Naruto’s God Tree’s Fruit in Other World Chapter 2268


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At this moment, countless people’s eyes looked towards the sky, waiting for the arrival of a huge monster.

The sound of Taoism is misty, and the white rays of light rippling like water waves. In the sky, three spatial cracks appear respectively, presenting a character-shaped part, each of which exudes a trembling atmosphere.

Although there are three rays of light, they are of common origins, and the breaths are connected to each other as one.

“Three groups of rays of light, it seems that they are here…” Lin An’s mouth curled up and whispered to himself.

“Dao Sect congratulates Middle Creek Empire on the Millennium Celebration!”

Along with a magnificent voice resounding through Imperial Capital, dozens of people emerged from the three rays of light like the sun. These people were dressed in daoist robe, and the breath was ethereal. The moment people saw it, they felt very Comfortable.

“It really is Three Purities Dao Sect!”

Looking at the voice that appeared in the sky, many people showed such an expression as expected.

In fact, the remaining Level 1 Cultivation forces in the entire Cultivation World are not many, so it is still relatively easy to guess.

However, before everyone was not clear whether Three Purities Dao Sect would come together or separate.

After all, Extreme Clear Sect, Shangqing Sect, and Yuqing Sect are actually three sects. Although they all come from Daoxian, they usually regard themselves as their respective sects.

Dao Sect has three Cultivators in the Transcending Tribulation period, Shi Tai Qingzong Linxuan, Shangqing group Lv Chen, and Yuqingzong Shangguanhong. They belong to three sects, and they are all very powerful. , At this moment, come together, the imposing manner has already occupied the absolute Peak.

“It turned out to be Dao Sect.” Prince Jin looked at the three of Shangguanhong, his expression darkened a lot.

Dao Sect did not pay much attention to mainland affairs, and did not conflict with Zhongchuan Royal Family, but because of the existence of Lin Chuan and the entire Dao Sect Direct Disciple, it is now in a relatively hostile state, and depending on the situation, Dao Sect is big The probability is to completely fall to the [Akatsuki] organization, so it’s strange that Prince Jin can have a good face.

“Prince Jin, although we are here to celebrate, but you Zhongchuan Royal Family Slaughtering Dao Fairy Direct Disciple, we Dao Sect will never give up.” Shangguan Hong swept the surroundings, directly with Royal Family. On it.

Of the Three Purities Dao Sect, Yu Qingzong has the best relationship with Lin Chuan. It is said that after learning that Lin Chuan was killed by Zhongchuan Royal Family, Yu Qingzong almost brought people to the Imperial Capital directly. After the persuasion of other two sects, they finally did not do so.

“What if you won’t let it go? If you are not convinced, you can challenge our Middle Creek Empire with the [Akatsuki] organization, when the time comes, we will let you see what the real heritage is.” Cheng prince expression cold Said.

The forces that came today, except Qingxian Bu Family, seem to have a bad relationship with Royal Family, especially Dao Sect, they don’t give face at all.

“The background? I really want to see what the Royal Family has.” Lin Xuan also said.

“As a prince, if you want to tell the truth, we, Three Purities Dao Sect, are not afraid of you.” Lu Chen giving tit for tat.

At this moment, Yuan Zong, Tian One Sword Sect, Lin Family, and Three Purities Dao Sect have formed an alliance and are putting pressure on the Royal Family.

Although everyone knows that there is no result in doing this, they are happy to see the result if they can rub the spirit of Royal Family.

“Everyone, is this going to war? It’s a good time.”

Suddenly, a voice of send cold shivers down one’s spine appeared in the sky above Imperial Capital, making everyone’s face changed.

“Assassin Alliance is here!” Lin An’s heart moved, and his expression became more dignified.

The Eye of Creation emits faint rays of light, which makes Lin An lock onto a black silhouette in the sky.

“The Speaker of the Dark Council, the dark curtain!” Venerable Shangyuan’s expression also became serious.

“Didn’t expect that he also came at this time. Is it a coincidence or a specially selected time.” Pill Recipe is frowned, secretly said in one’s heart.

At this moment, with the appearance of this voice, all the Cultivators present in the Transcending Tribulation period showed a solemn expression.

The strength of the dark screen is very strong, especially in the case of a sneak attack assassination, he is fully capable of killing other powerhouses in the Transcending Tribulation period.

Therefore, his arrival has also made all Transcending Tribulation Cultivators feel a little pressure.

More importantly, the person in the dark curtain is an Assassin. He does not at all have a clear tendency to stand in line. This leads to whether it is the Zhongchuan Royal Family or several other forces that he does not want to offend this. People, but they are also a little wary of this person.

“Conflict is a good thing, as long as you can afford the price, I can help you.” The dark curtain continued to sound, seeming to enjoy the feeling of playing with people like this.

“The dark curtain, are you alone?” Pill Recipe asked with a chuckle.

“I am a Level 1 Cultivation force.” The dark curtain said.

“Interesting.” Pill Recipe said indifferent expression gently.

“I don’t know what price the speaker will cost to make the move?” Lin An asked with a chuckle.

The strength of the dark curtain is still very strong, and he can indeed represent the Assassin Alliance to a certain extent. Although not as exaggerated as he himself said, he is definitely a person worthy of wining.

“The Eye of the Handed down is a good treasure, of course, the celestial disk is also available.” The dark curtain lightly said, and the opening is the treasure on the two world’s rare object lists.

“It seems that I can’t get the Speaker to take action.” Lin An shrugged, seemingly helpless.

“Okay, I won’t talk nonsense with you anymore. You know where I live. If you want to discuss the price with me, you can come to me at any time. No matter who you want to kill, I can take orders. “The voice from the dark curtain fell, and there was no more sound.

The Transcending Tribulation Cultivator knew that the dark curtain had indeed left, but the Cultivator of the Great Ascension Stage still looked around in horror, for fear that the Slaughter God was still in the vicinity.

“I’m leaving too, you talk slowly.” Mr. Pill Recipe glanced at the crowd, his body turned into peony petals and floated away, disappearing in front of the crowd.

“You guys don’t seem to be very satisfied with the residence arranged by our Royal Family. In that case, we don’t need to arrange it. Please do it very much.” Prince Jin did not help Great Influence arrange residences at all.

Anyway, the giving tit for tat has reached such a stage, and it’s almost time to get rid of the face and fight, so there is no need to continue loading it.

Bu Chen laughed, and the people with Bu Family followed Prince Jin, as if they were completely on the Royal Family side.

“Our Three Purities Dao Sect has booked a place in advance. If you don’t dislike it, you can join us.” Shangguanhong smiled and said to them.

“Then bother!” Mu Yunshu was also polite, and directly nodded.

“Count me, too.” Lin An said softly.

Venerable Shangyuan hesitated, and finally nodded.

Immediately, several forces left together, and the sky of Imperial Capital, which had been busy for a while, calmed down.

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