Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 253


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For Six Sword Slaves, this is a blow never before!

The reason why Gai Nie chose to use the one hit kill skill of the Hundred Step Flying Sword against the blindfolded old man was also because of the unique position of Water Cut in the Six Sword Slaves. Although Zhen Gang belonged to the killer, it was after a plan The importance of an active old man is obviously more important than a simple weapon.

Although Shushui lost the strength of the first battle, as a wise man, he responded very quickly. It was almost the split second who understood what it meant to lose battle strength.

It means that the sword net with no opportunity of Liujiannu cannot be organized, which means that there will be loopholes in the wonderful combination attack.

This is almost fatal to Six Sword Slaves.

The most important thing is that someone who is so familiar with his position is definitely not an ordinary person in the world. The visitor is not good. It seems that the identity of the other side should be the surviving member of Mohist school.

Just, why did they suddenly appear here? Did their actions miss the news in advance? Or is it—have a rape?

However, it is obviously not the time to struggle with this issue right now.

Xuan Shui raised his hand and quickly tapped a few big holes on his chest, which stopped the blood, and then whispered to the remaining people: “Protect Young Master!”

Looked The eyes of the rest of the people regained their clarity and sharpness. It was only slightly relaxed after the water was cut off, and they retreated slightly and returned to the innermost side of the protective circle. In this battle, he really lost the power of the first battle.

As for Zhen Gang, who was standing at the front, his eyes were still a little hesitant, as if thinking of something terrifying.

It was still a quiet atmosphere, but he did not have the calmness of at first. Instead, he suppressed his voice and shouted to the void: “Come here, but Sword Saint Gane?”

One word stunned the waves!

Sword Saint Gane?

Before the Six Swordsmen set off, they didn’t know that the sword sage Ganie was with the Mo family surviving member. The news they got was that the child was with the Mo family surviving member, although the child was taken away by the sword master Ganie. However, after all, the Jing Ke who killed Gai Nie was born in the Mo family.

I want to be regarded as an old enemy, so even Zhao Gao didn’t investigate too much, but thought that the Mo family had recaptured the child from Gai Nie, and wanted to threaten Yingzheng with this.

Did they all think wrong?

They actually joined forces?

No, it is impossible. With Jing Ke in the middle, they are absolutely impossible united front. Otherwise, Zhao Gao was absolutely impossible and sent seven of them.

The reason for this accident arising from many causes is naturally because when the spies detected news about the Mo family, Guyie was caught in the footsteps by his unsophisticated Junior Brother. everyone separate.

If it hadn’t been for Duanmurong to get the clearest news, Li’s plan was definitely not implemented as smoothly as it is now.

“Be careful, everyone!”

It was another sharp sword light, and then what came into their sight was the tall and generous silhouette of Gane.

Luowang is a department that is known for assassinations. This is the first time to fight with people in real things. Even more how is facing the sword sage Ganie. Even, I don’t know if there is any ambush in the dark. Human fighting.

For a time, Willpower became a little worried about their psychology.

From this point of view, Guene and the others have won the 1st Step.

“Sword Saint Ganie, leave quickly, our goal is not you.” Duan Shui’s eyes flashed a dim light, clenched the teeth said.

If it weren’t for this situation, why bother to say that their Six Sword Slaves were so weak?

However, the situation is better than people. For them, completing the mission is the key, so facing Gaie Nie head-on, even if Hu Hai is saved, it will hurt the enemy one thousand and eight hundred. Even more how, if it is true, then the mission that Zhao Gao gave them will never be completed.

This is absolutely not.

At the moment, I can only hope that Yu Ge Nie’s appearance here is just an accident. Even if it is not accidental, I hope he doesn’t know that their target is the child.

He believes that what Guy Nie really cares about is the child’s safety.

Thinking about it, settled mind.

However, the people facing away from them didn’t even respond at all. They only saw the silver light flashed in front of them, and the world-famous Yuanhong sword struck a dazzling light, and then they felt a ray of light. The powerful imposing-manner enveloped itself.

However, it was the ace assassin of the snare, so after a half-second pause, he avoided this fierce sword dangerously and dangerously.

“It seems that this matter can’t be done well.” Several people looked at each other, and after exchanging a glance, they froze at the same time.

Can no longer defend. For an assassin, defending is a failure.

Gai Nie’s black eyes flashed for a moment. To the other side’s sudden aggressive attack, just a flick of his wrist, Yuan Hong waved it out like a dragon-like, sprinkling a circle of dazzling sword flowers.

The six people fought suddenly in one place. Hu Hai’s expression was already extremely ugly. There was no mention of the existence of Gai Nie in the message, which made his appearance completely unprepared them.

Furthermore, the words of Six Sword Slaves were obviously only said when they were at the losing end, which made him feel a lot of uncertainty about the mission that was originally tenable.

The piercing sound of the sword blade exchange continued to sound, and the battle began to become a little stalemate. However, the look of the stalemate in the battle, his complexion became more and more ugly.

For a one hit kill assassin, a stale battle is a loss.

even more how, Six Sword Slaves have long given up their fighting stamina. They are known for their very ruthless attack. The longer it takes, the harder it is for them to overcome.

The current situation is still difficult to maintain above the tie, which is a delicate balance.

Now, it’s up to whoever can break this balance first.

damned, why doesn’t Zhong Limei who went out on patrol and tracking show up yet! Broken eyes bring anxiety. is it possible that, all of this was arranged by the people of the Mo family, is Zhong Limei caught by the other side?

Duan Shui’s heart was cold because of this conjecture. ..