Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 219


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He has a hunch that this piece of jade might come in handy!

Away from took a deep breath, looked condescendingly, this great river and mountains, with long narrow black eyes, no one knows what he is thinking.

On the way back, you can see the soldiers’ mouths Kakuzu with obvious smiles. Although the price of this trip to Daqin is not small, but after all, it can be regarded as less victory and more victory, and the final victory can be obtained. It is already very difficult.

Because of this big victory, rewards are naturally indispensable after returning, so it is no small surprise for these rare soldiers who can get money other than the military salary.

So, everyone’s steps are very light, only Bai Qi and Zhong Limei glanced at each other, each with their own guards guarding the two ends of the team, maintaining vigilance.

Although Bai Qi was considered a recruit, he showed bravery in the battle. Coupled with the advice during the Battle of Stone Town, he almost won the victory without a single soldier, so his prestige in the army is not low. Therefore, Li Poge promoted him and gave him a guard force and implemented it without any opposition.

In the huge carriage, leaning on the soft backrest like an old landlord, Duan Murong on the left is looking through a book of medical skills, and on the right is Shilan who is making tea and lying on the car window. Orchid looking around.

And Chu Ruo was sitting in front of the carriage, saying that he was driving the car, but he was actually watching the scenery leisurely.

Because this horse is specially trained, as long as there is weight on the car, it will move forward. The driver only needs to pull the reins when he needs to turn.

“Central Plains is really rich.” Hu Ji looked at Li for a long time, suddenly turned her head and said to Li, Li raised her eyes, took a sip of tea, raised her eyebrows and looked at her.

Hu Ji motioned to take a look at his luxurious carriage, and shrugged: “Just a carriage can do this. It’s even more luxurious than the best room I lived in when I was outside the Great Wall.”

Duan Murong suddenly closed her medical skills and looked Hu Ji. “It’s just because of the different regions. These fabrics seem to be cherished and precious outside the Great Wall, but they are common in the Central Plains. Judging from the identity of the eldest son of Young Master Da Qin, this kind of decoration of carriage is really not luxurious.”

Leave nodded, looked Hu Ji, have a playful smile. “Rong Rong is right. When Daqin arrives, you see my sixteen brother’s carriage, you should know that I’m a little ugly.”

Although Hu Ji doesn’t know much about the local conditions and customs of the Central Plains, the idioms and allusions are still thoroughly read from the book.

So, the words of li made her interested in the sixteenth brother in his mouth.

“Your younger brother?” Hu Ji made no secret of her interest.

Shi Lan glanced at her, and faintly reminded: “Imperial Family’s brother is no better than you, and the Imperial Family has no affection. So, the sixteenth brother of Young Master, don’t mess with it. Besides, The relationship between Young Master and his sixteenth brother is not good, you have to be more careful. For them, maybe the brother who is not related by blood is the best.”

Leaving hearing this, raised his eyebrows and glanced at Shi Lan. In fact, regarding the complicated situation in Daqin Capital, he was going to wait for Hu Ji to talk about what he said before. It is best to let her feel it for herself.

At the moment, Shi Lan took this opportunity to say it, but it surprised him.

However, although the words were a bit pungent, she was concerned about Shi Lan’s understanding of Shi Lan.

It’s just that Hu Ji shouldn’t misunderstand Shi Lan’s tone.

Li Ke does not want to have a lot of foreign diseases, and the harem is on fire again.

I raised my eyes and looked towards Hu Ji, who was about to explain, but when he saw the smile on Hu Ji’s mouth, he cancelled what he was about to say.

“Lan’er, if you care about me, just tell me, why make it so cryptic.” Hu Ji smiled and trembled, Shi Lan glared at her, but bowed her head silently.

Looking at this scene, smiled playfully.

Perhaps, the collision of these two personalities will lead to some interesting changes, but it is better for him to watch the changes.

Along the way, everyone just talked and laughed. The time for half a month passed in the blink of an eye. However, the closer you get to Qindu, the more vigilant you are.

Hu Ji was the first to discover Li’s anomaly.

“What happened to you in the past few days? is it possible that it’s close to hometown?” During these days, when nothing happened, Shi Lan and Duan Mulong were popularizing Hu Ji’s knowledge of the Central Plains and Da Qin. Therefore, if Hu Ji does not look at her slightly deep facial features and bold tone, she is really like a Central Plains woman.

She raised her long eyebrows, squinted at her, and said nothing.

Shi Lan shaking one’s head, handed over a cup of tea, and whispered: “There is no special news from the palace, it should be fine. Don’t worry too much, even more how, this big battle has been won, even if Hu Hai wants to make you stumble, so he has to have just cause.”

Li glanced at Shilan, took the tea, raised his head and took a sip, letting out a breath.

“I hope I think too much, but if Hu Hai and Zhao Gao want to secretly make Kizuna, it is okay even if the teacher is unknown.”

Shi Lan couldn’t help being frowned when he was said to be Li.

The atmosphere in the carriage was suddenly suppressed a little.

Hu Ji swept away enchantingly, pulling away the drooping hair, curling her lips and smiling charmingly.

“Anyway, I just don’t believe anyone can get it in your hands anyway, cunning guy!”

Leaving his eyes down, he just went into the playful purple eyes.

“So confident?” Li raised his eyebrows.

“Of course, my Orchid’s vision is quite accurate.”

The originally depressive atmosphere was relaxed by Hu Ji’s teasing words.

“Young Master, what’s the matter with you?” Shi Lan found that the smile from the corner of her mouth froze, her heart tightened, and she hurriedly asked.

Before waving his hand, the facial expression quickly adjusted.


Carriage continues to walk forward with gu lu lu, but Li has no intention of making fun of it.

Because, just now, he heard the sound transmission of the young man’s commanding sound transmission into his mind.

“Tonight, the small forest outside the city, three shifts.” ..

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