Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 215216


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There was a trace of blood flowing out of the corner of Li’s mouth, and Enticus smelled the smell of Li’s blood, and the color of the blood color eyes became darker.

Of course, Uji Sasaki’s current fleshy body is not particularly serene. There is a trace of blood flowing out of his mouth, and the blood vomiting out of Uji Sasaki’s mouth is just gushing out.

Li has the upper hand in the spiritual battle with Uji Sasaki: “Sasaki, can you really not let go of this obsession between the magician and the ability person?”

Li put this Uji Sasaki to the ground with his elbow, and then the whole person clamped Uji Sasaki, making him impossible to move even a little bit.

Uji Sasaki vomited blood in his mouth, and then smiled grimly: “Li, you are too naive, even if I lose today, I will never tell you this fallacy acknowledge allegiance.”

Uji Sasaki did not expect that the spiritual energy of Li was so tough. He has been to probe and failed. Instead, he was counterattacked by Li.

“Then don’t blame me for having no friendship.” Li opened his eyes wide, and then moved towards Uji Sasaki’s head fiercely with a punch.

The world created by Uji Sasaki began to collapse, and it had come to reality as soon as I closed my eyes. The moment he opened his eyes, he saw Emil Bay Rin’s loose hair wafting in disorder.

Then the Fireball from the condense in her hand was aimed at the magician lieutenant general, and the Fireball penetrated between the magician’s body.

The lieutenant general of the magician fell, and Uji Sasaki’s fleshy body also fell. The soldiers who were still fighting stopped the attack in their hands. The confused looking their own leader fell, and suddenly it happened. I don’t know whether to attack or how to do it.

At this time Uesugi Keun arrived with the nut four people group, and some Uesugi Keun, who was unstable in aura, was held in his arms: “How about you, are you okay.”

He knew the danger of this plan. He had considered giving up, but Uesugi Keyun was reluctant to give up, so Libian reluctantly let Uesugi Keyun execute it.

“Well, I can’t die.” Uesugi Keyun’s eyebrows were crooked, and he smiled very happily.

Li said to the bewildered army immediately: “This war manager who has been dominating the battle is dead.”

From moved towards Pecans glanced at, Pecans shows the corpse whose war manager has been separated to everyone.

Immediately, the soldiers who belonged to the magician’s side were even more confused. At this moment, Takizawa Hideji also appeared in front of the army. There was another person beside her, the military General.

The military General has always been stunned by this Takizawa Hideharu, who regards him as an elder, saying that he is getting old, and this order must be set by the young.

After talking about finding someone to treat Hideji Takizawa’s injury, he followed the unrelenting ones.

Li respectfully moved towards General bowed, and General didn’t look good at Li.

Then General said to the soldiers who originally belonged to the military: “Warriors, it’s time for us to end here for thousands of years. Now, there is a young man, as you all know, he is leaving.”

“Under the leadership of Li, there is no distinction between an ability person and a magician, and there is no discrimination among them. In his eyes, everyone enjoys real peace, real freedom and equality.”

“After so many years of war, each of us has suffered countless damages. What we only want is to fight for the better, fight for a better place, and then fight endlessly. Now, with the guidance of separation, we can avoid this Everything, and we can share all the beauty of this continent.”

“Since Li can give us such a good life, then I, Li Maozhi, would like to believe that he can give us a truly peaceful, stable and equal life.” After that, the military General moved towards the most high-level Military salute.

Those teams that originally belonged to the military were also in small groups and followed Li Maozhi to the most high-level military salute.

“The General is serious. I can’t be a mere ordinary person. What I can do is now. The people who were previously oppressed by the war manager have been executed by us. You are just like everyone else. Enjoy the right of your own choice.” The yellow rays of light flashed above the throat, and his voice spread throughout the majestic and grandiose troops.




Suddenly, the name of Li appeared one after another among this group of people. Li and Hideji Takizawa’s entire group looked all this, and the obsession in my heart finally came true.

Half a year later, the sun was just right, and the sound of the waves came in bursts, and I was lying on the beach chair blowing a little song, and I felt more happy.

Elizabeth squatted on the edge of Li, learning that the children on the edge piled up sand. The small shovel in Elizabeth’s hand was a bit unwilling, and every time she shoveled the sand would fall on Li’s body.

It was a little uncomfortable since the beginning, but now I am completely used to it. Elizabeth can do as much as he wants, and he will let her do it, and then play the little tune himself and play very happy.

Two girls wearing huge beach hats and sunglasses walked from the other side. One of the most eye-catching is the pair of rabbits on the chest. Under the bikini, it seems like they are ready to show off at any time.

The other face was very beautiful, but her expression was cold, as if the hot sun could not melt her expression. They walked side by side, but it was a beautiful landscape on the beach.

Yongshan Ash came back from surfing, with water dripping on his body, so he lay on the edge, and then bounced up: “Oh, how does this little white sand play with, it’s on this chair.”

Li glanced at him and said something strange and rare. Yongshan Ash patted the non-protruding abdominal muscles, and suddenly felt that she would vomit out during lunch in the evening.

“Oh, how did your prediction of Divine Art fail? Didn’t you use it well before playing Fighting Landlords?” Emil Bay Rin held a glass of ice coke, and said.

Behind Emil Bay Rin are sturdy Galawa and Kapil. They have more than a dozen different kinds of ice drinks in their hands.

Uesugi Keyun took a cup: “I think I have been lazy for a long time, and the ability is not very useful.”

As soon as I opened one eye, and the blue rays of light lit up in my hand, these dozen or so drinks, including everyone’s hand, were frozen into ice cubes: “My strength is still there.”

This action drew the beatings of various rays of light lit up behind him, and from this vast sandy beach came the screams.

Anyway, I managed to get away from this life of eating and dying, and I can say I did it. ..

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