Naruto Dimensional System Volume 6 Chapter 6


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After a few steps on the ground, the three-dimensional mobile device from the waist shot out two more steel cables, submerged in two thick trees.

The flame pushed Li forward.


What they didn’t expect was that the giant’s hands were bent to a strange arc and slapped back.

The atmosphere of the scene is very urgent

The two sneak attackers hit the giant’s palm and fell down. The scene was bloody.

One sneak attacker broke several bones when he landed, and the other one rolled aside before the giant attacked him.

The giant smiled disgustingly when he saw someone lying on the ground behind him.

“Go…Go away…” The member of the scout squad on the ground took the knife in his hand and waved at the giant, not at all, what a deterrent effect.

“Help…help me…” Seeing the giant lifted his foot, he was already in despair.

“The Almighty Wall…Help me…” He climbed back twice with military force, so that he could not leave the giant’s feet.

Wall, won’t save him, and his teammates are too late.

The despair in his eyes is obvious.

No one has time to save him.

How is it possible.

The blade light and the fire light flashed past, and the giant’s left foot supporting the ground was neatly cut off, and the giant lost its center of gravity and fell to the ground.

The bad luck guy has now been thrown back to his teammates.

Like comes and goes fast, not at all.

“Go!” Li gave them a push.

“Who is this person?” Looked from the back of Li. Although everyone has questions, no one has time to think about who Li is. In the current situation, someone saves him, and escape is the king.

The giant who just fell has stood up, and his feet have grown again.

Two steel cables shot straight out and sank into the giant’s chest.

But there was no blood at all

“Come on, giant!!” Seeing that the people behind him were all gone, Li finally could give it a go, and finally had a big fight.

“Not good!” Seeing a huge palm patted over, there was a secretly thought.

I was negligent.

His opponent are three giants, not one.

Li forcibly turned the figure, and finally left the palm of the giant’s hand, almost flying past the giant’s fingers, very thrilling.

looked three ugly faces, Li did not panic. The powerful actual combat experience makes Li understand that when dealing with this kind of enemy, the more flustered, the easier it is to be taken.

Be calm! from!

“What’s the matter, if the power were not taken away, I could kick the three of you into scum, a group of scum.” Li scolded the giant while preparing to leave the giant’s circle.

However, facing the giant’s big hands, Li was a little weak, what should I do.

“How is it possible, such a tenacious blockade?” The giants’ big hands blocked Li’s breakthrough time and time again, and even several times, Li almost let the giants beat them down.

“damn it, fight it!” This is the first time I have this thought in this dimension.

On the ground again, Li opened the speed limit of the three-dimensional maneuvering device. As soon as the two steel cables hit the giant’s body, Li flew out.

At this time, another big hand patted over.

Looked big hand is about to fall on Li’s head, and Li is not flustered.

“open for me!” His hands danced quickly, and in less than a second, Li had already swung six or seven knives, and his hand speed was amazing.

The huge palm was broken into several pieces during these few knives, and it was forcibly slammed into the palm.

On the giant’s arm, Li is running with the Twinsword in his hand. The goal is the giant’s staying power.

“die for me!” With an absolutely fierce killing-intent, two blade dao light flashed past.

A two-meter-high ugly head fell.

Li can’t have time to rest, and time doesn’t allow him to rest. He stopped. The giant won’t stop.

“The damned guy!” Li wiped the blood from his face. It was the blood from the giant, which would evaporate away after a while.

At this time, oncoming is the giant’s fist again.

“Don’t think too much!” Li Loudly roared, the three-dimensional maneuvering device took Li and flew another arc, rounding behind the giant.


“Hurry up.” Captain carried the wounded while urging everyone to return to the team quickly. However, what they are about to face may be something more terrifying.

Gradually, Captain seemed to hear some running sound.


“Give me go to hell!” Li waved the Twinsword, followed by a flash of light, and the last giant lost its life.

“Disgusting guy.” In the direction where the gazed investigative squad left, Li speeded up and chased it.

He always has a particularly bad hunch now, and there may be something more terrifying in the distance.

Leaping in the forest with a three-dimensional mobile device, Li’s forehead began to emit fine beads of sweat.

Previous high-intensity fighting has consumed a lot of physical strength. If you don’t help the investigation team get out of danger quickly, then Li will be in danger.


Captain’s feeling is correct.

At this time, two giants emerged from the side.

That’s not right… I just crawled out.

The giant landed on the ground with both hands and feet, moving speed very fast, crawling more fiercely than running.

“This is… the strange species! You take the wounded and go first, Millsap, Wiki, you and I stay to deal with it!” Captain shot the wire rope of the three-dimensional mobile device and flew out, in Captain Behind him, two more people flew out.

The strange species are also a kind of giants, their walking postures are weird, and their destructive power is far superior to ordinary giants, and they are a stronger kind of giants.

At the same time, he is also very large.

“Wiki, side harassment! Millsap, you follow me to find a chance to kill.” Captain said.

“Okay, Wesson Captain.” The two said in unison.

Two yellow-haired girls flew out of the team with knives, with a strong look.


“Why are there giants everywhere!” Li Zhe has already met three giants on the road, which has never happened before.

“This mission is really bullshit!” Li’s physical strength is almost not enough, but he hasn’t met anyone in the team yet, so tired.

“Don’t let me go astray!” Looked at the footprints on the ground all the way, and followed all the way.

Suddenly saw the messy footprints on the ground, and found that they had split into two groups and walked away. One of them seemed to be fighting giants.

“I won’t meet a giant again, that’s a bit bad…” Li Sui Sui thought..