Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 1001


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A roar came out.

The entire universe shook violently, many newly born creatures were destroyed one after another, and blood mist filled the remaining interstellar battleship of each and everyone. Many Half-God Level beings who can’t know the truth are searching for clues near the broken planet, and at this moment they are shocked into blood mist.

The roar came out of the universe, penetrated the edge of the universe, and penetrated into Chaos World. A powerful god only feels dizzy and eyes blurred, so sad that he wants to vomit blood, each and everyone’s face is horrified and backward.

“Just a roar, there is such a strong terrifying power, as if it can directly evoke the negative spiritual emotions deep in the deity’s heart, this…is this really something that the gods can do?”

No god dared to approach this old universe any more, and one after another retreated further.

But before I retreat, I saw the “Grand Dao Lord” remnant of the old universe, bracing the chaotic energy between the two universes, breaking through the interspace channel and entering the second universe Among.

“you are courting death!!”

The Grand Dao Lord of the Second Universe was also angry, and quickly rushed forward, smashing it down with a palm. The palm shadow is as huge as a galaxy, falling down, but at the moment of shooting, it is compressed from the palm shadow of hundreds of thousands of light-years to the giant of hundreds of thousands of billions of kilometers with trifling less than one light-year. For mortals, it is still extremely huge, even for normal gods, it is unimaginable. But the power has been compressed and increased tens of thousands of times.

The void collapsed, and before the palm strength was forced, the Grand Dao Lord of the old universe was resisted by the invisible force field, and the speed dropped abruptly.

With a wave of his right hand, a glowing light like sword edge appeared.

This is the power of Five Elements gold, but it includes tens of thousands of Law Power, including Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Thunder, light and dark and other different attributes.

The so-called Five Elements is not the five elements, but the five forms of movement.

If water flow and light and darkness evaporate like flames, it is Fire Element. If water, light, darkness, and flames can be compressed and condensed like metal to have the characteristics of “breaking armor”, then gold will work.

At this moment, there are many laws and many strengths of Element, including the power of Grand Dao from the First Universe, condensed like a sword and slashed forward.

The huge palm strength was cut apart by the blazing light.

However, the palm is as large as a light-year, and the thickness is nearly a trillion kilometers. Although the blazing light was so powerful that it cut hundreds of billions of kilometers in an instant, but in the next instant, something incredible happened.

Obviously, it contains the mighty power of the space avenue, and it contains the Space Law Power. Ignoring the blazing light that was blocked and suppressed by various space forces, it was forcibly transmitted away. The giant palm seemed to have mysterious transmission power inside, forcibly moving that blazing light thousands of light years away.

And the giant palm was cut in half, but the energy giant palm was turned into two halves, and both halves moved towards the Grand Dao Lord of the old universe at the same time, smashed down here, and instantly blasted him back Going to the old universe and blasting through the void, space and all kinds of chaotic energies turn into more chaotic chaos, chaotic storms that are more chaotic than normal chaos, containing the mighty power of Time and Space Storm and dimensional storms, ordinary Yunei God Emperor Go in, if there is no Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure body, it will be dropped in an instant.

Such a powerful force did not cause much damage to the two “Grand Dao Lords”, except that the skin was damaged and the clothes were tattered.

The Grand Dao Lord of the Second Universe slaughtered in the old universe. Strikes with one palm and one punch. Angrily said: “If you are the main body here, you can bring the deity back to the second universe, that’s all . But you are just a phantom of Him, not even His incarnation. Why do you trifling an afterimage…”

“You bullshit!!” The Grand Dao Lord of the old universe was extremely angry, gritted his teeth and rushed forward, blasting his opponent with his palms and fists.

The black gas of grandiose gushes out of him, and it is black gas for millions of light years. A lot of black energy is transmitted across space and time to a distant place, which quickly diffuses this large area.

Heart Demon manifests and forms, but these Heart Demons actually have attributes. Each and everyone absorbs the different Law Powers of the old universe and manifests, which is comparable to the rule of a half-step rule.

These powerful Heart Demons also moved towards the Grand Dao Lord of the Second Universe and killed them. The scene became extremely chaotic for a while, and the gods of Yuwai couldn’t see what was going on inside, they could only guess while watching, thinking in their hearts.

“Is this the real powerhouse?” A Canggu flying stiff muttered, seemed to be hit too hard and lost his mind.

“The Grand Dao Lord of the old universe killed the residual shadow… is it a cultivation deviation, right?” a powerhouse asked.

“That’s right, it’s a demon.”

“Oh, didn’t expect, but my strength increased greatly after being enchanted, and he was almost able to reverse and fight against the Grand Dao Lord of the Second Universe?”

“don’t say this. The real Grand Dao Lord of the old universe, I don’t know how long he has been away. However, more than ten billion years have been absorbing and absorbing the essence of the second universe~~hua, absorbing the energy there, Matter, law, and avenues, for hundreds of millions of years, the Grand Dao Lord here has been slaughtering the afterimages and continue to bear the accumulation. 100 million years ago, even the avenues and law power of the old universe began to absorb. After such a long time, even a pig , You can almost be promoted to the Grand Dao Lord. The reason why he cannot be promoted is not because of his lack of talent, but because he is incomplete. Otherwise, the real Grand Dao Lord would have been killed…” said an ancient corpse ancestor of the early Yuan Dynasty .

The powerhouses around are looking sideways.

“How dare you describe the Grand Dao Lord of the old universe as a pig? Even if he is only an afterimage now, he is about to be promoted to become the afterimage of the Grand Dao Lord. You are so courageous, this deity admires you, hope Call you the strongest!” Yuding Youth and other powerhouses secretly divine sense sound transmission.

The ancestor of the corpse in the early Yuan Dynasty hurriedly said: “Don’t look at the deity, someone controlled the deity talk nonsense just now.”

“hehe…” The gods sneered.

Isn’t it too late to think of it when you are scared?

The ancestor of the corpse in the early Yuan Dynasty stared: “Don’t look at the deity like this. You also plot against the Grand Dao Lord before, and offended him severely. After this battle, if he doesn’t fall, neither will Forgive you!”

The faces of the gods are ugly.

I collected a lot of negative spirits and negative forces before, didn’t you just want the Grand Dao Lord to slay the cultivation deviation?

Now he has indeed cultivation deviation, and it is indeed because of the negative forces collected by the gods, and then there is a second Universe Principle master who can use these negative forces to make their negative forces stronger and make the old universe The Grand Dao Lord Jae was successfully plotted against.

It can be said that the Grand Dao Lord of the old universe must hate them to death. Regardless of whether this melee can be won in the end, as long as it is not perished, you will definitely want to come to powerhouse to settle accounts.

So, the gods are a little out of their minds.

“Can’t let him win.”

“Do you want us to plot against secretly?”

The gods were silent and did not say a word.

The ants want to plot against giant dragon?

Unless the giant dragon is sleeping and not waking up, once he wakes up, there is no chance. The giant dragon can spray the ants away with just a little effort.

The gods do not call themselves ants, but in front of the powerful Grand Dao Lord, the powerhouses from the long river of time are just ants in front of the giant dragon, and they are not much stronger.

For a time, a god has quietly condensed into an incarnation, and the body is invisible and ready to evacuate toward Primal Chaos Abyss.

Leaving the avatar here is to cover people’s eyes and eyes, and also to monitor the situation here. At that time, whether to flee farther or run back, you can also react in time.

If it is dangerous, it can cut off the causality between the main body and the avatar, and quickly escape. If there is a benefit here, then go directly back to the avatar, or spirit willpower blessings on the avatar, and control the avatar’s actions.

“Hey, speak out, you can’t go on like this, we must think of a way.” said a void prisoner creature with a weak brain.

The gods ignored it.

But at this moment, angry roar came out again.

The whole universe swayed slightly.

Although most of the area oscillates because of the power of resonance, it is terrible enough.

A shock swayed an area tens of billions of light-years away. Before that, the overwhelming majority god had never imagined such an amazing thing to happen.

“Look at it!”

A god reaches out his hand.

The gods discovered that the old universe was slowly shrinking and becoming smaller. It’s not obvious, but it does shrink.

A universe that is more than tens of billions of light-years away, even if it only shrinks by one-billionth of its diameter, is equivalent to reducing the space occupied by hundreds of millions of huge galaxies.

Moreover, what is even more amazing is that many celestial bodies in the universe are rapidly shattering.

Many galaxies in the universe have been destroyed, but there are always debris left behind, but these debris are now shattering.

With the eyesight of the gods, of course, it can be seen that this is not being shattered by a powerful force, it is more like…material attenuation!

The energy of all atomic matter will decay continuously, but some decay so fast that half of the energy will be decayed in a billionth of a second. But some took 1 billion years to decay in half.

Nowadays, many substances need several million years or even hundreds of millions of years to decay half of their power, but now they decay directly, causing the atoms to dissociate. Various substances dissociate into ions, and ions dissociate into finer particles.

These energies disappeared inexplicably.

But all the gods guessed that it was probably killed by the Grand Dao Lord.

For example, his current figure has become extremely large, and it is distorted so as not to be human. He has grown multiple heads and multiple tentacles, looking like a nine-headed long-necked dragon from a distance. But in the power of disordered energy, it is not clear at all.

Suddenly, the huge tentacles and the giant palm like human palms suddenly blasted the master of the Second Universe back into the Second Universe, and then the monster was killed.

The master of the second universe also exploded, and the entire universe is also shrinking, but the difference is that you can see countless chains of the law of silk and power of Grand Dao, accelerating the aggregation and accelerating towards the Grand of the second universe Dao Lord Zai Yong went.

bang!! !

A wave of powerful force surged out, and the entire old universe and the second universe were in the blazing light. Distorted in an area tens of billions of light years in diameter.

A deity evacuated this disordered area in a panic.

Flying far, looking back and looking again, only the old universe is shaking violently. An incarnation of the gods detoured to the second universe in the chaos, and found that the second universe was also swaying, the outer parts of the second universe were distorted, and the divine sense could not sense the situation inside.

Among the Divine Hearts, there is also fear and an unspeakable excitement.

“These two universes will not be demolished by them?”

Tear down the universe?

Sounds very awkward.

In fact, this is indeed a very good thing.

On the surface, it seems that any god can tear down the universe as long as it takes time. In fact, it is almost impossible to do it.

It’s like a mortal living on a planet, claiming that it can destroy the entire planet. That’s a big joke. Even the powerful force that can wipe out the same kind of life on the planet’s surface thousands of times and tens of thousands of times is not enough. To shake the foundation of the entire planet, let alone destroy the entire planet.

It seems easy for the gods to destroy a galaxy, but there is still a lot of matter and energy remaining in the galaxy. Moreover, the universe has more than one trillion large galaxies. Even if all the galaxies are destroyed, there is still the void of the universe. This universe is not so easy to die.

I have been saying that becoming a Daoist in half a step might end the entire universe. This universe seems to be almost over long ago, but today, the distance of the entire universe is completely destroyed, and it is still far away.

“Now it looks like it is really going to be destroyed. Look…the cosmic cracks have appeared. Although there were cosmic cracks before, they are nothing but tiny compared to the entire huge universe. Now these cosmic cracks are too Too much.”

“If the universe is really torn down, will the universe be destroyed?”

“If it can really destroy the universe, it means that Grand Dao Lord Jai can already achieve’the universe is destroyed and he is immortal’?”

Any god present has no certainty to survive in the newly destroyed universe, so I was so excited to hear that a powerhouse could tear down the universe. They have an obsession with “the universe is destroyed but I am not.”

“It is unlikely that the universe is so easily destroyed.”

As I was talking, I suddenly discovered that beyond the edge of the universe, huge cracks appeared one after another, and each of these cracks contained millions of powerful vortex.

Next, the entire universe burst apart.

The outer periphery of the universe collapsed, but what surprised all the gods was that this universe was not at all destroyed, completely different from the destruction expected.

The real destruction of the universe should be that all matter is shattered into ultrafine particles, which are smaller than normal electric ions, and then infinitely split into countless shatters, the entire universe is turned into chaos, and then a strong and terrible energy wave spreads outward. .

Now the entire universe is also dissociated, but a large piece of void seems to be frozen and stabilized, with some broken galaxies flying all around.

Although there are strong and terrifying energy shock waves sweeping out, this energy can easily destroy many of the gods of Yuuchi’s Divinity Sovereign Level. But there are still many differences from the expected destruction.

If the envisioned destruction was a nuclear explosion, then the current destruction is just like a building collapsed. In the original imagination, all matter in a building exploded like nuclear fusion and nuclear fission, which was more terrifying than conventional nuclear explosions, like the surface of stars, or like antimatter annihilation. But now it’s just the building collapsed, the gap is too far.

At this time, the two universes collapsed and pieces of space projected out.

The two Grand Dao Lords are still fighting, but they are sucked by each other’s power, and they are involved in a twisted void together. Fighting in that special space, only part of the power spreads out.

What frightened the gods even more was that one after another Mo Ming’s attraction radiated from the universe, and their avatars uncontrollably sucked towards the center of the cracked universe. The dark and energy violent area, like a huge mouth about to swallow the gods.

Furthermore, not only the incarnation, but the body far away from here, is also attracted by the power of tracing cause and effect. Even if the cause and effect are forcibly cut, the body of a god is drawn here.

Including Ye Yang’s body, together with the entire ancient palace of the primordial beginning, obviously has been far away, and at this moment, they are flying over here involuntarily.

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