Naruto: I can reach full level with one key Chapter 1528


Messy thoughts flashed in the minds of Juhean and Qiuwu Katana.

After the two of them glanced at each other, they looked at the time on the phone, and still brace oneself turned around and left.

Now I can only see walking.

After a long time, inside the headquarters of the Heroes Association.

Four silhouettes were sitting on both sides of the huge discussion table.

The leader among the heroes is Tong Di, who is ranked 5th among the S-Rank heroes, and the super alloy black light who is called to guard the headquarters of the Heroes Association and ranks eleventh.

Apart from this, there are two special silhouettes that rarely appear in the court.

“hehe, Atomic Samurai, it’s rare to come to the Heroes Association to report on duty, why didn’t you see your three little tails today.”

hair grey-white, an old man with an old face and a hunched body, wearing a black tight top, took the lead in starting to talk after taking a sip of hot tea.

“In normal times, your three little tails don’t help you run errands and come to the Heroes Association. Do you prefer to hide alone and delve into Kenjutsu?”

As soon as the words fell, everyone in the field looked at them, wearing a blue kimono, with two Samurai knives hanging from their waists, wearing a red cloak and a silhouette with a cloak.

As a S-Rank hero in the Heroes Association, in addition to getting super-high rewards, as the last ace of humans against strangers.

In order to avoid unnecessary betrayal or inexplicable fall.

Heroes must come to the Heroes Association to report regularly.

Of course, there are strengths for these, and they are also the dependent goals of world peace.

Heroes’ Association not at all is a hard and fast rule. As long as one month is over, one day is enough to report.

“hmph, Bangu, you are still the same, you don’t stay in the dojo to guide the students, but come to this place, do you think that your student can finish apprenticeship?”

Atomic Samurai glanced, and also raised the teacup to take a sip.

“My three disciplines received an emergency mission and went to City A to deal with ghost-level weirdos, so I can only come here in person. Now that I count the time, I should almost come back to find me, and at the same time Report the mission.”

It’s also a teacher. The so-called fire and contrast are obviously indispensable.

However, compared with Atomic Samurai, Banggu, who ranks third in the S-Rank hero, is obviously not as lucky as Atomic Samurai.

At least, there are many disciplines in his dojo.

Except for a wild ambition, the hungry wolf who has been disbanded from the finished apprenticeship, there is no existence that can send the scene.

After all, training an expert hero requires not only hard work and sweat, but also innate talent.

Unfortunately, Banggu was unable to find a suitable heir until now, which undoubtedly made his Flowing Water Broken Rock Fist gradually decline.

During the original work, I focused on Jenos and Saitama, and planned to recruit them.

“Ghost-level weirdo? A-Rank hero can only defeat it, but I heard that the pig god also came to support it. It seems that there are not many weirdos in City A.”

Banggu’s brows couldn’t help but he hesitated to start to talk.

“That many weirdos appear at once, and there are still ghost-level weirs of the same kind. Have you ever thought that they may be a group, and among that many ghost-level weirdos, I am afraid that there will be ghost-level peaks. If it does exist, let alone an A-Rank hero, I am afraid that even S-Rank will not feel tricky.”

The small sound suddenly changed the atmosphere in the field.

Banggu likes to quarrel with Atomic Samurai on the issue of discipline.

But it doesn’t mean that they will make trouble.

At least, on this critical issue, Bangu clearly hit the nail on the head.

Atomic Samurai’s face suddenly sank, he clenched the teacup in his hand, and glanced coldly and said: “Banggu, what you just said, is that my three disciplines are dangerous?”

“Forgot to tell you, my three disciplines now occupy the second, third, fourth place in the A-Rank hero rankings. As long as it takes some time to settle down, it will surpass the sweetheart of Ranked 1st in A-Rank. Masked, it’s not a problem to enter the S-Rank list of other heroes.”

“Furthermore, I believe that if the three people join forces, even if they encounter a ghost-level Peak weird person, they can also suppress and kill the weird person.”

Speaking of this, Atom Samurai’s gaze fell on Tong Di.

“Banggu, if you don’t believe me, you can let the emperor who is best at calculations evaluate one or two.”

Er Chang’s words echoed in the huge Main Affairs Hall, and there was no way to disperse for a long time.

Looked to start to talk, Tong Di, who spread the flames of war on his body, couldn’t help but stagnate.

Not long ago, he suffered a lot from Tornado.

Unexpectedly, I was caught by the atomic Samurai and silver fangs again soon.

It seems that today is not a lucky day.

However, in the face of Ato Samurai’s stricken gaze, Tong Di bitterly laughed helplessly, tapping the keyboard quickly with both hands.

Along with the input of data, the computer interface soon showed the data of the three people of Ihean, as well as the data of the weird people that appeared before, which was analyzed by the computer.

“I found it. I have just passed a computer analysis and compared the data of the three people in Ihean with the ghost-level monsters that have appeared over the years.”

“According to the results, this time the three people of Juhean teamed up, and the odds of defeating the ghost-level monsters are 80%.”

“The chance of retiring from the whole body is 90%. This time mission, with their cooperation, it should be very easy.”

As the youngest inventor, Tong Di’s cognition obviously likes to use data to infer.

Looked at the data displayed on the computer screen, a hint of joy and cocky could not help appearing on Atom Samurai’s face.

As a teacher, there is no time when it is more exciting than seeing the disciples.

“Banggu, did you hear that, this time I am not talking about awesome, it is the result of Tongdi’s analysis of data.”

Atomic Samurai poured a half cup of tea for Banggu himself, and said with a smile on his face.

“It seems that after this time mission is completed, they should also relax and temporarily stop training. Only this combination of work and rest can make students become stronger quickly.”

“Banggu, I want to tell you that this matter is definitely not awesome. My discipline is so strong because of this one reason.”

Smiling words echoed in the office.

Banggu was silent for a moment.

He also has no way to refute the atomic Samurai’s awesomeness.

After all, no one can let the dísciple under his door blow on the table.

Furthermore, Liantong Imperial Capital gave this kind of evaluation. If you continue to struggle, I am afraid that you will lose your old face.

However, this idea just came up, and a sudden sound broke the atmosphere in the court.

“Atomic Samurai, you broke the awesome.”

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