Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 221


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In just a few breaths, Li had already dodged and returned to the carriage.

Chu Ruo had prepared an excuse long ago and pulled the carriage curtain up halfway, enough to enter.

After waiting and returning to the carriage, I lowered the curtain and everything was so seamless.

The three girls in the car were shocked when they saw the sudden appearance of Li Mo, even Hu Ji couldn’t help saying while playfully pouting: “You guys, this skill is really amazing, it’s come. and go without a shadow.”

Because of my own plan, I didn’t even bother with Hu Ji’s joking. Instead, I glanced at the three people, said resolutely: “Just now I got the news that Zhao Gao framed me, united with the Hu people tribe and prepared to rebel.”


“What!” The medical book in Duan Mulong’s hand fell off, and even Shi Lan’s hand in making tea paused.

Leave the voice down. “However, the Imperial Father estimates that it is in the stage of suspicion for me now. Even more how this battle has been won. If there is insufficient evidence at this juncture, the Imperial Father will not attack me.”

The words not at all have a very comforting effect on Shi Lan and Duan Mulong. After all, Ying Zheng is notorious for being suspicious and cruel.

While Hu Ji is obviously more carefree, she softened and said nonchalantly: “As long as your Imperial Father has a nodded brain, you should understand that this is basically impossible. Not to mention that you are facing the Huren on battlefield. With ruthless means, you brought me back, and it is impossible to collude with the nonsense.”

Hu Ji’s words, those who say this unintentional listener are interested.

“Yeah!” Li Meng patted his thigh.

“What’s the matter?” The three women were a little surprised at the sudden mood swings, and they all looked at him for unknown reasons.

Li touched his chin and smiled deeply.

“No matter what evidence Zhao Gao has, as long as Hu Ji is there, his evidence cannot constitute a threat to me.” Leaving looked Hu Ji, slowly start to talk.

Duan Mulong still looked inexplicable, but Shi Lan seemed to think of something, her eyes lit up. And Hu Ji was obviously a little bit away, and suddenly figured out the key.

Mei smiled and said: “If you didn’t know that you only knew about this now, I would doubt whether your motive for bringing me back to Da Qin was to let me help you out.”

“However, how do you convince your Imperial Father that I am the legendary woman? And, according to your statement, your Imperial Father that many doubts, it is impossible to guarantee that he will not think that you brought me back because You’ve colluded with me a long time ago.” Hu Ji stroked her fingers that were painted with scarlet codan, her eyes slightly cold.

Li Nature knew that this coldness was not directed at herself, but Hu Ji’s subconscious reaction that’s all when Hu Ji got serious.

Then he curled his lips and smiled lightly.

“I don’t need him to believe it completely. It’s because of his suspicion that the more seamless a thing is, the less he can truly believe it. For him, he believes in his own judgment and investigation As for your identity, as long as he sends someone to Hudi to ask, he can infer what I said true or false.”

Leaving firmly said.

“As for your second question, don’t worry about this. If I had colluded with you earlier, there would be no need to bring you back. After all, as you are only in Hudi Only in order to play a role, it will be like a proton when Daqin is brought back.”

Hu Ji raised her eyebrows, peach blossom eyes slightly narrowed glanced at away, low snorted. “You are cunning.”

Duan Murong, who was the second to firstly, also understood the meaning of Li. She picked up the medical book in her hand again, but her plain fingertips paused slightly when she turned the page, and a faint voice sounded.

“Young Master, what if Zhao Gao did forge very powerful evidence?”

Shrugged the shoulders without caring. “As long as Hu Ji, you help me prove that the evidence is false, then the Imperial Father will definitely doubt the evidence. As long as he doubts, with his shrewdness, he will definitely find traces on this seemingly perfect evidence. Then, At that time, it was not us that had bad luck.”

Duan Mu Rong was nodded, eyes drooping, completely immersed in the medical book.

Shi Lan glanced at Hu Ji, then pupil light turned away.

“Fortunately, Zhao Gao’s evidence was forged this time, and he didn’t know that we brought Hu Ji back. It was a completely unprepared beating him.”

“Yes.” Li nodded, put down the tea cup in his hand, muttered a moment, and seriously said: “So, we must be more careful in the future. Zhao Gao’s net organization is called with no opportunity. Although it is a bit exaggerated, it is also It’s really not to be underestimated. This time it’s a fake. If we let him get the real next time, we’re afraid we’ll be really tied up.”

In the early morning of the second day, the repairs were completed, and after they got together, they moved towards the capital city in a neat step. This time, they entered the city in one go.

The soldiers who passed the order had already rode their bikes to the city gate first. It is estimated that even Ying Zheng would know that Guy has returned. As usual, a powerful official must be greeted outside the palace gate.

Because before entering the Imperial Palace, it is customary to accept the cheers of the people in the city, so he stepped out of the carriage early, leaving only the three women, and he rode his own white horse. silver light Sparkling uniform, under the sunlight, his originally elegant and handsome face is forcibly more iron and blood.

At a glance, you can see the strong aura on the body.

This is a deliberate show to everyone.

Although it is said to accept the cheers of the people, how can a person who knows the way of the court be really naive to think that the people are all coming? The people of the hidden influences must all be wearing a uniform at the moment, watching him in secret.

After all, he, who has always been low-key and gentle but occupies the position of the eldest son, is the first time that he has appeared in everyone’s sight so high-key.

Let’s not talk about his greatly improved status in the hearts of the people after the victory of this battle, but if this military merit is in the body, many other princes will be suppressed, even Hu Hai, who has been favored by Ying Zheng, is here. He was also forcibly overwhelmed by him. ..

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