Naruto’s God Tree’s Fruit in Other World Chapter 2265


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Looking at this elegant man who suddenly appeared, everyone’s expressions changed. Because of the imposing manner that radiated from this person, even among the powerhouses in the Transcending Tribulation period, he was still a cream of the crop, and even Prince Jin and Venerable Shangyuan could not match him.

You must know that these two are the Peak existences recognized by Zhongchuan Continent. However, at this moment, they are suppressed by a powerhouse that is not well-known. It is conceivable that everyone is shocked.

“This person is…” Mu Chen frowns, he is addicted to Pill Refining, and he doesn’t know much about Zhongchuan Continent.

“Pill Recipe! You should have heard it.” Mu Yun said solemnly in writing.

“It’s him!” Mu Chen’s expression immediately moved.

He has indeed heard of Pill Recipe, but he has never seen it.

It is said that there is an Imperial Teacher in Middle Creek Empire, known as Pill Recipe. What his real name is but nobody knows. In the empire, he is the second only to the existence of Emperor Zhongchuan, and his status is even higher than the first of the nine princes. Prince Jin is even higher.

At this moment, its cultivation base is indeed strong, at least above Prince Jin and Venerable Shangyuan.

Lin An and Mu Li looked at the silhouette in front of them, and there was a flash of cold rays of light in their eyes.

At the beginning, the three Lin Chuan were plot against by this person and then sealed in the longevity within the realm. Because of this incident, both of them knew about the existence of the Pill Recipe, and Lin Chuan also mentioned that, Let them be careful of this person.

At this moment, Lin An’s Eye of Creation has not been put away yet, while rays of light are circulating, he directly urged the Eye of Creation to look towards Pill Recipe.

I don’t know why. It may be because of the relationship between the two treasures. Lin An felt that the Pill Recipe’s breath was a bit strange, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong.


At the moment when the Eye of Creation looked past, the Pill Recipe also moved towards Lin An and looked over. In an instant, the whole piece of Heaven and Earth seemed to be shocked, and a Void Shadow of a peony flower appeared. Pill Recipe’s side blocked the eyes of Creation Eye.

“en?” Lin An’s face changed slightly, and his body instantly took a step back and stepped on the celestial disk.

“Your adult hasn’t taught you, is it impolite to look at others this way?” Pill Recipe glanced at Lin An lightly, expressing a calm expression.

“I offended.” Lin An took a breath and said softly.

Seeing this scene, everyone couldn’t help showing a surprised expression, especially the Cultivator in the Transcending Tribulation period, and there was a touch of fear in the expression when looking towards the Pill Recipe.

Be aware that although Lin An is only the Cultivator of the Great Ascension Stage, he manipulates the Eye of Creation, which is the Ranked 2nd treasure on the world’s rare object list, and was directly stopped by Pill Recipe. This makes many people feel incredible, because they think they can’t do the same thing as Pill Recipe.

“How is it? Have you found anything?” Mu Li quietly asked sound-transmission.

This Pill Recipe, as the Imperial Teacher of Middle Creek Empire, is a powerful existence they must face. If they can find out his details earlier, it will be of great help to their next actions.

“I can’t see it. The peony on his body seems to be a very powerful treasure, at least Immortal Grade, and his own breath is also very special. The ability to manipulate Heaven and Earth Law is my only sight Definitely a very terrifying character, we have to be careful next.” Lin An sound-transmission said.

Hearing this, Mu Li couldn’t help but watch Pill Recipe more. The mystery and power of this man seemed to be beyond their previous expectations. I wonder if it will affect their next actions. .

However, thinking of Lin Chuan’s current metamorphosis, Mu Li felt that he was overwhelmed.

Pill Recipe’s gaze swept across the cheeks of everyone present, with a faint smile on the corners of his mouth, that kind of feeling, as if everything in the world is under his control, confident, calm, and calm. Such a posture is extremely rare even in the Cultivator during the Transcending Tribulation period, but the imposing manner of the Pill Recipe in this regard is very precise, which makes people feel very real, without any artificial feeling.

“When will the [Akatsuki] organize to come to the imperial capital, I really want to come out to welcome them immediately, do you know the specific time?” Pill Recipe asked softly.

He speaks in a gentle tone, not like asking an enemy when to disrupt the situation, but asking when an old friend will come to visit.

“[Akatsuki] Organization matters, how would we know.” Mu Yunshu said with a cold laugh.

“Pill Recipe is afraid that he asked the wrong person. For this matter, you should ask the Royal Family intelligence organization yourself. We don’t have any news from the [Akatsuki] organization.” said in a tranquil voice.

Lin An pursed his lips over there, not at all talking.

“he he he, I thought you would come together.” Pill Recipe lightly said with a smile.

“What do you mean?” Mu Chen asked gloomily.

Although everyone knows that Tian One Sword Sect, Yuan Zong, and Lin Family have a good relationship with the [Akatsuki] organization, from the beginning to the end, no one dared to mention this matter in person. Just like Prince Jin before, although the relationship between each other is obviously very poor, but they both tacitly did not mention the [Akatsuki] organization. This is also the last fig leaf for both parties, unless it is time to completely tear their faces, otherwise mention [Akatsuki] ] Isn’t the organization looking for something?

But now, Mr. Pill Recipe actually mentioned the [Akatsuki] organization directly, and repeatedly mentioned it, this is not to try to calm things down, but to make things bigger, it’s no wonder everyone has a little face Ugly.

Prince Jin sees this place, he is also frowned. He doesn’t want to do things at this time. After all, the Millennium Daqing is about to begin. At this time, there is no need to conflict with the Great Influences. Wait until the [Akatsuki] organization comes , Can be liquidated together

But now that Pill Recipe has spoken, Prince Jin is not good to say anything. After all, in terms of status, although he is the head of the nine princes, in the empire, he is still under the Pill Recipe. .

“What can I mean, I just want to remind you, don’t lose your net worth, life, or even the entire sect. If you enter the wrong door this time, I am afraid there will be no chance again.” Pill The Recipe said in a tranquil voice, and the whole process was serene, as if discussing where to go for an outing in two days.

At this moment, everyone’s faces became extremely ugly.

This is already a threat from Chi Guoguo, and it is threatening Three Great Influences in front of everyone. It does not mean that these Transcending Tribulation Cultivators are in sight.

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