Naruto’s God Tree’s Fruit in Other World Chapter 2241


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As Sixth Elder’s voice fell, dozens of Bu Family guards immediately moved towards Lin Chuan and rushed over.

A person who came to watch the ceremony and talked nonsense at the Bu Family executive meeting so ignorant of etiquette. If there is no support behind it, it is estimated that there is only one dead word. Moreover, he offended so many senior leaders of Bu Family at one time. After today, this young man is afraid it will be difficult to see again.


A touch of green rays of light suddenly burst out of Bu Lianshi next to Lin Chuan. The Great Ascension Early-Stage’s cultivation base in this brief moment was undoubtedly revealed, and the Bu Family guards that rushed over were all bombed off. Get out.

“When did Bu Family become so unreasonable? It really disappoints me if he doesn’t solve the problem, but wants to solve the person who raised the problem!” Bu Lianshi slowly stood up and said.

“Bold!! I dare to hurt people in my Bu Family! You are still screaming here, what qualifications do you have for Bu Family? Today I will teach you this arrogant junior for your adult!” Sixth Elder furiously shouted, when the cultivation base broke out, he wanted to attack Bu Lianshi.

A Great Ascension Stage Early-Stage Cultivator, although the young is a bit beyond everyone’s expectations, the Bu Family is the most powerful existence among the Level 2 Cultivation forces. Even if it does, no one dare to say anything.

However, it can also be seen that Bu Family is also a little afraid of Bu Lianshi. If you change someone else, maybe Sixth Elder will kill him directly, but to Bu Lianshi, he only said it was a lesson, which shows that he is still a little uncertain about the power behind Bu Lianshi. After all, such a young Great Ascension Stage Cultivator is likely to come from Level 1 Cultivation forces, coupled with the unscrupulous attitude of the two Bu Lianshi Lin Chuan, it does make Bu Family a little uncertain.


Sixth Elder’s body flashed out and went straight to Lin Chuan and Bu Lianshi to catch it, but it was obvious that he did not play Assassin.

“I am not qualified for the decision to set the Beak Bu Family? Hehe, Sixth Elder, to be honest, I am really qualified!”

Facing the rushing Sixth Elder, Bu Lianshi gave a sneer, turned his hand and took out a jade seal emitting a bright green light.

The jade seal resembles nature itself, with an Azure Dragon entrenched on it, and its winding body forms just a step. At the moment when this jade seal appeared, a strong wood Spiritual-Power aura was immediately permeated around it, as if to let everyone in this brief moment be in the forest.

“Azure Dragon Seal!!!”

When I saw the Azure Dragon Yuxi in Bu Lianshi’s hand, all the faces of all Bu Family members changed, including the two dozen Elder and Patriarch Buchen on the stage.

“Bu Family Azure Dragon Seal is here. Seeing this jade seal is like meeting Patriarch and Sixth Elder. Do you dare to take action against me?” Bu Lianshi looked at Sixth Elder who had killed him and said coldly.


Seeing the Azure Dragon Seal in Bu Lianshi’s hands, Sixth Elder Bu Luo’s complexion was uncertain, and he did not expect to see the Bu Family Azure Dragon Seal here.

Although this thing has always been a symbol of Patriarch, it was lost after Bu Fan was killed. Although Bu Family sent someone to find it, it was not found at all. It could only be given up, but it didn’t expect to appear now. Bu Family.

Bu Luo couldn’t pay attention for a while, but he didn’t make any more moves. Instead, he looked towards Patriarch Buchen on the stage.

“Who are you? Why is the Bu Family Azure Dragon Seal in your hands?” Bu Chen asked with a gloomy and uncertain face.

Obviously, what happened at this moment was beyond his expectation. The Azure Dragon Seal reappeared. He, Patriarch, should be happy, but faintly, he felt a little uneasy, as if he had missed something important.

“Uncle long time no see, I seem to have forgotten me. The little girl’s last name is Bu, her name is Lian Shi!” Bu Lianshi looked at Bu Chen and calmly announced his name.

“Bu Lianshi? Why is this name so familiar!”

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