Naruto’s God Tree’s Fruit in Other World Chapter 2242


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“Dare to pretend to be the daughter of the previous Patriarch, I think you are bringing about one’s own destruction!” Buchen stepped out, and the terrifying power pressure immediately permeated. As the Cultivator of the Great Ascension Stage Great Perfection, Buchen is here The strength of Bu Family is already the existence of cream of the crop. At this moment, everyone in the square keep quiet out of fear.

“Bu Lianshi died a long time ago, and I buried her body by myself. In order to give the family a little hope, I deliberately said that she was missing, but I didn’t expect someone to come to Bu Family and pretend to be Bu Lianshi. act recklessly.” Bu Chen’s voice fell, and without giving other people time to react, he shot it out with a palm and moved towards Bu Lianshi and killed him.

He doesn’t plan to let Bu Lianshi go anymore today. No matter whether this person is really Bu Lianshi or not, what forces are behind him, he will kill Bu Lianshi today to avoid future troubles.

“Wait a minute, I think this matter needs to be investigated…” Second Elder complexion changed, he wanted to stop him, but he was already a step too late, and he had just made a move, and several Elders around him immediately stopped him. before.

Although the cultivation base of these people is not as high as that of Second Elder, with a large number of people, Second Elder really can’t rush over immediately, and can only look at Bu Lianshi’s direction with great anxiety.

Most of the Bu Family people in the field are still confused at the moment. After all, things happen too fast, and many people have not yet realized what is going on.

They don’t know whether Bu Lianshi’s words are true or not. They don’t know if Bu Chen’s words can be believed. At this moment, many people in the field don’t know where to stand.

“Do you want to kill someone?”

Lin Chuan sneered, he did not wait for Bu Lianshi to make a move.

With a wave of the right hand, a pure black sphere suddenly appeared in front of Lin Chuan. The black sphere suddenly enlarged and turned into a shady barrier in front of Lin Chuan and Bu Lianshi.

The black sphere appeared without warning, and there was no aura radiating, and the speed of change was extremely fast. Before Bu Chen’s palm was photographed, all Bu Chen’s offensive routes had been blocked.

At this time, Buchen, if he wants to continue to attack Lin Chuan and Bu Lianshi, the only way is to break the black light curtain.

But I don’t know why, but Bu Chen felt a palpitating feeling when he faced the black light curtain. Even if he didn’t notice any breath on the light curtain, the palpitations didn’t change at all.

At the level of the Great Ascension Stage Great Perfection, he has become extremely sensitive to the perception of Heaven and Earth. Although Bu Chen was puzzled about the cause of his palpitations, he did not forcefully attack the black light curtain. Instead, he shot a volley. The palm turned into a huge palm print and fell on the black light curtain.

In the shocked eyes of everyone, Bu Chen’s palm print quietly landed on the black light curtain, and then disappeared quietly, without arousing any waves, let alone breaking it. black light curtain.

“What? A palm print of Patriarch was hard-wired! What is the shady?”

“The full strength attack of the Great Ascension Stage Great Perfection did not break the light curtain! How is this possible?”

“What magic spell is this? Why can’t I feel anything?”


At this moment, everyone who saw this scene had their eyes widened, their faces full of disbelief.

Bu Chen himself also showed an expression of shock. Although his palm was temporarily changed to a palm print attack, his formidable power is not bad at all. If you want to be hard, it is difficult without the later cultivation base of Great Ascension. I did it, let alone Lin Chuan, which was casually resolved with a black light curtain, it was unheard-of and unprecedented.

Under the protection of the light curtain, Bu Lianshi stared at Bu Chen coldly, with an indifferent smile on the corner of his mouth, and seeing her former enemy deflated, it was considered to have ended her hatred.

Lin Chuan’s Taoist jade, in the longevity world, even the Golden Seal attack operated by the three major Transcending Tribulation period Cultivators could be intercepted, even more how is Buchen’s palm print at this moment, and even hardened this one. After the palm print, the size of Qiu Dao Jade hardly changed. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is easy.

“Bu Family Lord, why rush to take action? Isn’t it a guilty conscience and want to kill someone?” Lin Chuan asked with a sneer looking at the gloomy Buchen in the sky expression.

There is a jade for seeking Taoism, even if you don’t use the power of The 3 Great First Origin Scriptures, this step still can’t help him.

“Uncle, are you so afraid of me telling the truth?” Bu Lianshi asked, “Yes, after all, everything you get today is carefully plotted against you, if you let Bu Family people Knowing that you are conspiring to usurp power, cause my father, and lead him into the trap you designed long ago, and chase me all the way, how can you still have the face to stay in Bu Family?

“Nonsense!!! You don’t know where the slut came from. Not only did you pretend to be the daughter of the late Patriarch, but also wantonly slander my reputation here. If I didn’t kill you today, wouldn’t I want the entire Cultivation World? Sneer!” Bu Chen said angrily.

“Kill them!”

“Dare to slander us Patriarch, die!”


Bu Chen’s killing intention has been very clear. For a while, a dozen Elders rushed out, and the two moved towards Bu Lianshi killed them. Some of them know what happened at the beginning and even participated in it, and some guessed something, but they have already followed Buchen like locusts tied to one rope. If something goes wrong with Buchen, they will also suffer. So this Bu Lianshi, whether true or false, must die.

Faced with the siege of dozens of Great Ascension Stage Cultivators, Lin Chuan’s face suddenly sank. He already wanted to take Assassin. Especially for Bu Chen, he dared to call Bu Lianshi a slut. In Lin Chuan’s eyes, Bu Lianshi was already dead.

“hmph! What a Bu Family, what a Buchen!”

Suddenly, a depressed breath appeared in the field, making everyone’s expressions change.

The feeling that the cultivation base is lower is not obvious, but the Cultivator of the Great Ascension Stage already shows an expression of horror. Their perception of the dramatic changes in the surrounding Heaven and Earth Law, their original connection with Heaven and Earth, turned out to be in this brief moment was cut off by life. The power above them made them feel only despair at the moment they noticed it.

“Transcending Tribulation Period!”

These are the three words that appear in the minds of all Great Ascension Stage Cultivator.

The horrified gaze swept across the field. Everyone was looking for the source of the breath. Soon, they locked on the person who was standing behind the stepper and covered in black robes.

“Who…who are you?” Bu Chen looked at the man with horror on his face.

Because he felt a frightening familiarity on the black clothed silhouette regardless of his body shape or breath.

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