Naruto’s God Tree’s Fruit in Other World Chapter 2266


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“Then I also remind Imperial Teacher, don’t hold this Millennium Daqing as the last.” Mu Yunshu said with a cold face.

Since Pill Recipe has already spoken to this point, there is no need for him to be polite.

“It just so happened that you had to give us an explanation for the previous attack on the branch sect of One Sword Sect in Zhongchuan Continent.” Mu Chen also opened the mouth and said.

At this moment, the all influence was still restrained, and there is already the possibility of tearing the face. The surrounding forces watching the excitement see that the situation is not right, and they retreat slightly.

These are all Level 1 Cultivation forces. They can not afford to offend. If they are not good enough to bring disaster to innocent people, they will have no place to cry if they are destroyed.

Prince Jin glanced at these forces, especially those behind him, his complexion suddenly became gloomy.

Before the Heavenly One Sword Sect and other sect forces came, these people said keep on saying that they would stand on the Royal Family’s side. However, now that the situation is not right, there is no one to help Royal Family speak, instead They all retreated. If this were to be placed before, he would have taken action long ago.

But now, he can’t make a move.

Their Royal Family now needs to win over people. If he really kills these wall grasses, no one will dare to stand on the Royal Family’s side.

In today’s situation, the reason why there are so many grassroots is also because the majesty of the Royal Family has been provoked, and it is no longer possible to be in Zhongchuan Continent hid the sky with one hand.

“hmph! It seems that not many people support you. Although Zhongchuan Continent is here, it is not your Middle Creek Empire one family’s land.” Mu Li said with a cold laugh.

“Who said that no one supports Royal Family, don’t we?”

At this time, several forces did not back down. After Mu Li’s voice fell, they immediately began to show their support for the Royal Family.

“Yes, we also support Royal Family. The reason why Zhongchuan Continent is called Zhongchuan Continent is because of the existence of Middle Creek Empire. Otherwise, is it your last name? Yuan continent? Ridiculous!” One said with a sneer.

“I have to say, you are very courageous, I am very optimistic about you.”

Not far away, Lin An raised his eyebrows, looked at the sect forces and said softly.

“I have a chance in the future, I really want to go to your sect to sit.” Lin An continued.

“I am also very interested.” Mu Li echoed.

As soon as these words came out, the faces of those sects changed immediately.

Sit down at their sect? Do you really sit down? I’m afraid not necessarily!

The organizations that were destroyed by the [Akatsuki] organization in the Yellow Springs catastrophe were all pulled up by the roots in a very short time, and even the rescue of the Royal Family can’t wait.

When I thought of this, the faces of the few people who were screaming just now became very pale, they didn’t dare to speak anymore, and even intentionally or unintentionally started moving towards the back.

“What are you afraid of? With our Royal Family, we can also prevent others from doing evil.” Prince Duanzhong gasped for breath at this moment and immediately angered.

However, it was okay for him not to speak, but when he opened his mouth, the people were scared and backed dozens of steps.

As the Ranked 4th among the nine princes of the Middle Creek Empire, he was just beaten by Mu Li and injured. This is really unconvincing.

“It seems that something is really going to happen in this Millennium Daqing, I am looking forward to it more and more.” Pill Recipe said softly as he watched what was happening before him.

Obviously, under his intimidation, Tian One Sword Sect, Yuan Zong, and even Lin Family were somewhat confident, and this also shows that there must be something to rely on behind these three parties.

As for whether this reliance will be the [Akatsuki] organization, Pill Recipe is still uncertain, but he has already tried out what he wants.

That is the Millennium Daqing, the conflict between the Royal Family and the major Level 1 Cultivation forces will erupt in an all-round way, and there may even be a great war to subvert the entire continent.

“He is testing us.” Lin An sound-transmission to Mu Li.

“I can see it, but these are not important anymore. Anyway, Lin Chuan has decided to resolve all grievances on the Millennium Daqing, so try to test, when the time comes, if they put all the cards of Royal Family Get ready, and save us one by one,” Mu Li said.

“Do you think that the Royal Family also seems to be confident? At least the way the Pill Recipe worker shows up is also confident.” Lin An continued.

“This person is indeed not simple, but I still trust Lin Chuan’s hole cards more than Royal Family’s hole cards.” Mu Li said softly.

Lin An’s helpless shook the head, Mu Li’s trust in Lin Chuan seems to be almost blind, which is not a good thing.

But after thinking about it, Lin An also feels that this blind confidence is not unreasonable, holding that many powerful cards, he really has nothing to fear.

Suddenly, a blue rays of light appeared in the sky, and endless Spiritual Qi burst out from in the sky. In an instant, the entire Imperial Capital was bathed in pure Spiritual Qi.

“This is…the Sanguinate formation?”

The expressions of everyone moved, looking towards the sky.

There is a Formation exuding brilliance, and the endless pure Spiritual Qi is released from that Formation.

In contrast to the magic spell effect of the Spirit Gathering Array, the Spirit Gathering Array is to spread out the Spiritual Qi in the Spirit Stone and arrange the array. If it wants to play its role, it must consume a lot of Spirit Stone.

To achieve the level of using pure Spiritual-Power baptism for the entire Imperial Capital in an instant, it is almost impossible to achieve without hundreds of millions of Spirit Stones.

I want to understand this, everyone immediately knows who is here.

Qing Xian Bu Family!

Because in the entire continent, only the Bu Family, who is rich and adversary, has such financial resources to support this San Ling formation.

“This Bu Family is really willing to spend money for the cards!” Mu Chen’s mouth twitched.

That’s hundreds of millions of Spirit Stones, and they were burned directly in the San Ling Formation. The problem is that this Formation is used here and has no substantive value at all. If it has any effect, it is to increase Bu Family’s card is not a Level 1 Cultivation force, but as long as you are willing to spend money, you can also have a Level 1 Cultivation card.

It’s nothing more than two words-rich!

“My brother and sister’s house, really wayward.” Lin An couldn’t help but vomit.

“People don’t need money.” Mu Li curl one’s lip.

With the support of the Spiritual Array that burned hundreds of millions of Spirit Stones in these few breaths, in the blue rays of light, nearly a hundred silhouettes walked out of it, and against the backdrop of the endless pure Spiritual Qi, moved towards The place where everyone is located landed.

Not to mention, the effect of burning money is still very good, at least from the perception of ordinary Cultivator, Qingxian Bu Family does not belong to any Level 1 Cultivation force.

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