Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 244


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Hu Ji quickly took the jade token that Li threw to her, and after seeing the word “Fu Su” on it, she ticked the corner of her mouth, and then carefully took it into her arms.

“This is our token of love.”

“What a token of love.” Step one stopped, looking back at her.

Hu Ji’s grievances slumped. “As I read in the book, don’t all the lovers of Central Plains do this?”

“You–.” For Hu Ji’s occasional innocence, I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, so I had to drag her to sit down in the pavilion in the courtyard, and explain it so and so. Let her spare him.

Because Duan Murong is outside the palace, but the information still needs to be exchanged, I thought of a way, that is, under the pretext of passing on the meaning of lovesickness, let Zhong Limei’s soldiers be messengers.

Although this may sound dangerous, it is a strange insurance.

It’s just because Zhong Limei’s bodyguard is dedicated to guarding the capital of Qin, so all patrols in the capital of Qin, including those in the palace, have his people. Although there are not many, they are enough to be connected in a line.

Many of these people are people who have participated in the expedition. They have personally seen the extraordinary relationship between him and Duanmu Rong. As long as Zhong Limei gives a little guidance, I believe they will be happy to help this. busy. The most important thing is that these soldiers are unexpectedly honest and lovely. They know that this kind of private meeting is not well-understood by others, so even if Chu Ruo sent someone to the probe specially, their tone is still very tight.

Furthermore, this kind of information exchange has already been told to Duan Mulong, and it will only be used in urgent matters. Otherwise, the frequency of visiting her three or four days away is not useful.

However, not afraid of 10,000, but just in case, this line is a dark line left for Duanmurong. Moreover, regarding the transmission of information, Li also discussed with Duan Murong privately, all using code word. In this case, even if the gossip guy took it out for a few glances, he would simply think it was a love poem that’s all.

Facts have proved that some of the sword moves with side stroke methods are unexpectedly safe. After more than a month of doing this, this dark line test is almost complete, and Duanmu Rong’s letters gradually reduced.

It’s not because of anything else, it’s just that the mirage has fully entered the stage of construction, and Duanmu Rong, as the construction supervisor of an important place among them, naturally began to get busy.

Originally, she could also give this matter to Yun Zhongjun, as long as she took a few glances, that’s all, and I believe that if she did this, Yun Zhongjun would be very happy.

It’s just that, thinking about Shi Lan’s thing in her heart, Duanmu Rong still thinks that she should keep everything together. Of course, Duan Mu Rong would not want to admit that part of the reason is that since the mirage began to be fully constructed, Yin-Yang Clan has been making small moves. At first, it was just a drug, but she escaped her magic eye.

Later, the medicine failed several times, and after Duan Murong told Li, her mansion changed a batch of maids under the instruction of Li, which made it more difficult to prescribe the medicine. So Yin-Yang Clan actually started to attack, although Sheng Qi said that those people didn’t want to kill her, they just wanted to hurt her.

But it still made her angry.

After all, she is not a born Holy Mother. It makes no sense to bully herself to this point and submit to humiliation. However, these are not like telling Li to make him worry about herself.

Since Yin-Yang Clan hopes that something will happen to her, she will not be able to intervene in the construction of the mirage, so she must also intervene in the construction of the mirage. Not only that, but she also has to make the mission of her supervision to be as small as possible The degree of interference.

Facts proved that her decision was right.

After seeing her intervening in this way, Yin-Yang Clan’s attack was a bit bigger at first, and finally found out that he couldn’t deal with the seven wins like the black god without wanting to kill her. Yin-Yang Clan can only calm down.

So, Duanmu Rong passed a lot of news about the mirage this period of time to Li’s ears.

It’s worth mentioning that, after the Yun Zhongjun’s Medicine Pavilion was made in Yin-Yang Clan, Yun Zhongjun was going to build exactly the same in the Mirage Medicine Pavilion. However, the mechanism is secretly Thought is completely different, and even worse.

However, Duanmu Rong saw all this in his eyes. Even if he tried to hide it from him, he was immediately told to leave by the public.

So, the mechanism above the mirage now looks like a blank sheet of paper.

“Young Master, are you there?” After looking at the latest news from Duanmu Rong, she was meditating, and Shi Lan’s voice sounded outside the door.

“Come in.”

The door opened in response, and Shi Lan’s expression walked in staggeringly.

“What’s the matter?” She walked slowly to the opposite of her and sat down. She poured a cup of tea, but it almost overflowed. “Are you still worried about your big brother?”

Shi Lan browses slightly wrinkle, hesitated, nodded.

Lightly sighed away, holding her right hand on the table. “Don’t worry, everything is proceeding according to plan. Once the mirage is completed, the main body of Yin-Yang Clan will be moved to the mirage. As your big brother, it will definitely be brought to the mirage. When the time comes, We act by chance, must rescue your big brother.”

Shi Lan’s black almond eyes glanced at Li, but her tone is a little low.

“I’m a little worried.”

“Why? What are you worried about?”

“Originally, this was just the grievances of our Shushan lineage. At first, I asked for your help under compelled by circumstances, originally meant to use, but now, how can you let me use you regardless of your safety. How, now more innocent people are involved, Rongrong, and even Hu Ji. If something happens, my conscience will be uneasy.”

Shi Lan bit her lower lip tightly, the original pink lips almost dripping blood.

Centrifuge a tightly. “What are you talking about? We are all on the same front. If one prospers, all prospers, you are not the only risk. When it comes to risk, isn’t it my risk? Now you still say this If you let Rongrong understood, you will definitely say that you are outside.” ..

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