Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 305


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“We have explained our intentions to Hall Master Tian yesterday. I don’t know what the reaction of the Hall Master is?” The two are also considered smart and advance by retreating. If he is really a person sent by Tian Mi, he will definitely not accept him. Not on this sentence.

And Li smiled calmly and slowly started to talk: “The hall master doesn’t seem to agree with the two proposals, but since I was sent over today, maybe there is still room for change.”

The two glanced at each other, seeming to agree with Li’s answer, the defensiveness of the eyes has disappeared a little, and the start to talk that is slightly higher among the two seems to be a change of spirit.

“We came here to help the farmer by the Young Master’s order to help Su, and now the farmer is experiencing troubled times. At this juncture, if the landlord is helped by the first wife’s eldest son of Great Qin Empire, it will definitely increase the bargaining chip. , Why not do it?”

Being calm off the face, raised an eyebrow, said with a sneer: “The farmer’s affairs have never required outsiders to intervene.” Although Tian Mi and the others no longer inherit the spirit of Lord Changping, they are internal and external. They did not want to carry the reputation of receiving masters extinguishing ancestors until the last minute.

So, this remark is completely in line with the position of the farmer dísciple.

“Foreigner? Young Master Fusu has a lot of connections with the farmer, isn’t it?” Zhuanpao lowered his voice. With that expressionless face, he really has the capital to make people angry.

I can imagine that if Tian Mi is here at this moment, even if I know that the messenger behind the two is not Young Master Fusu, when I hear these words, he will definitely not have a good impression of him.

However, he is here right now. Hearing such words, apart from the excitement of destruction, there is no other bit of resentment.

After all, he is still looking forward to seeing the other side’s expectations fail.

A flash of excitement flashed from the bottom of my eyes, but they were irritated by the soul extinction. The two of them unconsciously loosened their brows, seeming to feel that their 1st Step goal has been achieved.

But the next sentence of Li made the two of them stretched taut again. “As far as I know, Young Master Fusu has never cared about the affairs of the rivers and lakes. Although he has some connections with my farm family, he has never contacted him for so many years. Suddenly sending you to visit and even know the situation of my farm family well. Unbelievable.”

Although their mission is to instigate the relationship between the farmer and Young Master Fusu, and even go to that place to find out more if possible, but the latter mission looked impossible, and the previous mission they originally thought it was a tenable one. Now it seems that they are entrusted.

Tian Mi’s subordinate is not easy to deal with either.

They were able to catch a weak spot from this sentence. In the final analysis, maybe they were too radical, not thoughtful, and pressed too tightly, and there really was a weak spot between words.

But at any rate I have been in front of Zhao Gao’s old fox for so long, even if I have been doing behind-the-scenes work, but I have learned a lot from the ears and eyes, plus the facial paralyzed face trained as an assassin makes their faces It’s not showing a weak spot.

“Although I haven’t contacted, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care. Daqin has a reputation spreading the world known as “with no opportunity”. If Young Master Fusu wants to know any news, it is still very simple.”

After hearing this sentence, if it were not for the wrong occasion, he really wanted to laughed heartily.

This snare is indeed true with no opportunity, but he has never received the news in it. Now that Zhuanpaijiuxun is ridiculing in front of his involved persons, it is a bit ridiculous.

Only on the surface, Li is still calm, just glanced at the two sisters faintly, and then turned the soul out of his casually glance, unexpectedly gave birth to a feeling of guilty conscience, such an imposing-manner Oppression, it seems that only Zhao Gao has given them. For a time, I was a little more cautious about the current Ao year.

“You two, what do you regard as a farmhouse? Is it a place where you can talk about it?” Limian got a cold, angry look.

“Don’t say that Zhao Gao and Young Master Fusu belong to different party members. Even if they are jackals of the same tribe, you will not be sent an assassin organization to be a lobbyist for such an important matter.”

Hearing this, Zhuanpa Miexun felt cold.

Actually, originally this matter was not under their management. Originally in Zhao Gao’s plan, this matter was naturally handed over to Subordinate’s henchman. This kind of face at least looks more like Young Master Fusu The person sent out.

But Xianyang is indeed inseparable from the manpower, and now that Li Si and Zhao Gao have turned against each other, almost all the civil servants who have achieved the stage are covered by the other side, and the rest are rateless people.

In addition to the recent loss of the unfathomable mystery of the Nets in successive missions, the influence was greatly damaged, and two of the six sword slaves suffered serious injuries. In desperation, Zhao Gao could only draw from his confidant. Come out of them both.

And the reason why Li said this is naturally because he knows the current situation in the court, but these are not known to the two sisters in front of him. This caused their misjudgment and led to the final result.

Seeing that his goal has been achieved, Li changed his tone and said: “However, our farmer is not willing to participate in the affairs of the court. I also hope that Daqin will not participate in the affairs of our farmer. How about each of our needs?”


“Do you mean–” Seeing that things didn’t seem to be as bad as I thought, Zhuanpao Jiexun asked again with a spirit.

Li smiled slightly, and said in a very sincere manner: “I mean very simple. No matter who the person behind you is, we don’t care. We only ask for one thing. Don’t interfere with my farm’s internal affairs. No matter it is. What Young Master Fusu, or the net organization.”

“Since you are here, I might as well speak frankly. Today’s farms are no longer what they used to be, and they are no longer willing to intervene in other things. No matter who you are, don’t want to interfere in my farm’s internal affairs. If you give up, you should not think about it. Those who come are guests. Our Kuiweitang will naturally welcome you, but if you think of something you shouldn’t think about, don’t blame us for being impolite!” Li said in the end, without concealing his threat . ..