Naruto’s God Tree’s Fruit in Other World Chapter 2300


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Prince Gong only felt saw a flash, next moment. He was already standing where Lin Chuan stood before, and what she faced was a dazzling attack magic spell.

“Hurry up! It’s me!”

Prince Gong screamed in horror and wanted to cast a defensive magic spell.

But Lin Chuan’s timing is really good for Shi Tai. The time when he casts Amenotejikara is exactly the time when these magic spells are about to fall, but there is no time to fall. This time is not enough to cast the defensive magic spell. Don’t say let those Cultivators that have already made magic spells stop. This is simply impossible.

hong long long ……

The violent Spiritual-Power fluctuation exploded in the sky, and Prince Gong’s silhouette was instantly submerged in an endless magic spell attack.

Don’t say that he has no actual combat defense means. In the face of such an attack, even if he has the means to defend, it will still be of no avail.

Amidst the roar, all Prince Gong’s life-saving methods were used in this brief moment, and even the Nine Emperor Gods Cauldron he controlled appeared beside him.

But it’s still useless.

These Imperial Family guards are already very powerful. They are facing the legendary [Akatsuki] Azure Dragon. They don’t dare to keep a bit of their hands. They all want to use the most powerful attack in this attack. Among them, all hands are very ruthless, the kind that doesn’t give people a way to survive.

At this moment, after Amenotejikara came into play, it was not Lin Chuan himself who faced these terrorist attacks, but Prince Gong, one of the nine princes of their Royal Family.


With an explosion that resounded across the sky, the newly refined Nine-Emperor Cauldron was directly shattered by everyone, and the silhouette of Prince Gong disappeared completely in this brief moment in an endless magic spell During the attack, nothing happened.

Prince Gong, fall!

At this moment, those Royal Family guards who took action are all dumbfounded.

They expended so much manpower and used the long-awaited destructive magic spell, but they were directly resolved by Lin Chuan, an Amenotejikara, and they killed Prince Gong themselves.

How to fight the next battle?

They don’t dare to make a move at all!

Looking at the Prince Gong who turned into nothing in the sky, none of the royal relatives at this moment felt a deep chill.

Lin Chuan’s method is too terrifying, they can’t stop Amenotejikara’s launch, let alone escape.

Among the nine princes, except for the top three Transcending Tribulation princes, the other princes unconsciously stepped back at this moment, with expressions of horror on their faces.

Lin Chuan’s ability to use this hacking method to play against Prince Christine means that Lin Chuan can use the same method to play against all of them.

Even though they are hiding far away, there is no sense of security in their hearts.

“Unfortunately, his Space Ability is really stronger than Shi Tai, even I can’t restrain it.” Pill Recipe frowned when he saw this scene.

He has blocked the surrounding space, and even the Cultivator in the Transcending Tribulation period can’t even launch Space Ability here. But Lin Chuan completely ignored his blockade, not only did Yomotsu Hirasaka before, but now even Amenotejikara is showing it.

With a slight movement, Pill Recipe intends to attack Lin Chuan.

He has already seen that no one in the Great Ascension Stage will be Lin Chuan’s opponent. If they don’t take action against Lin Chuan during the Transcending Tribulation period, this person will become an invincible presence on the entire battlefield.

“Your opponent is me. Don’t you think you have lost your share of a Great Ascension Stage Cultivator?”

Just as Pill Recipe was about to take a shot, Shang Guanhong appeared in front of him and blocked his way.

“You are courting death!”

Pill Recipe looked at Shang Guanhong who appeared in front of him, and said coldly.

“hmph, it doesn’t matter who dies.” Shangguanhong said with a sneer.

In his right hand turns, there is a red bead in the palm of his palm, exuding a heavy and huge oppression force.

“Primeval Beads!”

Pill Recipe’s eyes slightly shrink.

“Exactly!” Shangguanhong said directly.

This Primeval Beads was just passed to him by Lin Chuan using Space Ability. This should be the Immortal Grade of Yuqingzong, but it was passed to Lin Chuan by Daoxian. And

There are many Immortal Grades in Lin Chuan’s hands. This Immortal Grade supporting cultivation was also thrown directly to Shangguanhong. In the hands of the Supreme Elder of the Yu Qingzong, this Immortal Grade formidable power can be used. Play to the maximum.

In terms of pure strength, Shangguanhong is no better than Pill Recipe, but with Primeval Beads, it’s hard to say.

Of course, according to previous intelligence speculation, Mr. Pill Recipe should also have an Immortal Grade in his hands, but he has never used it. Once it is taken out, Shangguan Hong will likely be completely suppressed.

But Shangguanhong also knows his mission. He is not here to kill Pill Recipe. He is just to delay time. To solve this battle, the key point is not in him at all.

The rays of light on Primeval Beads skyrocketed, and Shang Guanhong shot directly at Pill Recipe.

After the battle started here, battles in several other places also started.

There are a total of ten Transcending Tribulation Cultivators on the Royal Family side, and seven on Lin Chuan’s side, including three for Three Purities Dao Sect, two for Tian One Sword Sect, and two for Yuanzong.

These seven Transcending Tribulation period Cultivators have all participated in the battle, and they have faced the Transcending Tribulation period of a Royal Family.

Apart from this, the Transcending Tribulation period in the Great Sound Pavilion that has been in the Immortal Palace has also been shot, and it is against Elder, who is the Royal Family.

In this way, the only remaining Transcending Tribulation period on the Royal Family is the Queen Yaoguang and the one in the coffin.

But these two people are not at all anxious to take action, but are observing the entire battlefield.

Of course, in addition to these already started Transcending Tribulation period, there is another Transcending Tribulation period who did not take action on the scene, that is, the speaker of the Assassin Alliance Dark Council.

As an Assassin, his absence is the greatest deterrent to everyone on the scene.

No one can ignore an Assassin in the Transcending Tribulation period, even the Empress Yaoguang.

On the other side, Lin Chuan, who swapped positions with Prince Gong, is already standing in the center of the Royal Family.

He this move Amenotejikara, while placing Prince Gong in danger, he also placed himself among the enemies.

If it weren’t for self-confidence and strong strength, no one would dare to do so.

Faced with Lin Chuan who suddenly came to them, the members of the Royal Family also had their faces sullen and did not react to Lin Chuan’s arrival at all.

At the moment when Space Change was completed, Lin Chuan’s hand appeared with a feather fan emitting colorful rays of light. It was the Immortal Grade of the Five Absolute Immortal Emperor he obtained in Ancient Boundary-Five Spirits. Lupin!

This Immortal Grade was previously placed under the ancient enlightenment tree by Lin Chuan to help the ancient enlightenment tree grow. Now that the ancient enlightenment tree has grown, it is time to show this terrifying power that attacks the Immortal Grade.