Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 251


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It’s strange to say that his personality of “fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth” is instantly invalidated when he meets this cold-looking woman.

“Big—uncle, don’t give me to this vicious and merciless woman.” Tianming’s big eyes blinked, looking aggrieved.

Gai Nie ignored it, got up straight, and walked outside the door.

“Wait a minute.” Gao Jianli got up, Gai Nie paused. “This matter started from my Mo family. There is absolutely no reason for you to face it alone. I will also go with you and help you.”

“No need.”

“Mr. Guinie, let Xiao Gao go with you.” The giant said slowly: “Xiao Gao is right. If we don’t let us do anything, it will go against the way of life of our Mohist school.”

Guine was silent for a moment, then nodded.

Gao Jianli and Xue Nu looked at each other, exchanged a look that only the other side could understand, and then picked up their sword, Yi Shuihan, and left the bamboo house.

On the other side, Hu Hai led Zhong Limei and the others on the surface. In fact, there were six sword slaves who accompanied him secretly and went straight to Sanghai.

Li had already passed Qi with Zhong Limei in advance, so Zhong Limei didn’t care much about the faintly appearing aura, but he couldn’t help but look down on this eighteenth-born son.

The entire group was quick to go, and soon it was in the woods less than a mile away from the city of Songhai.

“Report——, General, walk through this forest and you will reach Sanghai.”

Because this operation was to avoid beating the grass to scare the snake, the local officials were not notified. Therefore, not at all people can go out of the city to meet them, let alone catch the wind and dust.

Zhong Limei looked down and muttered for a moment, and then neither servile nor overbearing said to Hu Hai, who had been riding a horse around him: “Eighteenth son, it’s getting late. How about we stay out again tonight?” /p>

Of course, Hu Hai wanted to directly attack the root of the problem, but after thinking about it, this fast-paced road is indeed a fatigue. Although the Mo family is only a remnant defeated general, there are still a few experts. Just one night, there will be no surprises. even more how, there are still six sword slaves behind him.

So, Hu Hai did not hesitate for too long, so he nodded agreed to Zhong Limei’s proposal.

It is camping. In fact, how could Hu Hai, a spoiled one, really use the sky as a shelter? After pretending to shirk, he still accepted the carriage loaned by the soldiers in Songhai.

Zhong Limei just took a cold look. Although he didn’t say anything, he felt even more disdainful.

However, this time Zhong Limei was a bit wronged by Hu Hai. Although Hu Hai was spoiled a bit, he was sometimes very cruel to himself when he was cruel. If he knew that this action would greatly affect his heart of the Star of Tomorrow Zhong Limei Impressed, he would definitely refuse this preferential treatment.

Only today, when he saw Zhong Limei, he didn’t seem to care much about his behavior. After trying hard to ride for a day and didn’t get an appreciative look, plus the encirclement and suppression of tomorrow, he did have something to say in secret If the Six Sword Slaves breathe, and need a relatively private space, they will not accept carriage so readily.

However, some things, no matter what, accident arising from many causes, or where water flows, a canal is formed, have become established facts.

Because it has been planted, what the fruit is, it will be proved by time.

Hu Hai leisurely leaned on the spacious carriage, raised his eyelids lazily, and then a somewhat disgusted glanced at in front of him obviously did not have the delicate food in the palace.

My eyes darkened, and a sinister expression flicked across his eyes.

Sure enough, only by sitting on the commanding heights of power can you not be so cautious and solemn, and you don’t have to endure everything that can’t match him at all!

“Young Master.” A slightly gloomy voice sounded. Hu Hai didn’t have any surprises on his face, but rather impatiently said: “Why are you only here?”

For these six sword slaves who worked hard to protect themselves since childhood, Hu Hai’s temper was the greatest, as if they would not betray themselves if they were right.

The one who appeared in the carriage was really Gang among the six sword slaves.

“Young Master, in order to avoid unexpected situations, I was the only one who came to see him, and the others were hidden in the dark.” Zhen Gang lowered his eyebrows and explained.

Fortunately, Hu Hai knows that time is precious, so he didn’t entangle too much and said: “Tomorrow, I will be able to reach the city of Sanghai. I will let Zhong Limei and the others take the lead and encircle everyone from Mo Family. When the time comes, they will come Of course it is good, if you want to sneak away, you just go straight.”

Hu Hai made a killing action, really nodded, expressing his understanding.

“Although they have a sword saint Gainie, this person can be dealt with by Zhong Limei. You mainly want to bring me the child named Tianming.”


Hu Hai was still very satisfied with the obedientness of Liu Jian Nu.

“Eighteenth son.” Zhong Limei’s voice suddenly sounded outside the carriage.

Hu Hai complexion changed, he glanced at it really sturdy, and calmly said: “What’s the matter?”

“The spies came to report just now that they found traces of the surviving member of the Mo family ahead, so I will ask you to go and check the reality.”

Hu Hai hearing this, sighed in relief, and then quickly said: “Go, go.”

The tone seemed to wish him to leave soon.

Zhong Limei outside the carriage evokes a touch of sneered, but his tone has not changed, and he said with concern: “At the end there will be a team left to protect the safety of Young Master, please be careful of Young Master.”

Hearing this, Hu Hai was sneered in his heart. With Six Swordsmen, he is no safer than your few soldiers. It’s better to leave all of them. He is happy and at ease.

However, it’s natural that you can’t say this in your heart. After all, it is too suspicious.

So, Hu Hai sneered coldly after hearing the sound of horseshoes outside the carriage.

“What General Zhong, but he has a false name.”

“Young Master is still careful, Master has explained that everything is based on the safety of Young Master.”

“But a sword saint Ganie, I heard that he had already suffered a serious injury when he dealt with Fenglin Volcano. With you, a sword saint with a serious injury is nothing to worry about.” ..