Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 304


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“Since you know so much about the snare organization, this matter is left to you to negotiate. Be sure to find out what they are coming from and what they are thinking behind. I will give you a hand for you to direct .”

Tian Mi took a sip of her tea, narrowed her eyes, and slowly started to talk.

His eyes flickered. He understood the group of people named Help Reality Watch, but it was staying calm and collected, and he was nodded to respond.

Both parties got the results to their satisfaction, Tian Mi told him to retreat, and, in order for him to better monitor, his room was also moved from the original place to where the two sisters Zhuanpo Miehun Near her courtyard, it can be seen that Tian Mi has also worked hard on both of them.

This new room is a little closer to Tian Mi’s place than before. From this point, it is enough to see that the value of the soul-killing soul in Tian Mi’s heart is much more than his.

Open the door, and the facilities in the house are much better than before. Li walked straight to the bed and sat down, leaned on the bed, and started thinking about his next move.

Although Tian Mi seems to have given him a lot of free space, he is not sure when the two people next door will have new actions, and even if the other side is not moving, he can’t keep watching the changes. .

Tian Mi didn’t look like a very patient person. Li stroked her chin and thought to herself.

Just when he was leaning on the bed and was already a little drowsy, he suddenly heard a blast of wind, almost subconsciously tilting his head to hide.

In the next second, looked sharp and looked deeply into a dart on the head of the bed, with deep eyes.

It seems that he is going out.

Half a quarter of an hour later, in the woods on the edge of the small town.

“Come out, no one will follow.” Leaving the void in front of looked, whispered.

The next second, I heard a squeak, lifted my hand to clamp the object that was shot, and then stopped staying, turned and left quickly. Although I didn’t say anything from my lips, I was still very satisfied with the person with this joint. It was very useful to do things carefully.

When I returned to my room again, I opened the tight thing in my palm, glanced quickly, and shattered it with Inner Strength.

What he said on the letterhead was what he asked him to check before, the origin of Shengqi and the farm.

I didn’t know if I checked. I was surprised when I checked. It turned out that Shengqi had an old grudge with Tian Mi. The only brother of Shengqi, who was arrested by the net later, was the It’s because of the frame of Kui Weitang.

At that time, Kui Kui Tang had a conflict with the Great Qin Empire because of his own purpose. At that time, the farmer was at the time of self-cultivation and had no strength to fight against Zhao Gao sent by Ying Zheng. The victim.

No wonder, there is such a crop, no wonder Shengqi reacted so much to Tian Mi’s news.

Pondered, Li still wrote a reply, asking Duanmu Rong to pay more attention to the state of winning seven. After thinking about it, he still felt that there was a hidden danger in this matter, so he wrote a letter to Li Si in the name of Li.

If Shengqi’s brother could be rescued sooner, then Shengqi’s obsession with Tian Mi would not be so profound.

After all the arrangements are completed, put out a long breath from here, the changeable situation in the outside world makes him want to deal with things here soon, so the idea of ​​waiting for the other side to move first is also annihilated, thinking After a while, he still went out to visit the two sisters directly.

Tian Mi’s treatment for Turning Soul Exterminating Soul is really good. Just entering the courtyard, Li already feels at least three lines of sight to monitor in the dark, while the guards in the bright place seem to be many, but they are actually monitoring, even The maids are not weak.

Tian Mi’s idea was very simple. She didn’t think about what these people could do, but she clearly told the two sisters that she didn’t believe them. The warnings about these people were more than practical.

“What’s the matter?” The maid went in and passed the message, and soon came out to invite him in, and turned to Po Mie Hun and stood in the dark, quietly looking at him, and uttering two words coldly.

Perhaps the reason for seldom speaking, the voice still sounds hoarse, and every sentence is very concise.

I’m here as Tian Mi’s person, so I directly said straight to the point; “As for what you said to the hall master yesterday, the hall master sent me to ask in detail.”

Hearing his words, Zhuanpo Miexun looked at each other, and finally started to talk together and said: “We can only talk to the hall master himself.”

Li squinted his eyes, a dim light flashed under his eyes, and then raised a lightly said with a smile: “The hall master knows everything every day, so he sent me over to talk. If you don’t believe in myself, then this matter will not go on. Necessary.”

The eyes of Zhuan Po Mie Hun hidden under the bangs tightened, and then calmed down again, and looked at each other, as if thinking of the scene of the meeting yesterday. This time they hesitated for a long time, but there Ample patience.

“Please here.” The two people seem to have finally decided something. Li knew that it was not easy for them to regress, but it is conceivable that they came here in the name of Young Master Fusu yesterday. Don’t say anything, but I must be extremely unhappy in my heart, and there must be a lot of meanness between these words.

Now she doesn’t want to face them directly, and it makes sense to send him instead.

In the final analysis, all of this is that they seek benevolence and get benevolence. Seeing his tough attitude right now, they are also afraid of annoying them, and finally futile that’s all.

Following them into the inner room, I glanced at the room without a trace, and was a little surprised to find that everything in the room seemed to have no traces of movement, not even a trace of wrinkles on the soft bed.

Li Wei wrinkled frowned. It seems that their guard is very heavy and there is no slackness. They have no action in everything in this room. As an assassin, they have undoubtedly achieved the ultimate in self-discipline.

Roll the net, worthy-of is the net, or it should not be taken lightly.

Being energetic, looked at the two seemingly slender but explosive silhouettes. ..