Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 252


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“No need to say more.” Hu Hai waved his hand, a trace of impatientness flashed across his face. “Why was it hurt last time that it made you coowering up.”

Being so respectful. At this moment, when he heard such words, Zhen Gang with his head down still flashed an angry look in his eyes.

“Okay, you can withdraw, don’t let me down if you act tomorrow. That kid, it’s important, you must get me alive.”

“Yes.” Clenched the teeth swallowed all the words. I just thought of the explanation from my Master just before leaving, but I still endured the suffocation in my chest.

Just when Zhen Gang was about to retreat, her ears moved, and then there was a sharp piercing sound. Zhen Gang reacted extremely quickly and guarded Hu Hai, his eyes fixed on the piercing. The carriage wall penetrates deeply into the arrow tip in the carriage.

“Who!” Zhen Gang waved the big sword in his hand, and the arrow tip snapped.

“Come here, come and escort you!” Hu Hai was just shocked, then his face turned Ao. He is not afraid. As a child of Yingzheng, the assassination of this level is more and more emerge, even more how. Now there are six sword slaves and guards outside, so he is more confident.

It’s just that after a moment of silence, Hu Hai’s face began to get a little impatient.

“That person–.”

“Young Master!” Zhen Gang’s expression was a little dignified, and he glanced back at him, covering his mouth with his fingers, signalling the other side to silence. Then quickly opened the carriage curtain, and after a quick glance outside, his complexion became more gloomy.

Hu Hai finally felt something wrong, and was about to get up to see, but was stopped by Zhen Gang’s arm.

“Don’t watch, the soldiers outside are dead.”

“Dead!” Hu Hai complexion greatly changed, and Zhen Gang exchanged glances, and the same wanderings flashed through their hearts.

The ability to instantly kill all the soldiers outside under Liu Jian’s eyes is really frightening.

“Where are the five of them?” Hu Hai said with a trembling lips.

I just lowered my eyes and said in a low voice: “They’re okay.” After finishing speaking, there was a strange whistle on his back. As soon as the whistle fell, I heard five responses in different tones.

The two sighed in relief.

It seems that the six sword slaves are all right.

However, since it was all right, why would the soldiers be killed under their five eyelids.

Zhen Gang and Hu Hai looked at each other, and after exchanging a glance, Zhen Gang shouted, and his whole body swelled, and then in the next second he heard a loud noise from Peng Ran, and the top of the entire carriage was lifted off. Get out.

With this loud noise, five silhouettes wrapped in black cloth appeared immediately outside the carriage.

It is the remaining five sword slaves.

The situation is urgent. I really quickly set up the Defensive Array with the remaining five sword slaves. At this moment, the six sword slaves are gathered together. The protection created by the six top assassins, I believe that the entire river and lake can be broken. It is also very few.

So, Hu Hai, who was surrounded by six people in the center, finally relieved. The Six Sword Slaves had already communicated with each other. As early as the split second appeared, the eyes of the split second had already been set, and the next battle strategy had been determined.

The six people are all staring at all around in a highly guarded manner, listening carefully to all around.

The seven people here are nervously stretched taut, but they don’t know that there are two people hiding there on a big tree not far from them.

These two people are just Gaie and Gao Jianli who came to intercept them.

Both of these two are rare experts in the world. Perhaps Gao Jianli’s odds of success against Six Sword Slaves alone is indeed very small, but if it is one on one fight, it is a firm stand.

At this moment, the two of them deliberately restrained their aura, and are quietly observing the seven people.

They had already met Zhong Limei before they came over, and now they have plenty of time to deal with Liujian slaves.

The soldiers lying on the ground, in fact, didn’t die at all, but fainted. Thanks to Duanmu Rong, she sent this medicine to make the plan smooth.

The reason why this medicine can be hidden from Liujian slave is because this medicine is only useful for people who don’t have Inner Strength, and the soldiers who stayed are naturally “to select very carefully” from Zhong Limei. Therefore, as soon as the medicine powder was thrown out, those soldiers were recruited.

This behavior was naturally intended to form a psychological shock to Liujian slaves.

The time has passed for a while, all around is still quiet.

Hu Hai’s expression from the very beginning stretched taut alert, slowly began to become a little impatient.

“Which kind of hero is it, or don’t dress up as God, playing the devil, why not come out and see?” Hu Hai’s eyes were filled with shadows. Since his birth, this passive situation has been It has never appeared before. The most important thing is that this is the first time he has taken over the mission from Yingzheng.

Previously, there was a jade to help Su in front. It would be a shame if he messed up this almost undifficult mission.

It’s just a pity, after he said this, all around is still very quiet.

Just when Zhen Gang was about to think that people in the dark were playing with them, a sharp sword light drew into his sight from diagonally above.

Like thunder, the sound of the sword blade slashing through the air with a crackling sound came before their eyes in a blink of an eye.

This sword is called shocking and stunning!

But than speed, their six sword slaves have not been afraid of who.

The six people violently broke out in the same place, and then raised their heads almost at the same time, with apathetic disdain on their faces. However, this disdain only lasted just a few seconds.

It’s just because one of them felt like a hole in his chest, huffing on the wind, while the remaining five saw the horror of the blindfolded old man and suddenly lost everything Emoji.

The blindfolded old man is not someone else, he is the one who has reached the state of mind, the most bottomless of the six sword slaves, the sword “breaks water”, the plan maker who is good at invisibility and can take people Life is invisible.

Belongs to the hermit among the six sword slaves. His aura was completely covered up, and the hermit was worried, but under such a sword, he was pierced on the spot and almost lost the power of a battle. ..