Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 248


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Shi Lan glanced at Orchid, who was shrugged. “Only I ran for you. This matter is a bit complicated. What the letter says is not safe or unclear. I am now a concubine, and I am a shaman. I can borrow it. With some boring names in the palace, he went out of the palace with great fanfare.”

“If you do this, it’s not the same as attracting attention.” Shi Lan raised her eyebrows.

“I just want to get their just and honorable attention, but don’t forget, the personal servant girls I brought out of the palace are the confidants of our palace. When the time comes out of the palace, I will find someone The opportunity to leave quietly, quickly go and quickly return, no one will find out. Because of my actions just and honorable, even if Hu Hai pays attention, he will not take seriously.”

After being muttered for a moment, I feel that Hu Ji’s words may sound unreliable, but they are indeed the best way.

“Don’t forget, they are in mind, I don’t have the slightest martial arts person.” Hu Ji blinked deeply at Li, and Li suddenly remembered Hu Ji’s deceptive ability and That has never revealed the skills before others, although not very profound skills, but Lightweight Art is good.

Thinking about this, I feel that the feasibility of the plan is still very high.

So gently put out a breath, nodded under the gaze of the two women.

In just half a day, there was news from Ying Zheng, saying that he had found the surviving member of the Mo family and handed it over to the eighteenth son and General Zhong Limei to exterminate him.

Not in vain. I don’t know what I was feeling when I heard the news.

is it possible that At this moment, Ying Zheng is still leaning towards Hu Hai. Is he unwilling to put his confidant Bai Qi with them?

Leaving the shaking one’s head, thrown out the many thoughts in my mind, that’s all, no matter what, Zhong Limei has followed, and it would be nice if the matter is to be considered in a better way.

After all, Zhong Limei is more rigorous than Baiqi.

However, before he could return to his senses, a sharp sound rang outside the courtyard, and when he fixed his eyes, it was the great Court Eunuch next to Ying Zheng.

“Help Su Young Master, let’s take a trip to our house.” The voice of the Great Court Eunuch raised slightly, with an imperceptible arrogance.

Suddenly skipped bad thoughts, but still a faint smile evoked. “Father-in-law, I don’t know what happened to the Imperial Father’s call for Fusu.”

At this time, Orchid was out of the palace, and Chu Ruo followed Shi Lan to the garden to collect dew. Naturally, the to-and-fro maid did not dare to eavesdrop on the conversation between the two.

“Fu Su Young Master, don’t ask too much, everything, when you meet Your Majesty, you will share Akatsuki.” Great Court Eunuch said impatiently.

The coolness under centrifugation is even worse. This kind of unceremonious attitude is to treat the original Fusu never before. Moreover, since the great Court Eunuch of the wily old fox dares to make such a move in front of him, he is confident I can’t come back when I go?

What exactly understood Ying Zheng that would have caused Court Eunuch to have such an attitude?

Centrifugation fell over the river, but the smile on his face remained unchanged. “In that case, Fusu will go now.”

Although Li said so, his footsteps paused slightly, and moved towards a big tree in the courtyard with no trace of his fingers, and then he took a step forward.

From the bedroom to Yingzheng’s study, the distance is not far or near, and the thoughts revolve along the way, but I can’t think of what might happen anyway.

If you know that you are not the original owner, impossible will ask a Court Eunuch to bring him over, and such chakra Enhanced Strength things are also difficult for people to believe.

Others, he believes that there is nothing that Yingzheng can handle, or that it won’t.

Thinking about it, he still decided not to mess with himself. Not far away, Yingzheng’s study was already faintly discernible. After finishing the facial expression, he decided to take a step and look around before taking the next.

After one hour, there were only two people in the study, Ying Zheng and Li. Li looked standing by the window, with his back facing his silhouette wearing bright yellow clothes. For the first time, there was some heart in chaos.

Since he stepped into the study, Ying Zheng talked with him with a face of profound mystery. Although it seemed peaceful, all around was sent away. Even the absence of the Great Court Eunuch was enough To bring up all the spirit.

In Yingzheng’s next words, it suddenly became clear to Li that he finally understood why the Great Court Eunuch had the same attitude toward himself.

It turns out that there have been many rumors in Xianyang, the capital of Qin Dynasty, recently, but the content of the rumors is rumors under the name of the original King Chu Changping.

At the moment Ying Zheng mentioned Changping Jun for no reason, Li had a bad feeling in his heart. There is no other reason, because the mother of his identity is the princess of Chu State. As the eldest son of Da Qin, he is also a descendant of Chu State, who was subjugated by Da Qin.

Therefore, the rumors say that Young Master Fusu is very fond of his mother and concubine, and even misses Chu State very much.

The implication at the moment is that he is suspected of helping Su to usurp the throne.

The more I think about it, the more I feel scared, and a single thought emerges in my heart. Hu Hai suddenly left Xianyang and Liu Jian slave was taken away by him. According to Zhao Gao’s personality, he would never relax him, so this rumor , Most likely is from their handwriting.

“This matter, whether it is true or false, do you really care about your Chu State bloodline and seek rebellion?”

Ying Zheng’s voice came from the front, looking straight, and there was a fearless color in the narrow black eyes. Ying Zheng’s eyes were longer than Li’s, and his eyebrows were pressed very low. Look It is very oppression up.

Li knows that he must not show his timidity at this moment. It was originally just a rumor. With Yingzheng’s shrewdness, it is impossible to make and so on him because of a rumor.

However, if the answer is not good, it will probably be or it will cause no end of trouble.

It seems that Hu Hai was forced by him this time.

Leaving sneered for a moment, he said sincerely on the face: “Imperial Father, Fusu is a lesson for Da Qin and the imperial father’s thoughts and thoughts. Only the Imperial Father is in power in this Da Qin. Only the Imperial Father is in power can he punish the Seven Kingdoms. Fusu ——Fu Su absolutely no evil intention!” ..

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