Naruto: I can reach full level with one key Chapter 1530


Could all of this be true?

Messy thoughts flashed in their minds, and everyone’s eyes were locked on the USB flash drive, a little more urgent.

Tong Di couldn’t keep his breath even more, grabbed the USB flash drive and directly connected it to the computer.

They are now eager to know who is blowing awesome.

The screen was opened all at once.

The huge body of the Deep Sea King appeared before his eyes.

As the picture continues to flow, the huge storm will dissipate.

Everyone present showed their ghostly expressions.

Especially Samurai, who was still blowing the awesome atom at the moment, his face was stiff to the extreme at this moment.

Especially, I saw the scene where even the devil transforms people, who are bothered by two stupid disciplines, and the Deep Sea King defeats heavy injury.

Rao is his old face, it’s getting hot.

However, they absolutely never thought that the awesome that Tornado just blew was actually true.

As the Ranked 1st Ranked Hell Fuxue among the B-Rank heroes, the small universe can explode to this point.

Even the Deep Sea King who hides the strength of the dragon-level weird can be killed in seconds.

At present, the Devil Transformer Jenos is the seventh Ranked Tenth among the new S-Rank heroes.

Can’t fight the Deep Sea King either.

Then Hell Fuxue beheaded the Deep Sea King.

Doesn’t it mean that Hell Fubuki will surpass the three people of Iihean in the future and join the ranks of S-Rank heroes?

Moreover, this rank will surpass Jenos, who is ranked seventeenth.

As for how far the ranking can reach, I am afraid it is difficult to imagine.

After all, the final blow of Hell Blizzard was too terrifying.

“Worthy-of is the younger sister of Lord Tornado. Is this probably because she deliberately hides the ability of her younger sister?”

silver Fang took the lead in sighing start to talk.

“Superability is really terrifying, and you won’t be wronged by the atomic Samurai.”

“However, I believe that as long as you take a little more thought and work hard to guide, their strength will quickly improve, and promotion to S-Rank is no exception.”

“This is better than my bachelor commander.”

For this time the atom Samurai blows the awesome thing through, silver fangs not at all hit a person when he’s down.

After all, in this kind of situation, facing super-ability people, they are ordinary persons who are purely fleshy body fighting strength.

If you hit a person when he’s down, it is undoubtedly fifty steps and one hundred steps.

even more how, if you can see that traditional martial arts and Kenjutsu can be carried forward, it would be a good thing for Banggu of silver fangs.

“No, you guessed wrong. You also heard that Tornado made a bet with me. She probably didn’t know that Chuixue has such a powerful power.”

Tong Di shake one’s head.

“Even more how, the ambition of Hell Fubuki is enough to be seen by the formation of the Fubuki team.”

“Unfortunately, her strength has never been able to improve. Compared with Tornado, her superability is far from it.”

“If I really want to comment, Chuuxue is the strength of having an A-Rank hero, but if she reaches the S-Rank level, she might not be able to do it.”

Speaking of this, Tong Di’s face sank slightly, said.

“If the deduction is really pursued, I suspect that the strength of Hell Fuxue is raised to this level in a short time, maybe it is a broken limiter.”


Atomic Samurai and Silver Fang’s face suddenly changed.

They are all Grandmasters of a generation, and they are able to reach the position of S-Rank hero. They have all come out step by step.

Now Tong Di actually told them that this kind of effort was only achieved in a short time in front of others.

This kind of gap and evaluation are unacceptable to them.

“Teacher, Tongdi is right. The strength of the hell blowing snow seems to be bought back.”

An abrupt voice rang out.

Faced with the two figures that suddenly appeared in front of the gate, the nerves of Atom Samurai and the others suddenly tightened.

I sighed in relief secretly after I could see the face of the visitor clearly.

As an S-Rank hero, it is the most basic thing to always be alert to changes in the field.

It’s a pity that what happened just now was so shocking.

Rao is the cautious generation of them, and they never thought that their mentality would be confused in this matter.

Atomic Samurai was the first to lose his temper, and said anxiously: “Juhe, what were you talking about, you said hell blowing snow, suddenly became-stronger, it was bought with money, this joke is not funny. ”

“Also, what do you mean is that Hell Fuxue betrayed himself to the weirdo and gained even stronger power.”

As a hero, it is also the pillar of the Heroes Association.

Atomic Samurai still knows a little bit about the appearance of weird people.

At least, in their eyes, they can jump from a B-Rank hero to another S-Rank. This is a huge leap.

I am afraid that only those by fair means or foul can do it.

“teacher, the strength of the hell blowing snow, I’m afraid it was not bought from the weirdo. We just know roughly that the husband of the tornado is a deeply hidden manga shop boss and has the strength of an obliterate dragon-level weirdo.”


After Ihean hesitated for a while, said with a bitter smile.

“From the mouth of Drill Samurai, I learned that the manager of the manga shop named Uchiha Kinyu once said that as long as he can come up with money, he can make a person become-stronger in a short time.”

“By the way, I remember his manga store name, it seems you want to become-stronger?”

Speaking slightly awkwardly, echoed in the office for a long time without any way to disperse.

Looked in deadly earnest, Juhean briefly described, the people present were dumbfounded.

Rao is the atom Samurai was also uncomfortable, and was the first to shout.

“Juhe, failure is not a shame, but using this kind of excuse to conceal one’s failure is a shame even the teacher’s old face.”

“Talk-nonsense just now, I will punish you later.”

“Qiu Wu, tell me, the whole sequence of events in this incident is still where the drill bit went, is it hurt, if you have any lie, be careful I will expel you from the finished apprenticeship door .”

The awe-inspiring voice is mixed with the smell of without a doubt.

Faced with the explanation given by Juhean just now, the people present were also obviously unacceptable. They all looked at Qiu Wu Katana, and there was an inexplicable urgency.

Feeling the gaze cast by all around, Qiu Wu Katana showed a helpless wry smile, and said after much glanced at Juhean.

“teacher, can I say that the talk-nonsense just now is true? Iihean is not at all lie, he went to buy a powerful drill.”

“It’s just that, we swear that I and I sneered at this so-called purchased power. Only if the drill is deceived, will we make the wrong choice in one or three moments. I hope the teacher will learn from it.”

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