Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1000


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But the Grand Dao Lord of the old universe suddenly became angry roar and went crazy.

Regardless of moving towards the Grand Dao Lord of the second universe, kill the incarnation.

His body is billowing black and full of air, and a phantom heavenly demon flies out from within the body.

The incarnation of Grand Dao Lord Jae of the Second Universe couldn’t help but back up, feeling dull. Not out of control early, not out of control late, out of control now?

Previously, the Grand Dao Lord of this old universe absorbed many negative spirits and many malicious forces. The original impact was not serious, and it can be completely eliminated after isolation. But Grand Dao Lord of the Second Universe took the opportunity to attack and kill suddenly.

The Grand Dao Lord, who forced this old universe, had to fight with all his strength. He lost control of his power within the body and was defeated later. Then he discovered the truth. His mental stimulation was too much. At this moment, he finally couldn’t help Heart Demon transforming into a cultivation. deviation.

The Grand Dao Lord of the Second Universe could kill the incarnation directly, but he didn’t want to kill him at this time. If he had to ask for information before speaking, he had to retreat and fight back and forth. But such a retreat caused the Grand Dao Lord of the old universe to inspire fierceness and murderous intention even more frenzied.

It’s like a mortal retreating in the face of an injured beast, but it makes the opponent more aggressive.

At the moment, the chain of power of Grand Dao in the void, the power of Grand Dao, is surging again. But these chains of laws, power of Grand Dao, contain the negative spirit of the Grand Dao Lord’s blessing. One after another power of Grand Dao becomes malicious, the void continues to collapse, and the inner energy and laws are in disorder and It’s terrible, as soon as the Emperor Chaos enters, he has to scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

“really strong!”

When many gods outside the universe see, their expressions change, and their hearts are horrified. Many gods are scared.

“Compared with the terrifying power of theirs, it seems that some news we heard is more terrifying.” Yuding youth said.

“What news is more terrifying than the battle strength of Grand Dao Lord?” a corpse ancestor in the early Yuan Dynasty asked.

His body has a dark golden skin, which seems to be similar to ordinary Canggu flying stiff, but his strength is much stronger. The mana divine technique is inferior to other laws, but this shell is invincible, and the power of Grand Dao is not easy to break. I am a powerhouse, but unfortunately, my brain is not very bright.

The Yuding Youth glanced at him, but did not say a word.

But an old monster not far away said: “The Grand Dao Lord Jae of the old universe is actually just an illusion? Even the silhouette left over by the real Grand Dao Lord Jae? The new cosmic will of this universe? At least , It’s not the real Grand Dao Lord. So, where is the real Grand Dao Lord?”

The ancestor of the corpse of the Yuan Dynasty frowned: “Is there really a Grand Dao Lord here?”

“Can defeat the Grand Dao Lord of the Second Universe, and force him to hide in the Second Universe for tens of billions of years and dare not show up. We did not show up in the Second Universe before in the great chaos. At most, we are driven out secretly by the second Universe Principle ruler in the end, taking advantage of the situation, and that’s it. If no truly powerful Grand Dao Lord is ruled, how could it be possible to force the Grand Dao of this second universe. Dao Lord, dare not to show up?” said Yu Whale’s old stranger.

“Where did he go?” The ancestor said in the early Yuan Dynasty.

“Compared to the two powerhouses currently fighting, which one is more terrifying, isn’t it?” said another ancient existence.

“It must be stronger and more terrifying. His whereabouts are nothing more than two possibilities.” The shield woman suddenly said.

“Which two possibilities?” asked the corpse ancestor in the early Yuan Dynasty.

The shield woman said: “One, because of some accidents, he quietly died. It’s like some mortals with souls in certain worlds who suddenly died unexpectedly because they died too quickly. The slightest pain, so I become a soul after death. It’s not clear that I have lost my body, and Nether Soul is still active.

“And if the Grand Dao Lord is slaughtered and killed accidentally, then…”

The Yuding youth next to him shook his head: “Impossible. If the powerhouse of that level falls, there will be no change in the entire universe. The violent turmoil, the second universe will be clear. The entire universe will be Thoroughly Heaven and Earth turning upside down, all the gods will know what happened. And this kind of information will spread throughout Chaos World, the memory of the chaos gods will not be erased so easily.

“The Chaos God Emperors in Chaos World have existed for more than hundreds of billions of years. Therefore, the Grand Dao Lord of the old universe, impossible has been lost.”

The Divine Dragon also said: “Yes, if it is perished, there must be a legacy of information. Even if a new consciousness is born after the legacy, it will not be impossible to obtain any information.”

The shield woman said: “Then only second is possible. He left quietly.”

“Where did you leave quietly?” asked the corpse ancestor in the early Yuan Dynasty.

The shield woman said: “Then such a powerful existence, if you become the real Grand Dao Lord, you can completely control all the power of Grand Dao in Yiyu, you can get rid of the shackles of the universe and go deep into the chaos, and you don’t need the power of the universe to conquer chaos. , Then, the strength can be compared to Chaos Controller, which is close to the peak level and has to open up a new universe.

“This kind of powerhouse is rampant in the chaos. Then why leave quietly? Just and honorable, who can stop him? Just leave and cover up the secret, who can plot against get?

“But he did not go to the second universe to search for the whereabouts of the enemies of the past, nor did he leave any information here. That is certain, there must be a big layout, a big plot against.

“It must be Golden Cicada’s shelling plan. In the old universe, such a “pseudo Grand Dao Lord” was born, and I am afraid that he has his plot against included. Deliberately let this be called His “remaining” old universe gave birth to a new consciousness. Just like the Primordial Spirit and Astral Projection of the cultivator, the original old body produces new consciousness. The new consciousness still doesn’t know that the Primordial Spirit and soul have left. , Thinking that he was the original owner of the old body, so concealed and deceived countless eyes, the plot must be great.”

At the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the corpse ancestor asked again: “What is that plot? Where did it go?”

Xunding youth couldn’t help faintly sighed: “Where else can it be? Where else can it be chaos besides chaos?”

“Wh…what? No way?” The corpse ancestors of Yuan Dynasty were dumbfounded.

There is silence around.

“The powerful existence, if you want to forcibly refining the entire second universe, sacrificial offering to the old universe, and then condense the old universe into the embryo seed of the young universe, maybe it’s not difficult? Or be cruel and take his own It’s not difficult for the old universe to sacrifice to the second universe, and then to produce the embryo seed of Hina Yu? In this chaotic region isolated from the outside world, who can win this Senior? “Ye Yang’s avatar suddenly said.

At some point, his avatar also came here.

“Therefore, that powerhouse, the conspiracy of interests must be greater than that of the young embryo seed. Even, he may have found a further way. There is no need for the young seed to help him pave the way.” Yuding youth said.

“What kind of benefit would it be?” an old monster asked in a deep voice.

Yuding Youth shook his head: “Unknowable, unspeakable, unspeakable.”

Unknowable? That’s fake.

The wisdom of the gods present is not bad, and they can infer something vaguely, but it cannot be said, but it is true. They dare not say, for fear that it will lead to disaster.

Ye Yang looked at the expressions of powerhouse, and felt a little bit of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

He doesn’t have any good feelings about these powerhouses that travel from time to time.

Whether it is traveling back to the past and pretending to be a void prisoner creature to survive until now, or hiding out of the universe and becoming a foreigner and waiting until now, or those who have just traveled through the long river of time and are extremely powerful. They are all thinking of these two universes, and Ye Yang has no good feelings about them.

If Ye Yang guessed correctly, then the real Grand Dao Lord must leave this chaos and go to the chaos outside the chaos. The opponent has such strength and confidence.

Outside, some mighty presence may be conspired.

It is also possible to deal with the body of these visitors over time.

Like this Yuding youth is very powerful, and his strength is stronger than the ruler of many laws. Ye Yang does not have enough one-time Divine Items to fight him at all. However, this young man’s body is definitely stronger.

An avatar, the projection travels through time into an area isolated from the outside, how much power can the avatar exert? How much worse than the main body?

“Suppose, using the embryo seed of Hina Yu as bait, lure many powerhouse incarnations into the old universe and the second universe to participate in the competition. Then, while the attention of those powerhouses is focused on this side, their ontology Weak outside…There are many places to plot against.”

Ye Yang doesn’t know the psychological feelings of these powerhouses, but he can be sure that if he were these visitors over time, he would definitely be fidgeting at this moment.

Imagine if Ye Yang finds out that there may be a powerhouse hidden in his ancient palace that is powerful enough to easily kill him, but he can’t find it, and Ye Yang just happens to be unable to leave the ancient palace temporarily. , What kind of terrifying thing is that?

Now these two Grand Dao Lords, one is just an afterimage, condensing the cosmic avenue, and has not become a real Grand Dao Lord. The other is just defeated once. The two fought each other, and their strengths were so terrible. After each of them was able to slap a corpse to death, what kind of strength was the Grand Dao Lord who had left this universe before?

The powerhouse like that has descended into the chaos beyond the chaos, and no one knows where it is hiding. I don’t know when he left, when he went to the chaos outside the chaos, where he was hiding, what plot against him, not sure who his goal was, and when he wanted to Do it…think terrifying.

“Grand Dao Lord… is so powerful? Compared to the rule of law, it is much stronger. Above the rule of law is the will of each and everyone, and above the will of many great wills, it is the Grand Dao Lord. . It seems that there is only the difference between the three great realms. In fact, the difference in battle strength is several times.”

Ye Yang looked at the chaos in the universe, frowned, and remained silent for a long time.

“Next, what shall we do?” asked powerhouse.

Zhongqiang looked at each other in blank dismay.

A god sneered: “Now what if we want to do, what’s the use? The current situation, can we intervene? The situation is completely out of our control. Now, either continue to watch and see the follow-up development , Or, leave early and return to the body.”

Zhongqiang’s face turned dark and his mood was extremely unhappy.

For such an opportunity to compete for the young embryo seed, they have laid out more than tens of billions of years, or have they waited for more than tens of billions of years? Give up now? How can you be willing?

Moreover, each and everyone can waste tens of billions of years here. It can be imagined that their cultivation base in the outside world has long been locked, and they have not made any progress at all. Otherwise, would they focus on this?

In fact, the chaos outside of the chaos is very sinister. Many powerhouses are not at all qualified to walk around at will. Once they encounter a great crisis, they will lose a life-saving thing. Who has that many The life-saving thing that is enough to shelter this powerhouse of this series?

Therefore, apart from cultivation and focusing on this side, it is estimated that they have not much to do. If you want to give up the plan here now, it must be impossible.

“If these two powerhouses suffer from both sides, that’s fine.” More than one powerhouse thought.

The Grand Dao Lord of the old universe, Jae? Grand Dao Lord of the Second Universe, Jae? The strength is stronger than them, but if you want to offend, you are already offended. For profit, even the ants dare to charge the sleeping giant dragon.

If there is an opportunity to get the embryo seed of Chuyu, even Grand Dao Lord who is more than ten thousand times stronger than them, dare to plot against.

Of course, now I definitely can’t show my thoughts at will. Things can be thought of, and they can even be done quietly, but they cannot be said or revealed.

At this time, a god looks weird. They looked at each other, tacitly, without grunting.

“The battle of the Grand Dao Lord is extremely difficult to see. Even if it is not the real Grand Dao Lord, their battle can also benefit us a lot. Such an opportunity to observe, cannot be missed. The deity must carefully observe and realize , Everyone, don’t disturb the deity.”

The Divine Dragon spoke uprightly, meditating on the side, and setting up Formation, as if he really came to watch the battle.

The other gods are also slightly nodded, each and everyone turned to look at the battle over there and stopped speaking.

Ye Yang’s other incarnations continue to search for the chaotic god emperor who is easy to bully, and they are also avoiding the chaos of the angry chaos god emperor, and there are incarnations watching the battle here.

“The laws of the entire universe have been manifested at this time. All the avenues have also been manifested. They are just broken. Watching this battle, you can indeed have a lot of insights about the laws and the avenues. .Unfortunately, the deity is following the Primal Chaos Law, this inner law, even if it is enlightened, the benefits are not too much.

“Well, is the Grand Dao Lord Jae of this old universe really fake? It is so strong. And the Grand Dao Lord Jae of the second universe…promoted to the Grand Dao Lord Jae, there should be Is it a big move?

“At the beginning, the Thunderbolt law was dominated by the cold Ice Law and Life Law, and they were promoted to become Daoist in half a step. If they were not promoted successfully, they all made such a big noise. Then if there is a cosmic will One, to be promoted to the supreme controller of all avenues and to become the real Grand Dao Lord, the movement should be even greater.

“The Powerhouse of the Second Universe, who has not dared to show up after hiding for so many years, should not make such a big noise. So…this Grand Dao Lord, it is very likely that it is also fake.”

Thinking of this, Ye Yang couldn’t help being curious. The two Grand Dao Lords with counterfeit goods were both so strong, so how terrible the real Grand Dao Lord would be?

How powerful and terrifying is the Chaos Controller’s peak level, whose absorption of chaos reaches its limit, uncontrolled and self-destruction transformed into a new universe?

“You must be promoted to Chaos Controller, and then the idea is suppressed without Self-destruction.” Ye Yang thought.

At this time, in the old universe, a silhouette exploded with a bang.

It was originally a very chaotic and terrifying battlefield. It is extremely difficult for the outside world to see what happened inside. The specific details of the battle between the two powerhouses are also unclear. They only know that various road fragments and Law Fragment are constantly bursting out of it. , Just look at the power fluctuations in the outside world and perceive some things, guess some things, that’s it.

But I want to come, it’s the incarnation of Grand Dao Lord Jae from the second universe who is stronger.

But now, the incarnation of the Grand Dao Lord Jae from the Second Universe flew over a billion light-years away. The Grand Dao Lord Jae from the Old Universe chased and killed him with a single blow. In the universe.

The situation of the battle actually reversed in an instant? What happened?

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