Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 218


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The soldiers were ordered, and after Hu Ji’s instructions were not to allow anyone to enter, he left with confidence.

Actually, Hu Ji was really wrong. He was not going to find Duanmu Rong and Shi Lan, but to see the situation of Hu Ren’s demobilization.

Tomorrow the army is going to go back to Qindu, so he will naturally go to do some more work.

Fortunately, the demobilization of the Hu people went very smoothly. Many of the lieutenants expressed that if Daqin soldiers were stationed, they would help a little.

Li and Zhong Limei glanced at each other, and the two smiled ingeniously. It seems that the effect of drinking and talking last night was unexpectedly good.

When all the Huren disperse, the mountain within the valley is empty in an instant. Li knows that the empty part is the Daqin soldiers lost in this battle.

Li Qing coughed, and slowly started to talk: “This valley is very good for verdant hills and limpid water. The brothers we lost, although we cannot bring their bodies back to Daqin, they can be placed This can be regarded as preventing them from becoming lonely ghosts.”

As soon as I said this, the faces of the soldiers who followed all had expressions of surprise.

Being able to give their brother a piece of pure land after death is the last thing they can do for them, and it is also the last comfort.

So, leaving this order, almost everyone put aside the work in their hands and started to execute them. Those who don’t have a corpse, let the people who are familiar with them put down their clothes and use them as a burial mound for mourning.

No matter what, at least after I feel everyone has gone through this, the facial expression is much easier.

Half a day passed, a large area of ​​the cloak mound had already taken shape. Standing in the forefront, facing the deep give a bow of the cloak mound, the soldiers behind him naturally followed him.

After the ceremony, I slowly said: “I will give the order that the generals stationed in Hudi will come here regularly to pay respects to our heroes!”

“Thanks Young Master!” Li didn’t look back, but he knew that he must have knelt down a large area behind him at this moment.

If you said that everyone was admired by Li Li’s army like a god before, even his character is admired at this moment.

If you turn your head away from this moment, you can see the soldiers kneeling behind them all in the dark, and everyone looked at his expressions with a hint of fanaticism, like a devout believer.

At this moment, the system, which hadn’t felt any movement for a long time, finally sent out waves that excited him again.

If it really goes back, the more difficult it is to re-open the turntable. Before, he thought that as long as the final battle is won, the system turntable will start again, but didn’t expect nothing.

It now appears that it was his subconscious move just now that made everyone feel grateful, and got the gratitude of many people, and finally started the turntable again.

Because of this episode, after the end of the worship, Jean Li came to the mountainside alone.

In the big tent, Orchid is still sleeping, and there is no quiet place in the mountain within the valley, but the top of the mountain I found during the night party with Orchid was quiet and safe.

So, I went straight to this place without stopping.

After sitting cross-legged, Li immediately sank into the system space and entered the system space. It was already familiar. The turntable rotated quickly, and finally stayed in the equipment column. Then, Li saw a jade green jade pendant slowly moved towards him and flew over.

He stretched out his hand to catch it. The dark-green rays of light burst, and then suddenly closed. If you look at it, it looks like a very ordinary jade pendant, but if you look carefully, you will feel that it is brilliance and restrained. .

Quickly place the jade pendant in the placket on the chest, looking towards the introduction that appeared on the turntable.

“Dry blue sky phase: It is the jade pendant of ancient Divine Demon’s wartime that flows into the mortal world. It was originally a basic Magical Artifact used by gods and demons to protect themselves. Although the passage of time has made its magic power much worse than before, a dying, starved camel is still bigger than a horse, if you wear it, it can offset the attack from the other side once.”

I feel the shape of the jade pendant on my chest, standing on the top of the mountain, far away in the direction of the gazed Daqin.

One hour has passed since he came out of the system space. This one hour, he has been thinking about the situation he might face after returning to Daqin this time.

Actually, this time I went outside the Great Wall, it was indeed a dangerous move. Although he played this game well now, it is an indisputable fact that Da Qin’s defense was weak because of his departure.

Since ancient times, there have been many examples of princes who were too far away from the frontier to fight for the throne.

Although he is in a different situation from those people, he doesn’t think that Hu Hai and Zhao Gao would give up such a good opportunity not to do something during this period of time when they were not in the capital of Daqin.

Although there is still a temporary ally, Yin-Yang Clan, he knows that it is unwise to put all his hopes on others.

At the moment, Chu Ruo’s father is in his palace, so it must be fine.

On the Yin-Yang Clan side, as long as you can guarantee that the war will continue to get good news, I believe the Moon God and others will always be on his side.

The most important thing is that he still has dark moves, Li Si.

A distance from the eyes, pupil light is sharp.

With Li Si, even if Zhao Gao wants to make a big move, it might not be easy to implement.

So, it is certain that even if they make small movements on the capital side, they will not interfere with his foundation.

It’s just that I don’t know what will happen to him after he goes back. I have to guard against this.

Before I came here, I hit the net influence, but after such a long time, it is estimated that their vitality has almost recovered.

Furthermore, according to Li Si’s ambition, he didn’t beat and beat for so long, maybe he would give birth to two hearts.

As for the jade pendant I just got from the system space——, I lower my head and looked at the jade green jade lying quietly in my palm, secretly thinking about it.

Can an indiscriminate attack be offset?

That means one more life.

If this piece of jade is used well, it may achieve unexpected results.

A dim light flashed from the bottom of my eyes, and then lifts the head to put the precious jade jade into his arms. The system product must be a fine product. ..

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