Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 250


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The great Court Eunuch next to Ying Zheng was suddenly killed by the court rod. After all, the officials around the emperor, no matter how small they are, are also a symbol of the emperor’s mind.

So, although the palace seems to be peaceful these few days, everyone is in danger. They all think that Ying Zheng has been raging lately and that the great Court Eunuch is just an innocent victim under anger that’s all.

There was a lot of rumors in the palace. Even if Ying Zheng heard it, he wouldn’t tell the truth, but the truth? Standing in front of the window, holding the newly picked magnolia, the corners of his mouth were slightly mocking.

Although Ying Zheng is a bit temperamental, for the old man who is looking forward to him, if he does not touch his bottom line, he will naturally not deal with it at will, and the big Court Eunuch, although he is not smart enough, You know what you should say and what you shouldn’t say when you judge the situation.

It is reasonable to say that Ying Zheng will not be offended, but there is a case in everything, and he is the case in this matter.

Leaving sneered for a moment, the scene of that night seemed to emerge before his eyes.

He just used the magic spell to confuse the great Court Eunuch, causing the great Court Eunuch to say something in front of Ying Zheng.

As for the talkative content, it is also very simple. Didn’t Hu Hai want to accuse him of treason, then he brought trouble to others?

It’s just a simple sentence-“Your Majesty, if Fusu Young Master loses power, then you will only have the eighteenth son at hand.”

A very simple sentence, but it has a profound meaning. Originally, this sentence should not be said by the Great Court Eunuch, but because of the hint of Li, the Great Court Eunuch said that this sentence is not something that his identity can bear. words.

Not only can Ying Zheng plant the seeds to beware of Hu Hai’s suspicion, but also be able to beat the great Court Eunuch, why not do it.

The only thing that didn’t expect to leave was that he didn’t expect that the Yingzheng Club killed the Great Court Eunuch on the spot. This also suffices to show that Yingzheng is not in the position to deliberate on political affairs. Detested.

As for whether Yingzheng will be suspicious because of the abnormality of the great Court Eunuch around him, Li Nature is not worried. He has already used Major Perfection for the magic spell, so it is not very high to confuse a spiritual energy. Big Court Eunuch is naturally very easy.

The dark tide is surging over there. On the surface, Li Li is preparing for the Spring Festival conscientiously, but in fact, it is constantly spreading news with Duanmu Rong.

Although it is currently in the same camp as the Mo Family, he can’t directly contact Mo Family everyone. He still has to go through Duanmu Rong, a middleman.

And Star Soul is said to have a new mission with Da Si Ming, and Yun Zhongjun focused on the construction of the Mirage Medicine Pavilion. There was no unnecessary harassment, so since this period of time, Duanmu Rong also It was a rare leisure time, and naturally strengthened correspondence with Li.

So, the idea of ​​Li was actually quickly conveyed to everyone in Sanghai.

“Mr. Guy Nie, look–.” In the bamboo house, everyone from the Mo family was sitting around a long table, and in the center of the table was the latest news from Duanmu Rong.

The above is naturally the idea that I had come up with. It’s just that everyone who saw the news knows that if this plan is to be implemented smoothly, it will naturally rely on the sword saint Gainie in front of him.

Although when we met before, because of the misunderstanding about Jing Ke, Gao Jianli’s eyes turned to the male child next to Gai Nie, his eyes darkened, and he sighed inwardly as he thought to himself.

Perhaps, they should cooperate.

“This plan is feasible.” A cloth that looked slightly Luotuo was worn on him, which did not compromise the man’s imposing-manner at all, but gave him a sense of heroism.

“However, according to what you said, this plan is what Young Master Fusu said, and it is really unbelievable.” The image of the gentle and kind eldest son appeared in Guyie’s mind.

Another man in the house with a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek is hearing this, and said with a smile: “Qin people are cunning, and even you don’t necessarily see his real appearance.”

“Stealing feet, don’t be rude.” A slightly vigorous voice came from the top, it was the Mo family’s giant. “Now Young Master Fusu is in the same camp as us, even more how, being able to come up with this strategy for us is enough to show his sincerity.”

“In these days, we have not been chased by Qin Country hiding the sky and covering the earth. I want to come to Fusu to contribute a lot.”

“Xue’er said that.” Gao Jianli looked the beautiful woman who spoke, smiling extremely softly.

“Mr. Guy Nie, this matter is going to bother you. My Mo family owes you Lord love. In the future, if it is useful to the Mo family, just start to talk.” The Mo family giant hidden under the black cloak Although the voice is still heavy, but the flower that listens carefully can still hear a trace of weakness hidden under it.

“The Giant Lord is serious.” Guy Nie cup one fist in the other hand, with a little respect in his eyes, and his face is cold and solemn; “The Giant Lord still has six souls unsolved, and Guy Nie has never What kind of friend, there is only that one, whether it is because of then or now, Gainie will do his best to protect the Mo family.”

Everyone hearing this, glanced at each other, all sighed.

Although Gainie is only a person, his strength as a sword saint is enough to be able to withstand the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

“uncle uncle.” The boy who had been with him pulling on his sleeves, his eyes widened and said, “Is uncle going to beat bad people? I want to go, I also want to help uncle. Beat the bad guys.”

“Tianming, you stay here.” Gai Nie’s cold face will only be slightly relieved when he meets the boy.

“You go, I will be distracted.” Seeing that the boy seemed a little unwilling, Gane added this sentence.

Tianming was full of grievances, and muttered a little depressed: “I will work hard.”

Gai Nie raised his big hand, rubbed the boy’s hair, turned his head to a blue clothed, beautiful and beautiful woman and said: “Miss Snow Girl, I will trouble you to take care of it tomorrow.”

“Mr. Gai Nie, don’t worry.” Xue Nu chuckled, and turned to the evil smile at the corner of her mouth when she was in the sky, and she took a step back with subconsciousness. ..