Naruto’s God Tree’s Fruit in Other World Chapter 2297


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Space Ability? Lin Chuan’s brow raised slightly, which was a little bit beyond his expectation.

With his current ability, even the Transcending Tribulation Cultivator cannot interrupt his Yomotsu Hirasaka using Space Law. Is it possible that even the law does not trigger the array and can block his Space Ability?

But even if you are in doubt, try again.

Lin Chuan’s heart moved, and the side space immediately shattered like a mirror, and a space channel appeared, leading directly to the Foreign Domain.

“Your array does not seem to work at all!” Lin Chuan said softly.

He has brought Yomotsu Hirasaka to the point of perfection. He just moved his thoughts slightly, and the space channel has been formed directly without any obstacles. It is not even as good as the previous Pill Recipe. The obstacles brought by Restriction are big.

“hmph? Really, then you should leave for a look!” Empress Yaoguang sneered, looking at Lin Chuan with a scornful smile.

Lin Chuan’s heart moved slightly and thought of a possibility. If that was the case, then they were thinking about the problem in the wrong direction.

Lin Chuan floats, moved towards that space channel and flies away.

At this moment, a layer of red rays of light appeared on Lin Chuan’s body, forming a great resistance, making Lin Chuan almost unable to move when approaching the space channel.

“Is it a hindrance to leaving?” Lin Chuan’s face sank slightly.

They all thought that the Royal Family wanted to restrict Lin Chuan’s Space Ability to trap everyone here and slowly kill them, but now it seems that Royal Family is not doing this.

They did not at all hinder Lin Chuan’s Space Ability, but allowed Lin Chuan to use Yomotsu Hirasaka, but they restricted Lin Chuan’s body so that his body could not leave the scope of the Imperial Capital. I have to say that this is indeed It is a new way of dealing with Yomotsu Hirasaka’s space magic skills.


A thunder came from behind Lin Chuan. After Lin Chuan was blocked by red rays of light, Qin Lang launched Thunder Spark and went straight to the outside of Imperial Capital.

He is the fastest moving. With Thunder Spark, he can cross extremely long distances in an instant, but this is not Space Ability, but turns his body into thunder and lightning to achieve rapid speed.

In the eyes of everyone, Qin Lang appeared on the horizon almost when the lightning broke out, but when Qin Lang was about to leave the Imperial Capital range, the red blood light wrapped him, causing his moving speed to drop sharply. Finally stopped directly on the horizon.

At this moment, most of the Cultivators on the scene have already seen it clearly. This is the Royal Family’s use of a special array mechanism to restrict the Cultivator from leaving the Imperial Capital area. The Flight Restriction room is not sealed at all.

Isn’t your Azure Dragon’s Space Ability amazing? It’s not possible to get the Cultivator from the Transcending Tribulation period to block it. Yes, you can open up a space channel at will. Since I can’t block it, then just don’t block it, and I will direct you The people are limited here, and you can’t leave even if you open a space channel. What is the point of your Yomotsu Hirasaka?

This is the Royal Family’s idea and what they are doing now.

Looking at what was going on, Mu Yunshu’s face changed slightly, and a sharp Sword Qi burst out from his raised hands, trying to tear the surrounding space, but found that it was still covered by a mysterious law. , It is impossible to break the space.

Sure enough, Pill Recipe’s ban on the surrounding space still exists, but Yomotsu Hirasaka of Lin Chuan has surpassed this blockade. For other Transcending Tribulation period cultivators, it is still impossible to use Tearing Space to leave here.

At the same time when Mu Yunshu started his hands, Shangguanhong of Yu Qingzong galloped out and rushed straight out of the Imperial Capital.

But soon, red’s rays of light appeared on his body, under the layers of wrapping, he tried his best. Even Law Power was used and he couldn’t leave Imperial Capital for half a step.

At this moment, many Cultivators have already begun to try. People have already determined that they can’t do without, but they can still throw items out. That is to say, this Formation is only useful for Cultivators or creatures. Those who don’t The things of life are not restricted.

On the other hand, Cultivator outside of Imperial Capital has several more powerful attempts to enter Imperial Capital. They are still successful, but when they want to leave again, they find that red rays of light are binding them, Can’t leave either.

Obviously, this Formation can only enter but not exit, and it is only for Cultivator.

“The Royal Family is so powerful that it really trapped the [Akatsuki] organization!!!”

“The power of this Formation is really strong. It deserves to be the Middle Creek Empire who has been in charge of Cultivation World for so long. It’s extraordinary when it comes out.”

“This Formation is so powerful, why was the Royal Family not used to deal with the [Akatsuki] organization before?”

The Cultivator in Imperial Capital was shocked to see what happened at this moment, and had to lament the brilliant means of Royal Family.


“Very good, these grandchildren will know to escape if they can’t fight. It depends on where you can escape this time!”

“This time, the entire [Akatsuki] organization must be destroyed!”

“Great Empire!”

The members of the Royal Family saw the formidable power of this Formation. They seemed to be resurrected full of blood for an instant because they had fallen into self-doubt because of the death of Prince Duan Chong.

However, those forces without acknowledge allegiance Middle Creek Empire and Cultivator have become very gloomy at this moment, because this Formation is not only for the [Akatsuki] organization, but for the Cultivator in the entire Imperial Capital. When this Formation took shape, it also meant that all of them were trapped here and became the fish on the Royal Family chopping board.

Prince Jin, Daozhen Elder, and other powerhouses in the Transcending Tribulation period also showed cold smiles at this moment.

[Akatsuki] A strong organization is stronger in its pulling ability. It uses the space movement abilities that cannot be countered, and runs away if it fails. It makes Middle Creek Empire miserable, chasing and unable to catch up. Sora has the strength but the strength The [Akatsuki] organization, which is much weaker than itself, has nothing to do. It is like a punch on the cotton, making them miserable.

But now, if the [Akatsuki] organization is limited to this a side World, how much strength can they exert? How long can they support the Transcending Tribulation period?

The Royal Family has many more methods. They seem to have seen the scene where the [Akatsuki] organization is played to death.

“so that’s how it is!”

At this moment, Lin An suddenly walked out of the crowd, the creation eye on the center of his forehead exuded a faint rays of light, as if he had seen something.

“The Royal Family is really courageous. In order to keep us and to force us to acknowledge allegiance, even this self-destruction method is used. Even I have to admire you, but those ordinary Cultivators, Do you know the role of your Formation?” Lin An asked indifferently.