Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 5


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The distance is about one hundred and fifty meters behind the investigation corps, to prevent the front suddenly braking and hitting yourself to reveal your identity, and you can also provide timely support to the investigation corps.

Probably the reason for the power being sealed, Li Cai flew with the three-dimensional mobile device for a while, and felt that his physical strength was slowly losing, which was really uncomfortable.

“Don’t let anything happen.” The people who followed the investigation team behind, prayed silently.

According to the current state, it is still unknown whether we can fight the five giants. What should we do, eh.

“Captain, how is the situation ahead?” Someone from the investigative team asked Captain of the investigative team.

“Looks like it’s okay, I haven’t encountered a giant yet.” Captain is a middle-aged man with a stubborn face and a sturdy face. I don’t know whether his ability is sturdy or not.

“Be careful, this forest is so quiet, it always feels like something will happen.” Captain said while flying.

“If you notice any movement, hurry up…” Before the words were finished, a giant appeared in front of the team.

However, the thing that I didn’t want to come came, as fast as I expected.

“The left wing, the right wing, and the bag, the others drag the giant!” Captain deflected the direction of the three-dimensional mobile device and flew towards the forest.

At this time, several investigators from the corps appeared on the two wings of the giant, and several steel cables were inserted in front of him.

“Cross!” Behind the giant, two people suddenly appeared, almost split second, and the back of the giant’s neck was cut off, as fast as lightning.

“Perfect!” All of this only happened in a flash, and the eight-meter giant was solved just after he emerged. Li admired the investigative team’s action and fighting strength.

“Good job.” On the shoulder of the Captain patted team member, he said, “Keep on hurrying, you must hurry to find the way.”

“Looking at this situation, there is no chance to make a move. What should I do if I don’t make a mission.” The Li who has been following the team is a little helpless. It seems that they don’t need help, which is really troublesome.

After solving another giant, Li heard a strange sound.

Something seems to be running.

The chill spreads from the top of the head to the tip-toe.

Not good! Adjust the speed of the three-dimensional mobile device to the maximum and fly forward.

“Damn, don’t be a trap, it feels like a conspiracy.” Listening to the sound of running closer and closer, the feeling of discomfort grew stronger.

“Hurry up, hurry up!” I was quickly transmigrated in the forest, for fear of being a little late.

Suddenly, a giant appeared in front of him, blocking the way he could go, and Li could not stop.

This giant is at least ten meters tall, and the distance is only one-sixth of his.

“He damn it, don’t get in the way for Laozi!” Pressing the button, two blades flew out of the three-dimensional mobile device, passed through the giant’s body, and landed in the mud behind the giant.

“Fuck, so fierce.” Li shot the steel cable into the giant’s face, and accelerated it, directly past the giant’s top of the head, pressing the button again, the two blades on the ground were attracted by the magnetic force. On the sword-handle.

A handsome swallow turned over, and the giant’s entire head was cut off.

“Side Mission 3: Covering and Reconnaissance, progress: 3D mobile device killed 1/5 of the giant, and 1/3 of the death toll of the team member of the scout team.” System gave a hint at this moment.

It’s too late! Qi Moxibustion secretly cursed bad, and accelerated the flamethrower to the fastest speed in order to avoid casualties.

A distance of tens of meters arrived in a second or two, but five giants about 15 meters in length appeared in front of the investigation team.

The battle situation almost fell into a disadvantage in this split second. More than a dozen people in the investigative squad were first dropped by the giant, and the rest were surrounded by five giants, and there was almost no way to escape.

“Hey! Look here! There is meat here!” At this moment, Li arrived.

In order to attract the attention of the giant without being recognized by the investigators, Li raised her voice and screamed.

Sure enough, this sound worked. Two giants glanced at Li, and the people who gave up the investigation team began to run after Li Li.

Suddenly, the pressure on the investigative class has been relieved a lot. Only Captain himself and a few strong team members are left. If you want other people to run quickly, it will last as long as possible.

“Come on, we can’t last long.” Captain said while waving his knife. Every trace of the cut will automatically heal in the near future. Obviously knowing that this is futile, Captain will still do it. After all, it can be delayed for a while.

“Cross!” At this moment, two people suddenly appeared behind a giant, aiming at the giant’s stamina and cutting down like this.


Li Alone faced two giants. With his excellent reaction power, although he was still able to deal with these, if he did not kill them in time, Li’s physical strength would not allow him to hold on for that long.

Now dealing with two giants is the limit of Li. If one more is added, Li will be very troublesome. No, it is very troublesome.

“Hurry up! Hurry up!” Li Yi, shuttled back and forth between the palms of the two giants, leaving some traces on the giant’s body from time to time. It’s just that they couldn’t go around behind the giant, or even cut off the giant’s head directly. The two giants had actually formed a subtle cooperation in the battle.

“Hateful!” An absent-minded, who almost made the giant smashed into flesh, it’s time to be serious.

“Punch.” Two steel cables shot out, into the giant’s eyes.

“It’s now!” Centrifuged.

The flamethrower released turbulent flames again, and Li flew out of the encirclement of two giants by the momentum.

Turning around, the steel cable spouted out and sank into the giant’s head.

“Dead!” The blade light flashed, and the giant’s stamina was cut off.

Step on the top of the head of the giant, take a leap, shoot out the steel cable again, and fly into the sky.

Half of the flight, before loosening the rope, he fell straight down.

Two knives passed again, and the stamina of the other giant was also cut off.

“Damn!” spit, Li once again manipulated the three-dimensional mobile device to rush towards the remaining people.

“Don’t cause trouble to me!” At this time, the system hint came again: “Side Mission 3: Covering and Reconnaissance. Progress: 3/5 of the giant was killed by the three-dimensional mobile device, and 1/3 of the death toll of the team member of the investigation team. “..