Naruto’s God Tree’s Fruit in Other World Chapter 2238


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“Hello, do you have an invitation?” Seeing Lin Chuan and Bu Lianshi approaching, a Chief-In-Charge approached and asked.

The people of Qingxian Bu Family are all good at doing business, and their strengths are to watch their words and colors. Before Lin Chuan and Bu Lianshi approached, he had already noticed these two people. No matter their appearance, but their temperament, the two of them are excellent, and the posture of the superior is simply integrated into the bones.

“Yes!” Bu Lianshi clicked nodded and took out his invitation card.

This was given to her by the previous step to facilitate Bu Lianshi to enter the Bu Family.

Of course, if you know that Lin Chuan’s retreat is over, you can omit the invitation and so on. With Yomotsu Hirasaka, a powerful space like Ninjutsu, a Bu Family can just come and leave.

I looked at the invitations of the two, and when there was no problem, the person immediately returned the invitations to Bu Lianshi, “You two, please come with me.

“Our gathering will start around noon. If you have any needs, you can tell me at any time. In addition, because of the return of external managers, we have a lot of novel treasures here. If you are interested, I can take you there. Take a look.” The man said with a smile.

The reason why Bu Family’s external steward assembly allows outsiders to watch the gift is that it is possible to sell goods through the gift. It can be said that Bu Family is unwilling to give up any opportunity to do business.

“Okay, you can show us.” Lin Chuan said softly.

It’s fine for the time being, and it doesn’t matter if you follow this person.

The area where Bu Family is located is very large, and it is divided into various areas. Because it is only for watching gifts, Lin Chuan cannot go to many areas.

But with Bu Lianshi, the former Bu Family Eldest Miss, beside him, where is the area, specifically dry and so on, Lin Chuan quickly knew it.

After shopping for a while, seeing that the time was almost up, the man took Lin Chuan and the two moved towards the square where the rally was held.

As it was approaching, the noisy voice came over there.

“You have earned 5,000,000 Spirit Stone more than last time. Maybe after this conference, you can be promoted!”

“Where, I feel that there are quite a lot of people who have increased their sales income this time, and it may not be my turn!”

“Where, 5,000,000 is not a small number, you can definitely improve it.”


These people gather together and talk about things in business. On the contrary, very few talk about cultivation base.

“Hey, have you heard that? Patriarch seems to be punishing some people at this conference.”

“Who? It was announced at the stewardship meeting. That is not the rhythm of direct delisting?”

Generally speaking, if the external steward really makes any mistakes, just quietly dismiss them. After all, they are a family, and there is no need to do too much unless they are a last resort.

But if things are brought to this kind of five-year conference, the problem will be serious. I am afraid it is not just as simple as dismissal, maybe even a small life.

“I heard that a lot of Spirit Stone was embezzled, and a lot of people were involved.” Someone said in a low voice.

“Then this conference, I am afraid there will be a good show.”


When Lin Chuan and the others came to the viewing platform all around in the square, there were already many people around.

Azure’s rays of light flashed slightly in Lin Chuan’s eyes, and quickly locked Bufan and Bufeng among the thousands of people. Bu Lianshi has also relied on absolute perception to find Bu Fan three in the crowd.

Bu Fan over there also noticed the arrival of Lin Chuan and Bu Lianshi at this moment, raised his head moved towards this side and took a look, slightly nodded.

“This step Chen will also find time. We are going to do it today. He seems to be planning to do it today, and he really hit each other.” Lin Chuan lightly said with a smile.

Judging from the information captured in the conversations of everyone present, Bu Fan is likely to take advantage of this conference to fight Bu Stall. And if you really make a move, it is definitely not just against Buzhan. Those who have been Bufan and those who have helped Buzhan during this time will probably have bad luck.

“It’s just right! I want to see what Bu Chen does.” Bu Lianshi expression said coldly.

For Bu Chen, Bu Lianshi can be said to be hateful. If it weren’t for this person, how could she end up in Southern Ming Continent and even almost died.

It was because of this person that she lost everything from her childhood, including her parents.

“rest assured, today I will let everything end.” Lin Chuan held Bu Lianshi’s hand and whispered in her ear.

“You’d better not shoot, otherwise…” Bu Lianshi frowns stretched out, but said slightly worried.

Lin Chuan’s current strength is very strong. The 3 Great First Origin Scriptures gathered together. The Cultivator couldn’t help him during the tribulation period, but the problem is also very serious. That is, in this Cultivation World, once Lin Chuan uses his strength, Being targeted by Deva Path, especially using the power of The 3 Great First Origin Scriptures, will make Deva Path runaway directly.

So even if Lin Chuan wants to make a move, he must do it quickly, and he will react to the money in Deva Path to end the fight, and then return to the starting ball space. Otherwise, Lin Chuan is not just fighting the enemy, but Deva Path confrontation, with Lin Chuan’s current strength, this is simply impossible.

“Wait, it depends on the situation. I still have a lot of methods. I don’t have to use The 3 Great First Origin Scriptures.” Lin Chuan said.


With the sound of a bright voice, the voices of the thousands of Cultivators in the entire Qingxian Bu Family fell one after another. Even the people who watched the ceremony had their positive expressions and stopped talking. For a while, the entire square changed very much. Quiet, everyone’s eyes looked towards the high platform directly above.


A white rays of light dropping from the sky, and more than twenty silhouettes appeared on the empty high platform. Among them, the middle-aged man who stood in the front was the Bu Family. Contemporary Patriarch, Buchen!

Behind him are members of the Bu Family Elder Association, all of whom are the cultivation base of the Great Ascension Stage, with a total of 27 people.

Although most people’s strength is only the Middle-Stage at the beginning of Great Ascension, it is enough to show the power of Bu Family. Among all Level 2 Cultivation forces, this can be considered the only one. After all, apart from Qingxian Bu Family, no Level 2 Cultivation force has such large financial resources, relying on cultivation resources to pile up a group of Great Ascension Stage.

“Before the opening of today’s stewardship meeting, I want to announce one thing first.” Bu Chen said loudly, his eyes indifferent, and he fell on Bu Shi who was standing in the crowd.

“It has been found out that the one who destroyed Buluandantian in Qingxian City yesterday was the outside manager of the Great Desert Region-Bu Jia!”

Hearing this, everyone’s complexion changed, and they looked towards the direction of the step.

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