Naruto’s God Tree’s Fruit in Other World Chapter 2298


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When they heard Lin An’s words, everyone showed a curious expression, especially those of Zhongchuan Royal Family. Many people felt a little stunned when they heard Lin An said Self-destruction.

They don’t actually know what this Formation is for. They were notified that they needed to sacrifice a little blood to trap everyone in Imperial Capital, including the [Akatsuki] organization, but from Lin An’s words Judging from the meaning in the Chinese, this sacrifice seems to have an impact on themselves.

“hmph, we are impossible to lose, so this Formation will not have any effect on us.” Cheng Prince coldly said.

Obviously, he knows the function of this Formation. After becoming a prince, the curiosity and doubts in everyone’s hearts immediately became more intense. At least from the current information, Lin An may not at all say wrong.

“You are gambling.” Lin An said directly.

The conversation between the two quickly caused a commotion among the Cultivator.

“I also seem to see something. I have to say that Middle Creek Empire is really going to be put to death and reborn. I admire it!” Lin Chuan also said.

His Tenseigan was fully urged, and finally saw the connection between the blood-colored hexagonal mirrors and the people who used the magic spell.

It seems to be a kind of life contract, which connects Formation to the people of Bloody Night in the county bureau. As long as this person is still alive, then the blood mirror can always exist.

And this also means that this Formation can be deciphered only by killing the person who just performed the blood sacrifice.

However, this is the sacrifice of tens of millions of Cultivators at the same time. The Formation must be broken first, which means that all these tens of millions of talents must be killed. Among them, eight Transcending Tribulation Cultivators are wrapped, and Empress Yaoguang and the person in the dark golden coffin.

This is the Royal Family’s approach, not to leave a way for themselves, nor for others.

“What are you talking about? What is the effect of this Formation?” Some Great Ascension Stage Cultivators in Imperial Capital really couldn’t stand the way people talk in a mute, and asked loudly.

This matter is now not just a dispute between the Royal Family and the [Akatsuki] organization, it has involved the entire Zhongchuan Continent.

From the current situation, Middle Creek Empire is determined to bring the power of the entire continent under its own rule, then the current situation becomes that Middle Creek Empire and acknowledge allegiance are in their People and those who are not willing to acknowledge allegiance are two opposing forces. Among those who are not willing to acknowledge allegiance, the [Akatsuki] organization is the leader.

In this case, those who are forced to have no choice can only choose to join one of them, otherwise the two sides will offend and the two sides will not get any benefits.

“Let me do it.” Lin Chuan opened the mouth and said with a chuckle.

“If I read correctly, this Formation connects the lives of all people who sacrificed blood to Formation. During the connection, everyone in Formation cannot leave the scope of Formation, but wants to crack Formation. It is also very simple, that is to kill all those who sacrifice blood. As long as everyone dies, then this Formation can be directly cracked!” Lin Chuan’s low voice echoed throughout the Imperial Capital. At this moment, everyone was dead silent. .

Whether it is those who are trapped by Formation or those who have performed blood sacrifices, their faces have become much ugly.

This is completely irreconcilable. If you knew the effect of this Formation, I am afraid that most of these people who sacrificed blood would not be willing.

“Despicable!” Shangyuan Venerable complexion ashen.

This is forcing them to acknowledge allegiance. If they do not acknowledge allegiance, they will not be able to leave this area, and they will have to face the siege of countless people from the Royal Family.

And the Royal Family used this move, which is also very decisive.

They actually know that even in the Imperial Family, many people are not single-minded. Everyone has their own selfishness and their own ideas. What’s more, they have already betrayed the Royal Family.

But these people, they are impossible one after another to find out, and there is no way to stick those double-hearted people to death.

Under such circumstances, it is the best choice to let everyone use this Formation.

Once the Formation takes shape, everyone is trapped here. They can only do Stranded Beast’s Struggle. Killing, talking about being killed, becomes a fatal multiple choice.

At this moment, the faces of many Royal Family members became incredibly pale.

They have planned to surrender if the Royal Family loses the battle, but now, this Formation leaves them with no probability of choice, because surrender means death, and they have no choice.

When he learned about the effect of this Formation, Zhongchuan Jin’s heart was also slightly abrupt, but soon after he was calm again.

From the day he chose to take refuge in Lin Chuan, he knew that he would end up like this after all, but didn’t expect it in this way.

But thinking of Xiaoxiao’s rapid growth in the starting ball space, and without the curse of being left in their bloodline, Zhongchuan Jin feels that everything he has done is worthwhile.

“Everyone, the Formation is complete, and the glory of the empire will be with us. Today is when we Middle Creek Empire fully control the Cultivation World.” Zhongchuan’s voice echoed throughout the Imperial Capital, attracting Has attracted the attention of countless people.

“[Akatsuki] Today is your death date, kill me!”

With an order from Zhongchuan Xian, the Imperial Family guards of hundreds of thousands shot out from both sides and went straight to Lin Chuan and the others.


The nine princes did not hesitate and directly chose to participate in the battle. The five princes of the Great Ascension Stage led the Imperial Family guards to Lin Chuan and the others, and Prince Jin became the prince and the prince An was the three Transcending Tribulation The Cultivator in the period moved towards Mu Yunshu and flew over.

“Everyone, I give you one last chance. It is too late to surrender, otherwise your fate will be the same as the [Akatsuki] organization, die without a burial site!” Prince Jin coldly said.

“Prince Jin, who said with a smile is not always certain in the end, your Royal Family is afraid that disaster is imminent this time!” Mu Chen said angrily.

“Through the Millennium Daqing to gather all the forces from the entire continent, your ambitions are really great, but if you lose today, it is also consigned to eternal damnation. This is a gamble with no retreat. , That’s all, since the Royal Family forces us to take action, then we can only stand on the opposite side of yours.” Venerable Shangyuan said, next moment, the imposing manner on his body suddenly broke out, and endless nether glow began to emanate from his body. After coming out, at this moment, the surrounding Heaven and Earth Law also began to twist.


Countless Cultivator shots one after another. By this moment, everyone has no retreat, either you will die or i will die!

Lin Chuan looked at the hundreds of thousands of Cultivator rushing towards him, his expression was calm, his hands were sealed with his hands, and moved towards was pressed down.

“The Birth of God·Tree World!”