Naruto’s God Tree’s Fruit in Other World Chapter 2294


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“What…this…how is this possible…”

“Just…what happened?”

“What’s the matter? I just saw a flash. Why is this prince missing? Teleported?”

“What about people? Why are they gone?”


What happened just now happened so fast. From the person organized by [Akatsuki] to the disappearance of Prince Duan Zhong, the whole process was completed almost instantaneously. Many people did not see what happened. The person was gone, and disappeared completely, leaving no breath.

in the sky, the faces of the imperial family members who stood closer to Prince Duanzhong showed expressions of astonishment and confusion, and seemed to have no reaction to what happened.

In their opinion, the Prince Duanzhong just shot, then the Prince Duanzhong wanted the hand, and finally the Prince Duanzhong was gone.

As for how it didn’t, they don’t know, it’s gone anyway.

“Hiss~” Suddenly, a young man like Prince sucked in a cold breath, his body retreated suddenly, his face full of horrified expression.

“The Prince Duanzhong is dead! He is dead!”

There was a scream of horror, and some Senior Empress from the Royal Family were instantly confused.

They have lived in the deep palace for a long time. No matter where they have seen such a scene, even if they are good at strength, they are all fed with Medicinal Pill. Usually, let alone fighting, they only have a limited number of hands in life. Frightened by the sudden killing time, Huarong looked at him, and several even passed out in a coma.

“This…isn’t this Azure Dragon Divine Envoy’s Secret Art dust escape? How come it appears here?”

“Yes, that’s right, it’s Dust Escape. I have previously checked the information of Azure Dragon Divine Envoy. This is his Dust Escape · Original World Stripping Technique. Impossible is wrong!”

“What? Azure Dragon Divine Envoy’s Secret Technique? This is impossible, isn’t Azure Dragon dead? How could it be him!”

“Is it because [Akatsuki] other people in the organization learned this magic spell?”

“Wait, haven’t you noticed? The immortal rope just penetrated directly through that person’s body, isn’t that Dōjutsu Kamui of Azure Dragon Divine Envoy?”

“If you say so, it seems to be true!”

“Kamui and the art of separation from the original world, this…Is that person Azure Dragon Divine Envoy?”


At this moment, the entire Imperial Capital seemed to explode. Looking at the scene that just happened in the sky, they fiercely expressed their opinions.

Although Lin Chuan has been killed, everything about Lin Chuan is still attracting countless Cultivators. They want to know how this legendary Cultivator has risen step by step and reached the present point. . Regarding the magic spell used by Lin Chuan and his iconic Secret Art, they have become the subject of many Cultivator research.

Among them, some people want to see how strong this god-like man is, and some people want to study Lin Chuan’s Secret Technique, and even want to replicate it through their own research. A similar magic spell. After all, the magic spell formidable power Lin Chuan has used is very strong. Even if they can only get a little fur, it is enough for them to become a side powerhouse.

For this reason, the silhouette in the sky at this moment caused a lot of suspicion by the Cultivator. They are indeed the two magic spells he just used, both of which are Lin Chuan’s iconic methods .

Of course, with these alone, everyone dare not conclude that Lin Chuan is back.

After all, there are many members of the [Akatsuki] organization. It is possible for Lin Chuan to leave these Secret Art magic spells for others to learn, but it does not prove that Lin Chuan is resurrected.

As the Cultivator below exploded the pot, under Ceremony’s power pressure, the faces of everyone in the Royal Family became extremely ugly.

That person, no matter who he was, killed one of their nine princes as soon as he shot, and he was also the prince of Ranked 4th. Isn’t this Chi Guoguo hitting Royal Family in the face?

Although the Prince Duanzhong is a new successor, and his strength is not so strong compared to other princes, this is also an insult to the Royal Family.

But at this moment, even among the members of the Royal Family, everyone’s mood is different.

Several people in the Transcending Tribulation period are basically angry at the moment. Killing people in front of them is the greatest contempt for them.

And those below the Transcending Tribulation period, such as the other nine princes, are basically panicked at this moment.

They are not qualified to be angry, because that person can kill Prince Duanzhong with the Secret Technique, which means that he has enough strength to kill everyone they are present.

This is an absolute crush from strength, making them afraid of anger at all, only fear.

The Prince of England, Prince Xiang, and others who were just coveting the position of the Prince, their faces were pale at this moment, and they couldn’t help taking a step back, carefully hiding themselves, for fear that the people of the [Akatsuki] organization would notice they.

Although the strength of Prince Duanzhong is not very good, it is also Great Ascension Stage, and compared with them, he will not travel too much. The person from the [Akatsuki] organization was killed casually. For them, it has formed a fundamental deterrence.

“Impudent! Dare to kill people in front of me, you have successfully provoked my anger!” Zhongchuan Yaoguang’s complexion was pale, her chest was violently ups and downs, it was almost turbulent.

“Angry? So what, he I killed us, let alone him!”

In the sky, a sneered voice came, making the complexions of everyone present changed.

“What? The previous generation of Prince Duanzhong was killed by the [Akatsuki] organization?”

As soon as these words came out, there was no secret to the killing of Prince Duanzhong.

“Damn it! It really is [Akatsuki]!”

“What about [Akatsuki]? People not only killed the previous generation of Prince Duan Chong, but also killed this generation in front of you. Isn’t the Royal Family watching?”

“The Royal Family really declined?”


At this moment, the voice of the discussion rose again.

The majesty of the Royal Family brought by Empress Yaoguang’s appearance was directly cracked by the [Akatsuki] organization using music and fierce killing methods in this brief moment.

And what is even more curious is, who is the person who just shot? Is he legendary Azure Dragon Divine Envoy.

The Empress Yaoguang is also a little uncertain at this moment. Although Zhongchuan Xian swears that Lin Chuan is absolutely impossible to live out of the longevity world, Yaoguang feels a strong threat on the person who just shot.

Being able to kill people in front of her and leaving her with no other way, this is definitely not what an ordinary Cultivator can do.

in the sky, ten silhouettes landed slowly, the person who shot before suddenly raised his hand, and when everyone showed a vigilant expression, he took off the bamboo hat from his head.

White hair flying, handsome face with indifferent smile, Azure eyes flashed with silver light, and a red nine Rinne Sharingan on the eyebrow calmly looked down on the earth.

“I’m back!” Lin Chuan said softly.

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