Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 249


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I was solemnly vowed, but my heart was mocking.

Yingzheng was silent for a long time, and after a while, there was a soft sigh. “Fusu, do you understand that whether you have rebellion or not, having the ability to rebel is a sin in itself.”

Shrinking from pupils, this is a big truth from Ying Zheng. For this suspicious and power-loving emperor, having the power to rebel is indeed a sin in itself.

However, although he is now listed as the Ninth Secretary, he doesn’t have much real power, right? Even if he gains prestige by going outside the Great Wall, his military power has already been handed over. It stands to reason that he did not threaten Yingzheng’s status. It is.

No, it’s not right. According to Yingzheng’s personality, if he really thinks he has a conspiracy in his heart, he would never tell him so much today. I should have caught myself long ago, or killed it. Exile is.

Leaving the settled mind and preparing to start to talk, Ying Zheng’s faint voice rang again.

“You have been obedient and obedient since you were a child. Although your character has become a little flatter when you grow up, you still stand by yourself. This period of time you helped the widows calm down outside the Great Wall, and the widows are naturally in your eyes. This rumor, if it is about others, Maybe you will take seriously, but you don’t believe it if you help Su.”

At this moment, there is a sense of relief in my heart from whether Yingzheng’s words are true or false.

Because, no matter what Yingzheng’s idea is, whether he believes it or not, as long as he said this sentence at the moment, at least it means that he is not ready to deal with himself, at least not at the moment.

As long as he is given time, he can naturally wash away the suspicion for himself, and even—a cold light flashes from the bottom of his eyes, and he will naturally not let go of the pushing hands behind this scene.

“many thanks Imperial Father, Imperial Father Mingjian.” Li Jing said and acted cautiously.

Ying Zheng sighed low, stepped forward, black eyes staring at Li like electricity.

“In a few days, the Spring Festival will be the Great Festival. Your 18th younger brother will lead the soldiers to encircle and suppress the surviving member of Mojia. Originally this matter should be handed over to you, but the Great Festival of Spring Festival is a major event. The eldest son is better. It just so happened that Hu Hai and he volunteered himself. It seems that this kid is seeing you, your big brother, being so capable recently, but he has made a lot of progress.”

Leaving muttered for a while, cup one fist in the other hand said: “The Imperial Father arranged that his eighteenth brother is extremely clever, and his trip will go smoothly if he wants to come, but there are still a few experts in the Mo family surviving member, Is the safety of the eighteenth brother guaranteed?”

Away from the appearance of thinking about her treasure younger brother.

Yingzheng hearing this, coldly-snorted, flicking his sleeves.

“Fu Su, your problem of being too gentle and kind has not changed. As a widowed child, if you really can’t even do this little thing and hurt yourself, that’s also having only oneself to blame. “Ying Zheng’s killing firmness can be seen from this one small item in a big scheme. “You performed well this time outside the Great Wall. The widow thought that you had changed a little, but didn’t expect such a gentle temper.”

Originally, Li wanted Yingzheng to discover his changes, but now it seems that for Yingzheng, the original obedient card is less threatening.

So, as soon as you turn your mind, it becomes like this.

“Imperial Father, when treating the enemy, Fusu naturally wanted to show the courage of Daqin Young Master, but he should treat his family members with gentleness.” Li Hei pupils were shining with soft light, and they looked like a real one. Deputy Pianpian Young Master, in a state of warmth and jade.

Ying Zheng glanced at him, his eyes flashed, as if thinking of something, he was shocked for a while, just when he was a little unclear in such silence, his tone suddenly softened.

“Fusu, you and your mother are really alike.”

Li Bei Ying Zheng’s sudden soft tone was startled, mother? Regarding the mother of the original body, the original body also has very few memories. When Daqin sent troops to Chu State, she was caught in the middle and depressed, and finally went away.

At that time he was still very young, but I have to admit that after she entered the palace, she had a good time with Ying Zheng.

Thinking about this, the expression on the face softened a lot.

Ying Zheng looked at him and slowly started to talk: “After you were born, the widow named you Fusu, which is taken from “Mountain has Fusu”, which means that the trees and branches are lush. The Book of Songs. Vanilla Jiamu, the heart yearns for it”

“Imperial Father’s love.” Li lowered his eyes, and instinctively told him that Yingzheng’s words at the moment were sincere, and there was a sense of sourness in his heart. Perhaps, when he was just born, Yingzheng was also true to himself Lots of pets.

It’s just a pity, born in an emperor’s family, blood relationship is too weak and easy to be consumed by fame and wealth.

“That’s all, you go back to rest, and then prepare for the spring festival.” Ying Zheng waved her hand and turned her back.

Cleanched the teeth, turn around and leave.

When I left the hall, I glanced at the horrified Great Court Eunuch without a trace, and heard in my heart. This person was shocked to see that he came out of the hall safe and sound.

It seems that he still thinks highly of him. As the Great Court Eunuch, he still doesn’t understand Ying Zheng’s mind.

In that case, it’s better to let him use it once.

Li lowered his eyes, covering the vicious rays of light flashing under his eyes.

Although the matter is considered unreported at present, the calm on the face cannot conceal the danger behind it. Since Hu Hai and Zhao Gao have set him such a vicious situation, if he doesn’t deal with it properly, wouldn’t it be annoying joke.

Since Hu Inoichi is determined to make the situation like this, don’t blame him for being vicious and merciless.

Li Steps hurriedly returned to his bedroom, then closed the door, and after chatting with Shi Lan, Hu Ji, and Chu Ruo for a long time, the three women walked out with indifferent expression.

The dark color that came out of his face was still dark, and no one knew what they were talking about.

It’s just that that night, a dark figure left from the lied bedroom. On the second day, news came out that the Great Court Eunuch was imprisoned and was killed by Ying Zheng on the spot.

As for what happened that night, no one knows.

Only when Li Li heard the news, a successful smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, and then she slowly went to prepare for the Spring Festival. ..

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