Naruto: I can reach full level with one key Chapter 1529


Banggu was silent for a moment.

He also has no way to refute the atomic Samurai’s awesomeness.

After all, none of the dísciple under his door can be blown on the table.

Furthermore, Liantong Imperial Capital gave this kind of evaluation. If he continues to entangle him, I am afraid that he will lose his old face.

When I thought of this, Banggu picked up the teacup in his hand, drank the tea in one sip, stood up dumbfounded, and planned to turn around and leave.

However, this idea just came into being, and the silhouette that came into view first made Banggu’s expression stagnant.

The sudden noises completely broke the atmosphere in the field.

“Atom Samurai, you blown awesome.”

The small sound, in this brief moment, is like a magic sound.

The cocky smile on Atom Samurai’s face suddenly became stiff, and it quickly converged.

Rao is Tong Di and the superalloy black light, who has not spoken, also followed the voice.

After all, in their eyes, the atom Samurai was indeed a little floating.

But what is said is the truth.

Just, repeating the facts over and over again to blow awesome.

In the face of such irrefutable blows, the average person is always right to beat people without slapping their faces.

Someone now gives this kind of evaluation in public, which is a bit wrong.

Rao is the emperor Tong who conducted data analysis just now, and his face is a bit unnatural.

Of course, this little bit of unnaturalness just appeared on Tong Di’s face, and when he was able to see the incoming person clearly, it quickly disappeared.

At least, in the eyes of Tong Di, he doesn’t want to suffer the same suffering again.

“Your Excellency Dragon Roll, I didn’t think of you, but you also came.”

The unhappiness on Atom Samurai’s face disappeared a little bit, but he still started to talk.

“But, Sir Tornado, I really want to know what you mean by what you just said.”

“Or, you didn’t hear clearly just now, the conversation between us made you misunderstood.”

Atomic Samurai is ranked among the S-Rank heroes. There is only one number difference between the fourth position and the second position.

But whether it is the atomic Samurai or the Bangu of silver fangs.

They know exactly how big the gap is between themselves and the girl in a green dress and a lolita figure in front of them.

After all, the title of the last shield is not for nothing.

So facing the seemingly contemptuous remarks just now, Atomic Samurai tried to slow down as much as possible.

However, the unhappiness between words still faintly exists.

“What’s the matter, your three disciplines were almost dead. If it weren’t for the devil to transform people, and rescue them in time, I’m afraid you, the teacher, will have to collect the corpse now.”

Tornado not at all care about it all.

Just now she was not at all planning to come in and take a trip through the muddy water.

However, when I heard that the Atom Samurai should belong to his younger sister’s honor, used to blow awesome.

This elder sister finally couldn’t help it.

“Tornado, you mean, my three disciplines can’t solve the ghost-level weirdos, but they let the devil transform people to save them. This joke is a bit funny.”

Atomic Samurai’s face sank suddenly, and suddenly stood up and said.

“My three disciplines are ineffective, but the strength they have, I know very well, Sir Tornado, I am very grateful for your strength and contribution to the Heroes Association, but this slander despise people I can’t accept what I said.”

Tong Di, Banggu and the others, their faces suddenly changed.

They like to quarrel, but they never thought that this kind of thing would evolve into this kind of with swords drawn and bows bent.

If it is not handled properly, I am afraid that it will not only cause the Heroes Association to be overthrown directly.

Even two powerful heroes are missing from the hero list, and this is no exception.

“Tornado, what did you mean by that remark just now? Didn’t you go to Fuxue? Why is it related to the mission.”

Tongdi couldn’t help but start to talk and plan to make a rescue.

However, Tornado’s cold gaze quickly drew, said.

“Tong Di, don’t forget the gambling agreement between me and you. Not long ago, didn’t you say that if my younger sister defeats the ghost-level Peak weirdo, would you eat the computer?”

“I want to ask you now, do I plan to braise in braised or salt and pepper.”

A bet?

Tongdi’s expression couldn’t help but stagnate, feeling the gaze of the tornado harbored evil intents, and suddenly woke up.

“Tornado, what you meant just now was that the three disciplines of the atomic Samurai were almost obliterate by the ghost-level Peak weirs when they were annihilating the weirdos. Then Janos came to the rescue, and the weirs let the hell blow the snow. Solved it?”

As the most powerful brain, what Tornado says is very fragmented.

But for Tong Di’s fast-running brain, he quickly found a clue.

“Hell blowing snow?”

Atomic Samurai frowned.

“Tong Di, isn’t Hell Fuxue your younger sister tornado, she seems to be just the B-Rank first place, she also builds up some Fuxue team all day long, and attracts some people to join.”

“Now, you actually said that even the ghost-level Peak weirdo, who couldn’t be solved even with my three disciplines, let Hell Fuxue solve it. This is too trifling.”

Faced with the questioning of Atomic Samurai, Bangu and the super alloy black light on the side also fell into silence.

Although the ranking of heroes cannot represent everything.

But it can also show that 90% of people have strength.

At least, in their memory, since Hell Fuxue has formed the so-called Fuxue Group, I am afraid that the ambition is definitely not small.

“hehe, I didn’t say that Chuuxue killed the ghost-level Peak weirdo.”

Tornado sneered, said.

“This is the battle record at that time. In fact, Tong Di, you have the heart, it is easy to find out.”

“Remember, the weird of my younger sister obliterate is a dragon-level, not a ghost-level Peak.”

“Awesome can be played, but it is necessary to know who is the banker and who is the idler.”

“This time I am here to help my younger sister certify the battle record. After today, I want to see the hero list and add another S-Rank position.”

Abandoning these words, Tornado casually threw the U disk that recorded the battle to Tong Di, then turned around and left.

Looked at this kind of unrestrained energy, everyone who was present couldn’t help but stagnate, and they quickly looked towards the U disk on the desktop.

If Tornado hadn’t left in such a cool manner, they wouldn’t believe this kind of absurd talk.

But now in this posture, it’s not like running away after pretending to be forced.

Could all of this be true?

Messy thoughts flashed in their minds, and everyone’s eyes were locked on the USB flash drive, with a hint of urgency.

Tong Di couldn’t keep his breath even more, grabbed the USB flash drive and directly connected it to the computer.

They are now eager to know who is blowing awesome.

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