo’s eyes when he was leaving, unconsciously frowned.

“And that Mu Duo, a person with that personality, Won’t shed tears till you have seen your coffin, I’m afraid there will be trouble again.”

“You are right.” Li raised his eyebrows. “Let them follow a period of time. If there are no other abnormalities, kill Mu Duo and release the Black Wolf.”

“The black wolf is released?” Zhong Limei stood aside and looked away with some disapproval. “Although the black wolf doesn’t have too many intestines, it is regarded as a spiritual leader for those hustlemen, and his own strength should not be underestimated. If it is—.”

Zhong Limei’s unfinished words were directly blocked by Li.

“Don’t worry. Black Wolf’s veins are broken. He has no rewards from the longevity sky. With his pride, he will never go back as a leader. Otherwise, I just said something to stay with him. I will refuse so readily.”

When Li said this, Bai Qi was suddenly surprised. It turned out that Li was so sure of Black Wolf’s answer. Thinking about it this way, his admiration for Li has deepened.

Zhong Limei thought about it for a while, and felt that what Li said is indeed very reasonable. Moreover, the black wolf without the wind, although the personal battle strength should not be underestimated, it does not pose a big threat to the Daqin soldiers. .

So, he didn’t bother with this issue anymore, but turned around and walked to the door of the big tent again, and told the soldier who was sending the message.

When I turned around again, there was already a relaxed expression on his face.

“Now, the overall situation is set, and the endgame is almost cleared. Two days later, Guy will return to Daqin, and Zhong Limei will be considered face.”

Li chuckles. After all, Zhong Limei now does not have the kind of military-ridden calmness that he will use in the future. For him now, this beautiful victory is indeed a very good beginning for his career.

“However, I know that all of this is given by Young Master. If it weren’t for Young Master’s promotion, I wouldn’t be able to enter the barracks where the Golden Blazers belonged, let alone make such achievements. Later, Young Master will have Whatever you need, just tell me, I will go through water and tread on fire!”

Zhong Limei looked away, cup one fist in the other hand firmly said. ..

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