Naruto’s God Tree’s Fruit in Other World Chapter 2299


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With Lin Chuan’s palm, the entire Imperial Capital trembled violently at this brief moment. The ground underneath swelled upwards, and then suddenly split, countless soils scattered, and an extremely thick tree grew out of it.

This is a very weird tree, without any branches and leaves, only bare trunks, straight into the sky. At the very top of the tree trunk is a huge flower in bud, exuding mysterious purple-gold rays of light.

In the Imperial Capital, the roots of this weird tree are intertwined and moved towards all directions. Almost immediately, the roots of the tree are all over the ground of the Imperial Capital.

“What is this?” Zhongchuan Xian and the others changed their expressions, frowning at the weird trees.

“There is a very unique smell coming from the tree, let’s be careful.” Prince Ann reminded.

This tree feels very strange to them, completely different from the trees they usually see, and even different from those ancient divine woods.

Because this tree does not emit any Spiritual-Power fluctuations, Spiritual-Power is not felt within the body, and it does not seem to absorb Spiritual-Power. But the magical thing is that on this weird tree, they all felt the faintly discernable threat, which was an instinctive prediction of danger.

Moreover, this move comes from the hands of the well-known Azure Dragon of the [Akatsuki] organization, so they can’t help but care less.

At this moment, there were already a lot of eyes on Lin Chuan’s body. After Lin Chuan took the shot, many people were also guessing the intention of this move.

But after the appearance of Divine Tree, he did not attack at all, but stood there quietly, exuding a palpable and dangerous atmosphere, and apart from this no other actions were taken.

But even so, everyone has become a lot more careful. There are so many lessons from the past. Whether Lin Chuan’s methods are in Zhongchuan Continent or the former Southern Ming Continent, they are all known for their strangeness. Many methods have not been seen before, but the formidable power is great. Kind.

So even if Divine Tree doesn’t show off at this moment, the irregularity will suddenly break out. It seems that everyone can stay away as much as possible.

“I brought out the Divine Tree summon, you will be able to absorb and supplement the Chakra you consume on Divine Tree to maintain your own fighting state. In addition, Divine Tree’s Chakra will be greater than your own Chakra formidable power. If you need to launch more powerful moves, you can also directly absorb Divine Tree’s Chakra, don’t worry about it!” Lin Chuan’s calm sound-transmission told everyone.

As long as people who have taken pill and can use Chakra, they can absorb Chakra from Divine Tree for their own use, and this Chakra has the formidable power of Biju Chakra and can help everyone fight better.

Lin Chuan’s idea is actually very simple. After all, this is Imperial Capital, the headquarters of Middle Creek Empire. They have too many foundations here and too many methods. Under such circumstances, those who are trapped in Imperial Capital Everyone is equivalent to fighting in other people’s home courts, and their strength cannot be displayed well.

Furthermore, once something happens, when there are all enemies around, there is no way out. He summoned out of Divine Tree, which was equivalent to creating a base camp-like existence for everyone, so that everyone could have a place to escape temporarily when they were injured and talked about losing strength.

After doing all this, the Imperial Family guards in the distance have already been killed. They did not rush to Lin Chuan’s side, but began to release the magic spell far away. The horrible Spiritual-Power fluctuations almost covered More than half of the Imperial Capital.

“Do you need me to help you?” Bu Lianshi asked worriedly while looking at the scene in front of him.

The other members have not left at this time, they are all standing beside Lin Chuan.

In Cultivation World, Lin Chuan’s current strength is very special. If he makes a full shot, the Transcending Tribulation period can also be easily killed, but the problem is that as long as Lin Chuan shots, Deva Path will come immediately. The crisis can only be resolved by retreating into the ninja world.

But under the current circumstances, Zhongchuan Royal Family made a mistake and used this weird Blood Sacrifice Array to limit everyone’s range of action. It can only be in the Imperial Capital. If you don’t kill everyone with blood sacrifice, you can’t leave The scope of the Imperial Capital, that is to say, Lin Chuan will put himself in great danger after taking the shot.

Moreover, this one trick also restricted the Amenominaka that Lin Chuan originally planned to use, because these people can no longer earn those spaces.

From these methods, Royal Family really still has two brushes.

Whether it’s a coincidence or it’s really for Lin Chuan’s Space Ability, they have indeed succeeded.

“No, let’s disperse and fight separately. As long as I don’t use Spiritual-Power too much and run The 3 Great First Origin Scriptures, Deva Path will not notice me.” Lin Chuan said calmly.

Rinne Sharingan at the center of his brow has locked a silhouette in the distance at this moment.


Lin Chuan said that, then they had nothing to worry about. They scattered and joined the battle, leaving the hundreds of thousands of Imperial Family guards that rushed over to Lin Chuan.

In the distance, Empress Yaoguang was not at all anxious to make a move. She stood with the dark golden coffin and looked at Lin Chuan’s direction.

Compared to others, this [Akatsuki] Azure Dragon is more interesting to her.

Countless magic spell rays of light fell, and the panic breath made it impossible to breathe. All kinds of methods moved towards Lin Chuan and smashed it down.

These people from the Royal Family are not bad, especially many high-level generals. They use very high magic spell levels and formidable power is also terrifying. Such magic spell strength, even during a Transcending Tribulation period Cultivator is expected to be injured as well.

In the distance, Prince Gong who was fighting suddenly felt like he was being stared at by some poisonous scorpion.

When he followed the dangerous feeling, he immediately realized that this feeling came from Lin Chuan’s battlefield.


The moment he saw Lin Chuan, Prince Gong’s face changed drastically. He just faced the Transcending Tribulation Cultivator, and didn’t want to face the devil Lin Chuan. Being targeted by this person would be fatal!

Facts have proved that Prince Gong’s judgment is very accurate.


Next moment, Lin Chuan directly activated one of Rinne Sharingan’s abilities.

In an instant, the positions of Lin Chuan and Prince Gong exchanged, and this kind of space replacement is beyond Prince Gong’s current strength.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Chuan, who was originally facing the monstrous magic spell, has become the Prince Gong of the Royal Family, and Lin Chuan has already come to the middle of the Royal Family at this time.