Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 246


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Li continued to search for Li Ji in the memory of the original owner, but since Li Ji entered the palace, Ying Zheng has kept her in his own harem, saying that she is heavily guarded, but in fact she is like a golden silk. The existence of a bird.

So, after Li Ji entered the palace, even the original owner saw very few times. If it weren’t for Jing Ke’s death as a result of the assassination of Yingzheng, all of Li Ji’s hopes were shattered and her death aspiration was created, and then the palace was disturbed, causing Yingzheng to be gloomy and irritable for a long time, the original owner would not have been impressed by a harem woman.

It’s just that if Li Ji just followed Jing Ke, it’s all that’s all. Although she wants to accompany the man she truly loves to leave this World, but she can’t worry about her young child who doesn’t even remember. She knows, Once you go, then the extremely domineering temperer with Yingzheng will definitely not tolerate this child.

So, before thinking about it, the only person who can take his and his lover’s child out safely in this cannibal Qin Palace is the Sword Saint Ganie.

Although her lover was Gane killed before others, Li Ji still entrusted her child to Gane. Although this is puzzling, it is indeed the case.

The most important thing is that Gai Nie actually agreed, and even took the child out desperately. When Ying Zheng sent three hundred elite soldiers to intercept, he even killed the other side, even Later, another person was killed in the pursuit of Fenglin Volcano.

Don’t talk about the military force value of Gai Nie’s heaven defying, just say that he died for this child, it doesn’t look like the person who killed Jing Ke.

Otherwise, saving this child is not nurturing a tiger to invite calamity?

It seems that there must be something hidden in this matter.

It’s just that if you want to know this hidden information, it is estimated that it is not small. After all, it is about the dignity of Yingzheng. It is estimated that people who know the inside story are either Yingzheng’s confidants or they are no longer in this world.

A cold chill passed from the bottom of my eyes.

However, even if you don’t know the secret, it’s harmless.

Furthermore, since Duanmu Rong mentioned Gainie in the letter, it means that the other side is now standing on the same line with the Mo family, and standing on the same line with the Mo family, even if it’s not an ally of her own. Not the enemy.

So, these people, Li must be preserved.

However, if the child, speaking of which, if Li Ji didn’t die, wouldn’t it be his righteous brother?

A playful smile is drawn from the corner of the mouth, which is interesting.

But–, Li suddenly thought of a little, the face somewhat gloomy came down.

Yin-Yang Clan is now the right-hand man of Yingzheng. Even if you don’t know the reason and hidden behind these things back then, the fact that Li Ji entered the palace and the existence of the child must not be a secret.

If I remember correctly, on the empire’s most wanted list, Gaie and the child have been on the list for a long time.

So, Duan Murong said in the letter that Gai Nie and the child were also with Mo family everyone. Does the implication also indicate that the people of Yin-Yang Clan not only discovered Mo family everyone, but even Gai Nie and that The existence of child.

Thinking of this, Li frowned slightly, feeling a little tangled in his heart.

Originally, if it was just a surviving member of the Mohist family, it might not be enough to make Pepsi-ridden Yingzheng create too much energy, but with the addition of a Guinie and a child who marks his own shame, the bargaining chips will be greatly increased. .

The military force value of Gai Nie, a sword saint, has made people sleepless, even more how, and the child who shouldn’t exist in Ying Zheng’s view.

Li squinted his eyes, and put his subconscious fingers on the sachet bag around his waist.

If I remember correctly, when the child had just been born and Jing Ke hadn’t entered the palace for assassination, the child was quite favored by Yingzheng. Perhaps it was the love of the house and the black.

That kind of petting, it seems that even the current eighteenth son Hu Hai is not as good as it.

Although, maybe part of the reason is that this child has no inheritance rights, so Ying Zheng can rest assured, but we can still see how much Li Ji was favored back then.

The so-called deep love and responsibility, the current Yingzheng is estimated to be enough to terrifying the killing-intent of Gainie and the child.

The news of Duan Murong was delivered in time, and it is estimated that Ying Zheng has also received the news.

Then next, he just needs to wait for Yingzheng’s movement quietly.

Those who can come forward to strangle everyone from the Mo family are nothing more than the Golden Fire Cavalry or the people of Yin-Yang Clan.

He can only come up with countermeasures only if he determines which one it is.

However, it’s not in a hurry.

Because the guy Guyie is here, maybe you don’t need him to act. Who knows if Duanmu Rong deliberately mentioned Gai Nie, whether he wanted to tell him that with the sword saint, everyone’s safety in the Mo family didn’t need to be too worried.

Thinking about centrifugation, but staying calm and collected on the surface.

The two women who had already negotiated in the room pushed the door open out, and they were greeted by the indifferent look far away from the pillar.

“What are you thinking about again.” Hu Ji walked over and hit Li’s arm lightly with her shoulder.

Li Huangshen, then lowered his eyes and smiled, as if some answers were not what he asked; “Look, how beautiful the clouds are on the horizon.”

Hu Ji followed Li’s gaze for unknown reasons, Cang Purple’s eyes lit up. “Central Plains also has a different beauty outside the Great Wall.”

Shi Lan walked to the other side of Li, and looked away from the side face. “Did something happen?”

“Yin-Yang Clan found the Mo family everyone.” Li said lightly and threw a bomb.

Shi Lan pupils shrank, the subconscious grabbed Li’s sleeve.

“Where is Rongrong?”

“Don’t worry, it’s okay. There is also a sword sage Ganie over there.” Li held Shi Lan’s hand and smiled soothingly.

Shi Lan froze for a moment, stared wide-eyed surprised as if thinking of something. “Sword Saint Gainie! Number one swordsman!”

“That’s right.” Li smiled nodded. “With him, the average person can’t help everyone from the Mo family, even more how, the leaders of the Mo family are not idiots. Yin-Yang Clan, it’s not so easy to get it.”

Shi Lan’s complexion slightly slowed down, before she waited to say anything, she saw Chu Ruo hurried in from outside the courtyard. ..

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