Naruto’s God Tree’s Fruit in Other World Chapter 2240


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“This…it’s not so good. After all, the truth of the matter has not been fully investigated, so just take the step directly, is it a bit too sloppy?”

At this moment, a thin and tall old man brows slightly wrinkle who had been standing behind Bu Chen said.

Under the stage, the Bu Family guard who was already ready to take action heard this and temporarily stopped his movements, looking towards Buchen and Sixth Elder.

“This person is the Second Elder in the family, the cultivation base of the Great Ascension Stage Great Perfection, and not the person of my father lineage. In the past, his position was relatively neutral, which is why Buchen did not take action against him.” Bu Lianshi explained next to Lin Chuan.

“According to Buzha, after my father disappeared, the power fell into the hands of Buchen, and it was this Second Elder who reconciled it, which made Buchen not attack some people, otherwise the group of Buzha might not survive now. “

Lin Chuan clicked nodded. Although this Second Elder is not from Bufan, he has his own rules for doing things. Being able to stand in a neutral position also shows that he does have some abilities.

“Second Elder, now that the evidence is conclusive, are you trying to cover the stalling?” Sixth Elder gave Second Elder a cold look.

The two are not in harmony, and there is no need to worry about each other’s face at this time.

“Isn’t it sloppy to determine that it is related to stepping based on the cyan-gold sand? Although this thing is only available in the desert region, it is not impossible to buy it. Anyone can get this thing if they have the intention. “Second Elder said with a solemn expression.

“Second Elder, we took the step to find out the truth faster and faster, and also to prevent the suspect from escaping. You rest assured, we will definitely give a fair investigation result.”

At this time, Bu Chen, who hadn’t spoken much, spoke up and said slowly, his eyes staying on Second Elder’s body for a while, threatening.

In recent years, Second Elder has indeed hindered many Buchen’s decisions, and Buchen has indeed made some concessions for the sake of the overall situation. But now, the times have changed. Bu Family has basically fallen under Bu Chen’s control. Even if Second Elder really has any ideas, it is impossible to set off a storm.

To put it plainly, Bu Chen is no longer afraid of Second Elder.

Second Elder gritted his teeth, his face a little ugly.

He helped Buzhe, in fact, he is also helping himself in disguise. Nowadays Bu Family, his right to speak has become smaller and smaller. Once Buchen has cleaned up the remaining people of Bufan, I am afraid the next goal it’s him.

“that’s all, I hope the family can investigate it clearly.”

For a long time, Second Elder shook the head, he didn’t continue to hold on, because he knew that his perseverance alone was useless at all. If he really followed Buchen here to cast aside all considerations for face, then next , And no one can help step by step.

However, when Buzhe is taken down at this moment, there is almost no chance of a comeback. What Second Elder can do is to see if there is a chance to save Buzhe’s life.

“Isn’t it all right this way.” Sixth Elder sneered said, and immediately signaled that the guards under the stage would take the stall.


At this moment, Lin Chuan stood up directly and interrupted Bu Family’s arrest of the stepper again.

In an instant, everyone’s eyes looked towards the viewing platform where Lin Chuan was.

“Who is this person? How dare to intervene in Bu Family matters?”

“I don’t know, it looks very young, maybe it is a hairless brat that doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.”

“Dare to speak out at this time, I’m afraid this person has a bad brain.”


At this moment, in the face of Lin Chuan’s voice, everyone discussed spiritedly, but obviously, everyone did not take Lin Chuan seriously, and no one thought that at such a Bu Family conference, a person who came to the ceremony could What to stop, even the heirs of Level 1 Cultivation forces do not dare to act so recklessly.

What’s more, Lin Chuan’s appearance has been disguised at this moment. No one knows Lin Chuan. In addition, they can’t feel the strong Spiritual-Power fluctuations in Lin Chuan’s body. It is enough to show that this is probably not from a small force. The yellow-haired kid who knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth.

On the stage, Bu Chen and Bu Family Elder looked towards Lin Chuan, and their faces were mostly gloomy.

An outsider just came to watch the ceremony. How can he be qualified to speak in this situation, let alone being so young, he simply cannot tell good from bad.

“What do you want to do?” Sixth Elder asked with a gloomy expression.

“Yes, I think Bu Family is not going to investigate corruption today? There are not a lot of corruption at this stage, only tens of millions of Spirit Stones. I have a few big fish here. Take this opportunity to show it to all Elders of Bu Family. It’s not worth it that I will help you investigate.”

Lin Chuan’s voice fell, raised his hand and threw out dozens of Jade Tubes. After these Jade Tubes fell into the field, they immediately reflected their contents under the inspiration of Spiritual-Power. All of them were embezzled by Bu Family external affairs. The evidence is more detailed than the step-by-step one. As for the amount, it is even greater. The least one has embezzled the 1 billion Spirit Stone, and the more even reached the tens of billions level. Among them, Dantian was abolished. Luan, his embezzlement amount is as high as 281 billion Spirit Stone, and he holds the top spot.

Lin Chuan wants to get these things very simple. Black Tortoise has its own intelligence network. It is not too easy to investigate a person’s embezzlement of Spirit Stone. What’s more, there is also a lady, backed by forces like the Great Sound Pavilion, these things are easy to get.

“impudent!!! Where did you get these false information? Dare to slander me here!!”

“Slander! This is definitely slander. I really didn’t embezzle Spirit Stone.”

“Patriarch, I can’t believe this thing. This person doesn’t know where he got the false information. I have absolutely no corruption!”


Seeing the content reflected in the Jade Tube, some of the supervisors who were still watching the good show immediately complexion greatly changed.

And everyone in the field and the people watching the ceremony began to discuss it. After all, this thing still looks very detailed, not like a fake, it almost marked the time, amount, and even the embezzlement of money. Whereabouts, people have to believe.

What’s more, Bu Family’s corruption is not a secret in the first place. Everyone is tacit understanding, but at the moment it is exposed in public, and it does slap many people in the face.

Especially Bu Chen, his face at this moment is so gloomy that he can squeeze out the water, wishing to slap Lin Chuan to death.

Because these people are all his confidantes, this is clearly aimed at him.

“Come here, take him down to me, dare to slander our external steward in Bu Family, you are the prince of Royal Family, and you have to give us an account!” Sixth Elder has already ascertained the origin of Lin Chuan at this moment. Knowing that Lin Chuan relied on the invitation card given by Buzhan to enter here, so there is no worries about it.

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